| Review | By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder & Tinted Hyaluronic Hydra Powders

| Review | By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder & Tinted Hyaluronic Hydra Powders 

Are you a powder hater? It's ok, for the most part, I have been most of my life because of my dry skin. As someone with dry skin, I would sometimes rather have oily or greasy skin than bother with powder because of how dry it would make my skin look. Well, not anymore! I no longer have to fear or hate powder because By Terry, is looking out for my skin type and really all skin types with this hyaluronic acid-infused powder! These powders were kindly sent by By Terry, however, my opinions are not affected because I have owned and tried this powder prior to the gifted products featured in this post. Additionally, I have always remained honest in my reviews of products. 

The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder & Tinted Hyaluronic Hydra Powders retail for $60.00 USD for .35oz and are available at By Terry, Nordstrom, and other retailers. These powders are very functionally packaged in a clear plastic tub with a sifter and By Terry's iconic purple lid. The lid has a soft velvety feeling to it, which can tend to attract makeup but allows for a nice soft textured grip for opening the container. The amount of product you receive is very comparable to other high-end brands. The average seems to be around .35oz but I did see some brands offer more and others offer less. Honestly, I think this is a lot of product. I have yet to finish any of my loose powders that I have owned and used consistently for years. 


Originally, this powder only came in one universal translucent shade. Which honestly and truly, works for all skin tones! It is undetectable and invisible on the skin! Recently, By Terry expanded this line with new shades that will suit all skin tones! This is great for those who want just a little bit more color and coverage when it comes to their powder. I honestly feel that the shade matching is very flexible with this formula because the powder is translucent and blends seamlessly into the skin.

Here is their current shade lineup:

Translucent - This is a completely translucent and invisible white powder that is suitable for all skin tones. This powder genuinely leaves no white cast or lightens the skin in any obvious way. It is by far one of the best translucent powders I have ever tried.

N1 Rosy Light - This shade is a very light rose shade that is great for brightening the complexion. This is more of a brightening and complexion-enhancing shade for many skin tones. Fair to medium skin tones, in particular, will really like this shade for brightening the complexion and countering darkness. This is a great under eye setting powder to brighten those dark and shady areas. If you're a fan of teh baking technique, you'll like this for the high points of your face.

N2 Apricot Light - This shade is also more of a brightening and complexion-enhancing shade. It would work really well for more medium to deep skin tones for brightening dark areas because of the light peachy tone.

N100 Fair - This shade is a very light yellow powder, very reminiscent of banana powder used to brighten fair to medium skin tones. This shade would work ideally for a fair skin tone with a warm undertone or those looking to correct redness in their skin. For my medium skin tone, I like using it as a powder to brighten the high points of my face and under my eyes.

N200 Natural - This is the most neutral shade of all the tinted powders and it is a light neutral beige shade. This shade is ideal for light skin tones who prefer a neutral tone or I like using it as a brightening/highlighting shade for setting my under eyes and center of my face, as a medium skin tone.

N300 Medium Fair - This shade is a very light yellow shade, a very true banana powder color that is perfect for a medium skin tone for brightening and correcting any redness. This shade suits my skin tone quite well and makes my skin look very fresh. If I was to use a shade all over, it would be this shade.

N400 Medium - This shade is a golden-toned powder suitable a medium skin tone with very golden undertones. I like using this to add just a touch of warmth to my skin tone. I typically use this shade as one of my three bronzing and sculpting powders for the most flawless transition.

N500 Medium Dark - This shade is a yellow-toned golden tan shade, suitable for olive and tan skin tones. Again, because of the yellow tone, it corrects redness and brightens the skin. I like to use this shade as my bronzing shade to add a ton of warmth and dimension back into my face.

N600 Dark - This shade is a warm terracotta shade with more of an orange undertone. This shade is great for brightening deeper skin tones and is also amazing as a bronzer shade for medium skin tones! The subtle orange tone neutralizes and brightens gray and ashy tones in deeper skin tones. As a bronzer, it warms up the skin beautifully and naturally but also helps blur and perfect the skin simultaneously. This is my sculpting shade for intense face definition and bronzing.

Swatches from left to right: Translucent, Rosy Light, Apricot Light, Fair, Natural, Medium Fair, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark

Swatches from left to right: Translucent, Rosy Light, Apricot Light, Fair, Natural

Swatches from left to right: Natural, Medium Fair, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark


This formula is exceptional and by far one of the BEST powders I have ever used! The texture of the powder is ultra-fine! When you first open up the container, the powder has a tendency to poof up like smoke because the particles are so fine! The particles of powder are so fine, they just melt into the skin and it is undetectable! There are very few powders that I have used that can set and mattify but also look completely invisible. Not only does it appear invisible but you can't even feel it on the skin! It literally feels like you're not wearing any powder but your makeup is just perfectly set. It is so lightweight and airy in texture. It leaves your skin with the silkiest and softest texture. The finish is a very natural skin-like finish but if you want to apply more powder, you can achieve a matte finish. The beautiful thing about this powder is that no matter how much you layer on, it doesn't cake up, look dry, or emphasize texture! So if you want a matte finish, go for it! If you're a fan of the "baking" technique for your powder, this is the best one to do it with because it never looks heavy on the skin! I was never originally a fan of this technique because I found the finish on my skin too be too heavy, cakey, and artificial. However, when I tried it with these powders, it just made my skin look naturally flawless! I think I may take up this baking technique on special occasions. This powder also has this amazing blurring and perfecting effect on the skin! It gives you this soft filtered finish to your skin, blurring out any imperfections or lines. This is fantastic for anyone with textured skin or mature skin because it will soften the texture of the skin. It really perfects your skin's texture and makes you look FLAWLESS!

The most unique aspect of this powder is that it is infused with hyaluronic acid, which if you didn't know, is an ingredient that helps retain moisture in the skin. It is most often used in skincare products but the infusion of hyaluronic acid into this powder makes it a beautiful skincare-makeup hybrid. This powder not only sets and perfects the skin but it treats it by keeping it hydrated! This is absolutely ingenious and unique. I don't know why more brands aren't doing this because it is so smart! You can really tell the difference in your skin when you wear this powder throughout the day compared to other powders because this hyaluronic infused powder feels so comfortable and looks so natural all day long. You don't feel tightness or dryness in your skin from wearing makeup for a long time and because the powder melts into the skin, it flexes and moves naturally with the skin. You won't get that creping or creasing you get from heavy powders.

The tinted versions offer just a little tint and coverage to the skin but not enough to actually cover, if you were to wear it alone. It is still intended to be a setting powder and not a foundation. When I'm going for a very glamorous and flawless look, I use the tinted powders to set, highlight, and sculpt my face. It looks incredible in pictures! I don't think I can go back to using bronzers because the blurring technology in these powders is so powerful and so stunning! The other thing about these powders is they're so buildable so, you get a very natural finish to the skin. These tinted powders make your skin so, flawless it looks surreal! I have to say, I like these tinted powders more than the original but only because they're so versatile!


You can see how flawless and fresh the powder looks on the skin. It doesn't look at all powdery but it isn't overly luminous either. The powder just has a very natural finish. This is the most filtered and flawless my skin has ever looked on and off-camera. It actually looks just like this in real life! I use the shade N200 Natural to set the high points of my face. Then I used N400 Medium to start my base for my bronzing and sculpting. I follow up with the shade N500 Medium Dark for more bronze and depth. Finally, I use the shade N600 Dark in the very hollows of my cheeks for definition. I'm obsessed with this technique and I don't know if I can just go back to using regular bronzer ever again.


While you may find this powder to be a bit pricey, you have to take into account that this powder isn't just makeup but it is also skincare. The inclusion and infusion of hyaluronic acid is totally unique and worth the extra dollars because it plays such a huge role in how your skin will look and feel throughout the day. As a person who tries to avoid powder as much as possible, I am a convert! This powder makes your skin look FLAWLESS and feels like nothing is on your skin! I don't think there is much more you can ask for in a powder! Especially, with the extended shade range, there really is a powder for every skin tone and concern. The ultra-fine particles mean that you also don't need to use very much product at all to achieve a perfectly set complexion. The powder is also amazing at perfecting the skin by blurring and smoothing texture and imperfections! I really can't rave about these powders enough! I highly recommend trying this powder out, if you're having trouble choosing a shade, the universal original Hydra Powder is the way to go but honestly, the tinted versions are very forgiving and will work for a wide range of skin tones. I love using multiple shades daily to set, brighten, correct, and sculpt my face! Trust me, once you incorporate one of these into your routine, it will be there permanently!

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  1. I have been interested in purchasing the tinted powders By Terry. This review is exactly what I was looking for. I currently use the translucent powder. As a woman of "a certain age", this powder works. Thank you for a thorough and excellent review.

  2. I didn’t really like the shades of this product because from all that I saw, I can’t pick up the tone that will fit my skin.

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