| Review | Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid

| Review | Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid

I hate touching up! I really do. I 'm the kind of person who likes to apply my makeup in the morning and forget about it until I remove it. That honestly isn't realistic, unless maybe I really cake on the makeup, which I never do! I want my makeup to look natural and glowing, like real skin but perfected. So often use lightweight and light coverage bases with some concealer for my everyday makeup. This often means that touch ups are necessary if I want my makeup to look flawless beyond 8 hours.

Touching up makeup isn't as simple, convenient, or fun as it may seem. If you apply more powder over your makeup, translucent or powder foundation, you risk looking fake, heavy, and powdery! You can apply more concealer but over powder products you risk cakey and uneven coverage. Honestly, this is more logistics than I wan tot think about when it comes to touching up my makeup! Why can't it be easy? Well, I think this is where Hourglass comes in with their Veil Retouching Fluid!  

The Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid retails for $34.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. Packaged in a frosted tube with a doe-foot applicator, the Veil Retouching Fluid is designed to be a lightweight and oil-free fluid that illuminates and covers without disrupting existing makeup, even over powder products! It is a tinted product that is supposed to naturally fuse into existing makeup, making touch up easy, convenient, and flawless! Also, like the name states, this product is NOT a concealer, it is a retouching fluid. While you can use it to conceal, it does not have the ideal consistency for long-wear and does not have a heavy coverage. Many people seem to believe that this product is a concealer, it is not. I don't want anyone to be disappointed after buying this product as a concealer. 

Besides blogging, I work a regular 40 hour a week, 5 days a week, job. So I often apply my makeup in the early mornings and they have to last me all day, or even beyond if I go out or have a work event to attend. As I stated before, even with all my efforts and the best long-wearing products, there is still a need for touching up at the end of a long day. Sometimes, there isn't much time to touch up before meeting for a work event or off to happy hour with friends, so I often just powder my face but of course the oils around my nose have broken down the concealer and my redness comes through. Or my eyeshadow has gotten smudgy throughout the day and it doesn't look cute! I have longed for a product like this to enter my life!

The Veil Retouching Fluid comes in 6 shades and they are forgiving and meant to work with all skin tones, so unlike concealer, it doesn't have to be your exact match. I bought my shade blindly and unfortunately, Sephora actually sent me the wrong shade! I ordered Natural and ended up with Sand, both of which I was considering, but it would have been nice to get the one I actually ordered. It turns out that this product truly is forgiving because although Sand is slightly darker and warmer, it still suited my skin quite well! I think I could have gone with either shade and having both would be nice for different areas of my face. 

The texture of the product is incredibly light and serum-like! Something very unique and very sensible for what the product is intended to achieve. If you have ever used those serum foundations that are infused with a light oil, this has a similar texture. The lightweight texture sits beautifully over powder product and existing makeup. The product has a touch of coverage, along with luminosity and brightness. The coverage is pretty decent, like a light coverage foundation. The nice thing about this product is that it is very light and you don't need a brush to apply or blend the product onto the skin. It also takes very little effort to get it to blend into the skin. 

The thing I really noticed about this product is the staying power, you need to set the product to maintain it's longevity because it is so light and it doesn't set on its own. So after a couple hours of wear without being set, it begins to breakdown and fade. I have heard your don't have to blot prior to using this product however, I disagree. If you have oils on the surface of your skin, this product will certainly not last even an hour because it is so light and it also has a luminous finish. I always recommend blotting, then applying the product where necessary, and then powdering to set it in place.

This makeup I'm touching up is after approximately 12 hours, I know it still looks pretty good but the under eyes needed some brightening and there was a significant amount of redness showing around my nose. This product glided over my full face of makeup and powder!

Under eye touchup
Close up
One eye touched up
 Touch up around the nose 
Touch up lips
Ready to go! 

Is it necessary? A must-have? 

It depends on your needs and lifestyle. For me, it's not necessary most days because my makeup lasts very well but is it nice to have? Definitely! There are days when I need to touch up and I would rather not use more concealer to do it. Overall, I think this is a really nice product! I love the consistency and the finished look. I really think you need to powder this product down afterwards to lock it in place but because the texture is so light, you can layer on as much as you like without looking heavy or cakey. I would recommend this for busy people who are always on-the-go and need their makeup to look flawless for hours. It is a very handy product to have in your bag and very innovative! I think there was definitely a need for a product like this on the market and it's no surprise that Hourglass was the first to bring out something like this! 

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