| Loves | Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

| Loves | Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Oh, thank goodness the year is over! There's not much to say about last year that hasn't already been said so, let's talk about beauty! This past year really helped me realize that I need to be more selective about what I'm buying because many things did not end up on this list. Also, I know I have forgotten some favorites, as I always do after I finish writing and photographing everything. 

My point is, these are truly the core products that I have enjoyed using this past year. Despite the miserable year, here are the shining stars in the makeup world! 


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum - These glowing serums are what I reach for most days just to add a glow and brighten my overall complexion. With a variety of shades, they each lightly correct for discoloration and dullness with a skincare-infused formula. I just love a good skincare-makeup hybrid, especially this year when I am wearing less makeup than usual. Read more about this formula and see the swatches in my review here

Victoria Beckham Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer - I have a very big soft spot for this formula because it incorporates the Augustinus Bader cell renewal technology, which we all know I'm a nut for! This glowing priming moisturizer does exactly what it says it does, it primes, and adds a glow. As for the skincare properties, they're in the formula but you're not going to see the same results as the Augustinus Bader creams; however, I think every bit of skin treatment helps! Learn more about this formula in my review of the original here and the golden hour shade here


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Foundation - In my review, here, I did knock on this formula for touting its "skincare properties", which I still think is a scam but I do really like this formula. The coverage, finish, and wear of this foundation really is beautiful. It very easy to apply quickly and getting a beautifully smooth coverage all over. The glow is absolutely beautiful as well. Just don't expect any skincare miracles and for the price, that's a little disappointing. However, it doesn't change that it's one of my most work foundations this year. 

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cushion Foundation - I love a good cushion foundation! It just has this light and fresh texture on the skin that I enjoy much more than typical foundations. Like the liquid version, this cushion provides great coverage and a beautiful glowing finish. It is actually even dewier than the liquid foundation! Since this one came out, this is one I reach for daily because it's so light and comfortable. Read more about this foundation in my review here

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick - I love the convenience of a stick foundation but I find many of them are too heavy and dry on my skin. This one has a wonderful light and natural finish on the skin. It's so easy to sweep this foundation across the skin and quickly blend it into the skin for natural everyday coverage. The clean formula also feels very nourishing on the skin, which is rare to find in any foundation these days. 

Armani Neo Nude Foundation - I love a very light and fresh base. This formula just melts into the skin and feels like a refreshing drink of water for the skin. It has a wonderfully light gel-cream texture on the skin but still offers decent coverage, able to build to full coverage. It's undetectable on the skin and makes your skin look naturally perfected and radiant. You can learn more about this beautiful foundation here in my review. 

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - This foundation has a beautiful medium to full coverage but feels incredibly light and looks very fresh! After purchasing this foundation, I haven't been able to use any other foundation for the other half of the year. It's been a while since I purchased a Chanel foundation and this one has impressed me so much! It's so easy to apply and it looks flawless! Read more about this latest launch in my review here

Estee Lauder Re-Nutiv Ultra Radiance Liquid Makeup - This glowing foundation is very underrated and not often spoken about but they had me at the glow! This luminous liquid foundation is quite similar to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate for a fraction of the cost. It's still a little pricey but the formula really does give the skin a beautiful coverage and fresh healthy glow! Read about this formula in my review


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Pressed - I'm really not a powder person but when I do use a powder, I love this formula. It is so light, hydrating, and perfecting! It never emphasizes my dry skin or texture. It makes my skin look so natural and perfected. I couldn't be happier to see this powder in a pressed version, which limits the mess and is great for touching up. An absolutely phenomenal powder! Check out my review of the loose versions here

By Terry Brightening CC Pressed Powder - I love these soft and luminous enhancing powders! These are similar to the Hourglass ambient powders but some of the shades have more of a corrective purpose. They can be used all over the face to correct, brighten, or illuminate. My favorite has to be Sunny Flash because it makes such lovely bronzer/blush, depending on your skin tone. If you sweep it all over the skin lightly, you can get a light bronze glow! These have a very buttery and silky texture. They just melt into the skin and they look so natural! 

Hourglass Ambient Unlocked Mini - Technically, this palette should be in a different category but it was just easier to squeeze it into the powder category. This face palette contains powders of a variety of finishes to set and enhance the complexion. This all-in-one palette contains all the essentials for a luminous and enhanced complexion. I was a huge fan of the full-sized Unlocked palette, which I reviewed here. This mini version is great for travel and for makeup minimalists. You can read my full review on this mini palette here


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer and Daytime Eye Cream - The color range is slightly off with this range and many of the shades appear much deeper in the tube than they do on the skin; however, the actual concealer is beautiful! This liquid concealer has a creamy and light texture with a great medium to full coverage. It has a very natural and fresh finish that is great for brightening under the eyes and blending into the skin's natural texture. The clean formula is beautiful and great for the skin. 

Glossier Stretch Concealer - This has been my go-to concealer for a while now because I love the sheer but buildable formula. The dewy glow it gives my under eyes makes my skin look so healthy and fresh. If you need heavy coverage, this probably won't work for you but it has such a brightening formula. It has a pretty extended shade range and I just love the effortless formula. 

Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid - While not technically a concealer, I love this product for its extremely light texture that seamlessly blends into the skin. Since most days, I haven't been wearing a full face of foundation, I like using this product to naturally conceal minor imperfections and discoloration. It helps naturally perfect the skin without looking like there's makeup on the skin. This is my go-to for a no-makeup-makeup look. You can read more about this formula in my review here


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Chanel Les Beiges Highlighters - These liquid highlighters are stunning! With a unique glossy finish, this formula gives the skin a glass-skin look, which I have never encountered with any other highlighter formula before! I love a dewy and wet-looking highlighter and this one is just one of the best to achieve this look. Though it offers a glossy look, it doesn't feel tacky or sticky on the skin. Learn more about this formula in my review here

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter - I love this unique translucent gel-powder formula! The highlighter has a beautiful buildable formula that blends seamlessly into the skin. It leaves a very fresh and slightly glossy glow but with a powder highlighter. The color is a beautiful blend of rose gold, bronze, and champagne. Plus, the packaging is the epitome of luxury packaging! Read more about this highlighter in my review

Natasha Denona I Need Nude Highlighter - This stunning champagne highlighter is suitable for a wide range of skin tones and it has a wonderful buildable formula. I get the most questions about this highlighter because it just looks so striking and gilded on the skin! The powder has a very silky texture that blends perfectly into the skin. Check out the swatches for this highlighter in my review

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Glow Highlighter - This ultra-creamy powder highlighter practically melts into the skin and looks surprisingly natural, even when applied heavily. This warm peachy champagne shade is suitable for many skin tones and has a very strong golden glow. The texture of this powder highlighter is very luxurious and provides a natural glow to the skin. See this highlighter swatched next to the other 2020 releases here

Bali Body Highlighter Sticks - These convenient little tubes of highlighter can be carried around and applied easily. The lip gloss-like tube and applicator allows you to just dot the product on and the formula blends into the skin seamlessly! The shimmers in this highlighter are extremely fine and offer more of a soft pearl finish to the skin but the highlighter can be layered to be more intense. The glow is very natural and doesn't emphasize texture on the skin. Learn more about this liquid highlighter formula in my review here

Westman Atelier Lit Highlight Stick in Nectar - I love a glossy glow and this stick highlighter is so convenient to use. One swipe and you get a fresh and glossy glow to the skin. There is little to no color and shimmer in this formula but the glossy formula adds a lot of texture and dimension to the skin. This highlighter is so beautiful layered over other highlighter or just alone on the skin. It's a very fresh and natural glow. Check out the swatches for this product in my review here


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blushes - These insanely pigmented liquid blushes will take your complexion from lackluster to fresh and glowing! You really need a few drops to get a perfect flush. The easy to use and travel tubes are so convenient. These are blushes that will truly suit every skin tone and skin type. With a matte and dewy finish, you can choose the finish that suits your skin the best. Learn more about this formula in my complete brand review here

Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek Palette - This cheek palette comes with a variety of textures and finishes, which allows you to customize your glow! I really like all the shades and finishes. They all work together very well when layered but I really enjoy most of the products on their own. The blush tones are very universal and offer a very pretty flush. Here is the review and swatches for this palette. 

Natasha Denona Bronze Face Glow Palette - A warmer take on the glow palettes, these cheek products have a coppery and golden tone, which may be too warm for some skin tones. I actually love the warm glow on the cheeks, it just looks so fresh and summery. It may feel very summery but I have definitely reached for it even in the fall and winter. Check out my full review on this palette here

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush in Mimi - This luxurious blush stick has a clean formula and a beautiful neutral tone. The stick format makes it so easy to apply and take on the go. A quick swipe on the cheek and you can blend the blush out with your fingers or a brush. This formula is beautifully buildable and has a natural finish that will suit all skin types. You can see the swatch of this blush here

Patrick Ta Major Beauty Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush - These cheek duos offer so much versatility with cream and powder blush formulas. I actually like the cream side more, it reminds me of the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheek formula, which is glossy and dewy. The powder formula is nice but it doesn't last very long for a powder blush. You can check out the swatches and my full thoughts here

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow - I adore this balmy cream formula that feels and looks amazing on the lips and cheeks! This is one of the very rare products that work so well on both lips and cheeks. The balmy texture glides over texture and gives the lips or cheeks a smooth texture. It doesn't feel sticky or tacky at all. You can read all about this multipurpose balm in my review here

Em Cosmetics Color Drops Serum Blush - These beautiful liquid blushes provide a luminous and glossy glow to the skin. With a huge range of shades, there is a shade to suit every skin tone. These look incredibly natural on the skin, providing a very natural flush. These liquid blushes blend seamlessly into the skin and don't contain shimmer. They don't emphasize texture and just leave the skin looking really healthy. 


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream - I still have the original formula of this bronzer and I love using it. While I've heard mixed reviews about the new formulation, I really do love this cream bronzer. It offers such a pretty natural glow and finish to the skin. 

Sol Body Cream Bronzing Balm - These are a great affordable alternative to the Chanel cream bronzer. They have a variety of shades and the formula is quite similar. The formula is a hard balm with a natural finish. It is not as glowy as the Chanel but it does offer a natural glow to the skin. This formula also seems to be more pigmented than the Chanel bronzer so, you really don't need much product.

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer - This cream bronzer is a bit of a creamier balm formula than the others in this post. I love the wide shade range of these cream bronzers because I can get a shade for every season. My skin changes pretty dramatically in color from season to season so, I like that I can get a lighter cream bronzer with a neutral undertone or I can get one with a warmer tan tone for summer. 

Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Bronzer - This super creamy and pigmented cream bronzer is a delight to use. It glides on to the skin seamlessly and leaves the skin with a very natural finish. This cream bronzer will suit a wider range of skin types and it still gives a very pretty bronze glow. The tone of this bronzer is beautiful, although it doesn't come in enough shades. The formula is a true cream and just glides on so beautifully onto the skin. Learn more about this formula in my review here

Tower 28 Beauty Bronzino Illuminating Bronzers - These are a very glossy formula, which I adore! These bronze face glosses have a rich pigment and offer a beautiful glow! They will leave the skin with a wet texture, which isn't for everyone but if you love a glossy glow, you'll love this formula. You can read all about this formula here in my review. 

Gucci Beauty Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Bronzing Powder - These powder bronzers have a silky smooth and almost-creamy powder texture. The shade range is quite decent and is suitable for most skin tones. The powder is very soft and has a soft luminosity that looks very natural on the skin. It blends beautifully into the skin, even on top of unset foundation. The powder doesn't cling awkwardly to more wet areas of the skin and it looks like a real natural tan. Read more about this formula in my review here

Kosas Moistruizing Baked Bronzers - These powder bronzers have a silky smooth texture and it glides onto the skin effortlessly. These bronzers are very pigmented and a little bit of powder goes a very long way. These soft powder bronzers do cling to fresh foundation so, you will need to set your face for the best results. The soft powder is wonderfully blendable and is a dream to use. You can read more about this formula in my review


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost - I love a good brow gel and this one helps you keep your brow hairs healthy and grow faster. Trust me, this is something we all need because as we get older, our eyebrows really don't grow back as full and lovely as they used to. I try not to overpluck my brows but my brows still look quite sparse, this brow gel gives me a lovely full and fluffy brow with just enough color. I love using it alone but if I want a touch more definition, I'll brush a bit over my brow pencil.


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Westman Atelier Eye Pods - Probably my most used eyeshadows this year, these cream to powder eyeshadows are so easy to apply and blend. They're very effortless and I love how easy it is to create a complete eye look. The formula is luminous and buildable, providing a ton of versatility. You can create a natural look or smoke it out to create a dramatic look. The creamy, yet powdery, formula is just so unique. Check out the swatches for both colorways here and here

Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadows - Again, this such an easy eyeshadow formula to apply and get a nice polished look. It literally takes 10 seconds to get a beautiful swipe of color all over the lids. It feels really light and fresh but it lasts on the skin. These are shockingly pigmented and the luminosity is soft and beautiful. 

Dear Dahlia Eyeshadow Palettes - These eyeshadow palettes are so beautiful inside and out! The formulas are delightfully soft and smooth but the eyeshadows are still very pigmented. The stunning marbled packaging is made of eco-friendly cardboard and is very sturdy. The eyeshadows come in a variety of finishes for beautifully complex and unique looks. 

Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz Palette - The very first palette ever released from Wayne Goss and it is a serious winner! Packed with essential neutrals that anyone everyone can use with very little effort. The quality of the eyeshadows is truly exceptional with a variety of finishes, you can create so many dimensional looks. This is a great palette on its own but it also is a fantastic complement to any other eyeshadows in your collection. Check out the swatches in my review here

Tom Ford Extreme Eye Color Quad in Mercurial - This eyeshadow palette is by far the best eyeshadow palette Tom Ford has released this year! The brand has had more misses than hits lately but this eyeshadow palette has a phenomenally soft and creamy texture. The eyeshadows are all pigmented and so blendable. I love the shade combination and finish of these eyeshadows. Read more about it in my review here

Tom Ford De La Creme Eye Color Quad - This warm neutral palette has a smooth and creamy texture. The finish of these eyeshadows is very soft and flattering on all skin types because it doesn't emphasize texture or wrinkles. The texture blends out beautifully and provides a very seamless finish to the eyes. The shades are all so wearable and easy to use alone or with other eyeshadows. It's a versatile warm palette and will be a staple in many collections. You can see the swatches of this palette in my review

Tom Ford Noire Fume Eye Color Quad - This smokey eye quad contains some beautiful and wearable shades. These shades will work on a wide variety of skin tones and the palette is easy to use. This a palette I reached for often because it so effortless and it can go from day to night easily. The eyeshadow all have a lovely soft and blendable texture. This palette is just very easy to use and you see the swatches in my review here

By Terry V.I.P. Expert Palette Paris Mon Amour - This palette came in at the very end of the year but it is such an amazing launch, I have to include it here in my best of the year! This rosy toned eyeshadow palette allows you to wear a wide variety of looks from natural to smokey and from neutral to rosy. There's so much versatility in this palette and the formula of the eyeshadows is truly phenomenal! Read all about this palette and see the swatches here in my review. 


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Kilian Paris Le Rouge Parfum Lipsticks - These luxurious lipsticks are lightly scented with a Kilian fragrance. They have an insanely smooth and creamy formula that feels incredibly light on the lips. These have beautiful pigmentation and a soft satin finish. The nude shades that are available are so universally flattering and wearable. Head to my review for the swatches. 

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine - These glossy and hydrating lipsticks have a shocking amount fo pigment but it still has a beautiful translucency to it. It gives your lips a fresh and juicy look. The formula is smooth and fills out lines, making the lips appear plump and youthful. I love these lip colors because they're so easy to apply without a mirror, which is why they have been living in my handbag all year. 

Victoria Beckham Posh Lipsticks - These extremely creamy lipsticks have a lovely buildable pigment and a wearable range of shades. The shade range should suit every skin tone and they're so easy to wear. These slim and sleek lipsticks look so luxurious and are so easy to apply. These lipsticks are so beautiful and unique. You can learn more about this formula in my review

Victoria Beckham Lip Definer - These lip liners have a perfect pencil liner texture, it isn't too creamy or waxy. They glide on the lip easily with a lot of pigmentation but the lip liner doesn't budge or smudge once set. the sharpen to a very nice precise tip and since the formula is a bit harder, it provides a lot of precision. The colors are all wearable and flattering neutral shades that will work for a wide variety of lip colors.

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks - These lipsticks are obviously so stunning and luxurious! From the beautiful magnetic gold packaging to the unique pigmented formula within, these lipsticks are just perfection in a tube. Her newest shade releases are just beautiful and so flattering for every skin tone. Definitely, a highlight of the year!

Lisa Eldridge Lip Gloss - These balmy glosses feel amazing on the lips, like part lip treatment and part gloss. It has a beautiful shine, the perfect buildable medium pigment, and incredible moisturizing formula. They're offered in matching shades to complement the iconic lipsticks. These look so beautiful on their own or applied over other lip products. 

Wayne Goss The Luxury Lipsticks - These creamy lipsticks are intensely pigmented! They apply evenly and pigmented with just one swipe. These lipsticks come in a fairly wide range of flattering neutrals for every skin tone. For the price, these are really luxurious and beautiful lipsticks. This creamy formula glides over any texture on the lips and makes the lips look plump, smooth, and perfected. Check out the swatches for these lipsticks here

Wayne Goss The Essential Lip Pencils - These lip liners have a hard formula but they still glide on the lips very easily. This is the formula I prefer because it's not so creamy that it smudges it everywhere but it's not so waxy or stiff that it doesn't offer any pigment. These lip liners provide a lot of definition and precision to shape the lips. The shades will suit a wide range of skin tones and lipsticks. Read about these lip liners here

Wayne Goss The High Shine Gloss - What I love about these shimmering lip glosses is the unique fine glimmering glitters in the gloss. When applied to lips, you get this glistening water-twinkling-in-the-sunlight look to the lips. The glitter particles are so fine and you never feel them on the lips. It's a very unique and beautiful finish to wear alone or applied over a lipstick or lip liner. The colors are all very universally flattering and the formula feels balmy on the lips. Check out the swatches in my review

Hermes Lipsticks - These luxurious lipsticks really surprised me! I thought that this may be another luxury brand cash grab but this formula is so beautiful it had me coming back for more. These lipsticks have a very comfortable, creamy, and balmy texture. They have to be my new favorite luxury lipstick formula. These are lightweight and thin, creating a veil of color over the lips but never feeling like there's something on the lips. The color range is lovely and I hope to see more shades from them. 

Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Lipsticks - These limited edition glitter lipsticks have such a lovely and comfortable formula on the lips, I needed to include them on this list. These lipsticks have a gel texture that encases the glitter within and feels very balmy on the lips. It smooths over texture on the lips and leaves the lips with a cushiony feel on the lips. It is a moisturizing formula and a very unique lipstick formula that I hope they will make again. You can see the swatches of these here

Em Cosmetics Lip Cushion Tinted Lip Luminizer - These slim stick of lip product provides a beautiful, glossy, and colorful veil on the lips. These lip tints are actually very pigmented and have a buildable formula. They feel so comfortable, hydrating, and balmy on the lips. These offer a plump, smooth, and glossy finish to the lips. I enjoy this formula so much that every time they release a new shade, I have to snatch it up! Head to my review for the swatches.


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Patrick Ta Major Glow Dewy Milk Mist - This extremely fine setting spray offers the most beautiful glossy and glowing finish to the skin! It also helps preserve and maintain your makeup all day long. If you're looking for long wear and a dewy finish, you can't go wrong with this formulation! It is luxurious and fantastic! One of the best dewy setting mists I have tried! Read more about it in my review here


Best of Beauty 2020 - Makeup

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush 2.5 - This dense angled brush is incredibly versatile for a variety of applications. It works incredibly well for foundation, cream bronzer, cream contour, and cream blush. The sharp angle allows you to get into all the contours of the face and allows for precision application. The dense and flat edge is really nice for blending and stippling on product to the skin. I go into the details further in my review here

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation Brush - This large dense domed angled brush is unique in its design and shape. The soft synthetic bristles make it very enjoyable to use. The unique domed angled shape allows you to easily blend makeup around the contours of the face. The versatile design perfectly applied foundation, cream contour, cream bronzer, or cream blush. You can learn more about this brush in my review here

Fenty Beauty Kabuki-Buff Foundation Brush 115 - This large dense rounded buffing brush is beautiful for blending a wide variety of foundations. The very large flat rounded surface allows you to stipple foundation across the skin, building foundation up to full coverage easily. This very dense brush works a lot like a beauty sponge, dispersing the product evenly across the skin without lifting or blending out the product. Its large size allows you to apply foundation quickly and effortlessly. It is a bit tricky to clean thoroughly but the brush is so good, I don't mind. 

Wayne Goss The Artist Brush Large - I purchased this in the set and I found I got the most use of this largest brush. This tapered brush has very soft and silky bristles. It is a beautifully crafted brush that feels like a dream on the skin. The soft bristles are like clouds on the skin and it very gently applies product to the face. I love this brush for powdering the face, applying bronzer, and applying blush. It blends powder so seamlessly on the face. It is well worth the price! 

Wayne Goss The Artist Brush Medium - This brush is a slightly smaller version of the Large Artist Brush. It has the same super soft and silky bristles that feel like a cloud on the face. This smaller design is great for highlighter and blush. The tapered shape allows you to have a lot of precision and allows you to use this brush for contouring. 

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