| Review | Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Lipsticks

| Review | Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Lipsticks 

You can always rely on Givenchy to create some beautiful lip colors and unique formulas. Enter their latest for Sping 2020, the Le Rouge Metallic Lipsticks. This glitzy formula seems to be the latest hot trend among the luxury brands and Givenchy has created its own luxurious version. Encrusted in fine fairy-like glitter, these lipsticks aren't only striking to look at, they're eye-catching on the lips as well! Givenchy Beauty very kindly sent me these lipsticks.

The Givenchy Le Rouge Metallic Lipsticks retail for $39.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. These limited edition lipsticks are beautifully encased in artfully designed leather floral cases. The floral design is so chic and beautiful. They look like they have been delicately painted on with watercolor paints. The cases for each of these lipsticks are so unique and beautifully crafted and designed! For the unique packaging alone, it is worth picking up one of these lipsticks!


Swatches from left to right: 01 Sparking Peony, 02 Sparkling Poppy03 Sparkling Lily

There are three shades offered for Spring 2020, all of which are very wearable for many skin tones and very appropriate for spring. 

01 Sparking Peony - This pink shade has a subtle warm undertone and looks extremely fresh and brightens the complexion. The shimmers in this shade lean cool with cool pink, purple, and blue shimmers. 

02 Sparkling Poppy - This sheer red shade is fairly neutral in tone, which will suit all skin tones. It has primarily pink and red shimmers throughout it, adding interest and dimension to the lips. 

03 Sparkling Lily - This vibrant tangerine shade has beautiful warm orange, gold, and even some pink shimmers. This shade is very eye-catching and unique. 


Many brands seem to be coming out with these glitter-encrusted lipsticks, which look beautiful in the tube but how do they actually look and perform on the lips can vary significantly. I am often apprehensive when it comes to metallic and glittery lip colors and I know many people feel that way because they're often not associated with being wearable. However, this formula really is unlike any metallic lipstick I have come across! What I love about the finish of these lipsticks is that they don't look frosty on the lips. That is also due to the colors of the lipstick but a large part of this is also the unique formula.

This formula is looks and feels like a gel-lipstick. The shimmers are very fine and multi-dimensional. Despite the lipstick looking packed with and encrusted with glitter and shimmer, you don't actually feel the reflects on the lips. You will feel a bit of the glitter texture as you apply the lipstick but because of the gel formula, the shimmers are suspended within the gel-like lipstick, you don't feel a gritty texture like you'd expect from a formula like this. On the lips, the lipstick feels balmy and smooth. 

You may be very concerned about this finish and formulation emphasizing texture on the lips but because of the gel formula, it glides and smooths over lip lines and texture. Creating a cushiony and balmy veil over the lips. Also, while there are a lot of shimmers, they are very fine and well distributed throughout the lipstick. It isn't concentrated enough to really cause the texture to be emphasized on the lips.

The formula is very balmy and moisturizing, which is surprising for this kind of lipstick but a very welcome feature of this formula. These lipsticks also wear very well, lasting up to 5 hours or so with some fading. This is with drinking but not eating. If you eat, this lipstick will very most likely be removed. It also fades very well. and fairly evenly. It leaves a very faint stain but what I appreciate about this shimmery lipstick is that the shimmers and glitters don't migrate. They stay on the lips and they don't end up on your chin throughout the day.

The formula has a medium buildable pigmentation, which also makes it very easy to wear. The lipstick doesn't go on fully opaque upon initial application, which makes it a very wearable wash of color for those who just want a light tint of color. You can also apply so gloss over the wash for an even more jelly-like look to the lips and make it even more wearable. When you build it up, the color is very vibrant, fresh, and the shimmers look very sophisticated but also add a very fun twist to the lipstick.


If I'm being honest, I had very big concerns that I was not going to like this formula but it is an incredible formula! While I wouldn't consider this to be a "metallic" lipstick, it is a very shimmery lipstick and I love it! The unique gel formula feels amazing on the lips and makes the shimmery formula look extremely flattering! The gel formula suspends the shimmers and smooths over lip lines, making your lips look really plush and almost-juicy.

I never thought I'd like the shimmery finish so much but it looks very cool and chic, especially when paired with a very simple eye look. I recommend just a wash of a matte eyeshadow or some eyeliner. The packaging makes these lipsticks such a delight to carry around and pull out to touch up. These lip colors are unique, eye-catching, and so comfortable to wear! I highly recommend picking at least one shade up! I really hope to see more of this formula in upcoming collections!

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