| Loves | The Best and Worst of Tom Ford Beauty 2019

| Loves | The Best and Worst of Tom Ford Beauty 2019 

As the year closes, I like to think back on all the products I bought this year and since Tom Ford is probably the most prevalent brand on my blog, it gets its own dedicated favorites post. I have done this list for two years now and it is always a hit. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for all of Tom Ford's products and this year but you can't win them all! I did review a lot of Tom Ford products this year and although some of them didn't make it on the best list, I still recommend them. You can see the other products reviewed here.

WORST - Spring 2019

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color - Sometime in early spring, Tom Ford launched these exorbitantly priced cream eyeshadows that have an identical formula to the MAC Paint Pots! The ingredients list is pretty much identical for both products and these quickly went back to the store. I could not justify being robbed of so much money for a repackaged paint pot. Needless to say, it made me fairly sour toward the brand. You can read a full review here.

BEST - Spring 2019

White Suede Eye Color Quad (the original) - This first version of White Suede is a beautiful palette with the exception of the brown shade but it ended up on my best list because I ended up using the other shades in the palette so much this past year. I love the two lightest shades, one sparkly and one just bright and glowy. They relaunched this palette under the same name with completely different shades, which was still good but not the same. Check out the swatches for this quad here.

Lost Cherry Lipstick - This was launched very early in the year but it is still available. This shimmering red lipstick with a pink undertone is so flattering and beautiful. It has a different vibe to it than other red lipsticks that I own. I find it very wearable and approachable because of the shimmering finish. This is one that I wore a lot throughout teh year. Check out my review with comparison swatches here.

Lip Lacquer Luxe - Once again, Tom Ford has reformulated their liquid lip products. This has seemed to be the ongoing trend over the past few years but this time, I think they really go it right. This formula comes in two finish, matte, and vinyl. The matte shades give off a very soft matte finish and they feel very comfortable and soft on the lips. The vinyl finish lip lacquers have a thick consistency but are extremely pigmented and give a shinier finish. Both finishes are beautiful and the formula feels very luxurious. It is the most comfortable formula of liquid lip colors that they have ever come out with. I even like using them as a long-wearing cheek color! Read my review and check out the swatches here.

WORST - Summer 2019

Aqua Metal Eyeshadows - There was only one shade that actually applied beautifully, the shade Violet Argente, and the other two were horrible! They didn't layer well, the applied extremely patchy,  and they blended out patchy. There were no redeeming qualities in these liquid eyeshadows! They didn't even give a very good metallic finish to the eyes because they're impossible to wear opaque! The formula layers horribly and so the end result is either a patchy mess or a super sheer layer of shimmer across the lids. I hope they never attempt this formula again! This one was the biggest fail of the year! Read all about this product here.

Flicker Illuminating Powder Duo - This deep illuminating duo looked so pretty and promising but it just ended up being a big splotchy mess in the end. For some reason, they decided to put these fairly large particles of bronze sparkle in the powder, which in turn, just makes the powder look patchy on the skin. Also, because the color is so deep, you have to be careful because the uneven application can make you look like you're dirty. It was not a successful attempt at making a deeper version of their beautiful illuminating duos. You can see the comparison swatches in my review here.

BEST - Summer 2019

Tone Up Cushion Foundations - Summer is always a hit with Tom Ford and this year was no exception! The new Tone Up Cushion Foundations are beautiful glossy, skin-enhancing foundations. These are not exactly meant to be a foundation, despite the name, but they're more of skin enhancers. Especially, with teh limited shade selection, I used a light shade as a highlight and a deeper shade as my bronze/sculpt shade and they're beautiful! Read my review for these here.

Suspicion Eye Color Quad - This quad of golden tones is perfect for spring and summer. All the shades are super wearable tones of gold and they all have a beautiful luminous texture. I often get sick of seeing gold tones all the time but there was something about the shades this palette that created something special. The palette is super easy to use and it would look great on all skin tones. See my review and look here.

Body Heat Eye Color Quad - This palette had my name written all over it this year with its tones of taupe and red! This color combination is so stunning! The taupe helps tone down the red eyeshadows, making the overall look so wearable! The texture of these eyeshadows is phenomenal and the colors were perfect for transitioning into fall. Check out my review here.

Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation - I think this may be my favorite foundation Tom Ford has come out with yet! This foundation has a beautiful extra glowing and glossy finish to the skin. It has beautiful medium coverage but can easily be built up to full without looking heavy or cakey. The fluid texture feels very light on the skin and is extremely comfortable throughout the day. It is a very flawless foundation that smooths and illuminates the skin. Read more about this formula in my review here.

Incandescent Illuminating Powder Duo -  This illuminating duo is a stunning combination of a very fresh warm pink and soft gold shimmer! This duo gives your complexion the freshest and healthiest look. The shimmer particles are super fine and they blend beautifully into the skin. The colors in this duo are universally flattering and they even look stunning on the eyes. This duo is a must-have from the past year! Read my full review here.

BEST - Fall 2019

Gloss Luxe lip Glosses - This one is a bit controversial to put on the best list because they are really good but the glosses to have tendency to sink into lip lines. The reason why they have ended up on this list is because I can't stop using them! The formula is so balmy, smoothing, and hydrating. They feel so comfortable and delightful on the lips all day. They give off a beautiful shine but they don't have sticky texture or an oil texture. These glosses have been living in my handbag since I bought them and they pair beautifully with lip liners. Read all about this gloss formula in my review here.

BEST - Winter 2019

Soleil Neige Glow Sticks - Tom Ford really knocked it out of the park this winter! I have no complaints about any of the winter items I picked up this year. In fact, these glow sticks are some of my all-time favorite products! They are the beautiful, glossy, and emollient shade and illuminate cheek formula but conveniently wrapped up in a stick duo! I love these cheek duos and they are my go-to for a quick and polished look in the morning when I'm crunched for time. I can't rave about these enough so, if you want to hear more raving, head to my review here.

Soleil Neige Eye Color Quad - What's cooler than being cool? This quad is the coolest cool-toned quad of the year! The mixture of icy white, midnight blue, cool taupe, and cool brown is the ultimate cool-toned smokey palette! I really enjoyed the cool tones in this palette so much! They just really speak to the season and the quality is excellent. Check out the swatches here.

Soleil Et Lune Eye Color Quad  - This was the most unique combination of eyeshadows shades but it totally works and it still feels appropriate for the winter season! Who knew seafoam green, rose gold, and a silvery taupe would work together so well? Apparently, Tom Ford did! This palette has a super smooth consistency and all the shades have a beautiful luminous finish! Check out this palette in my review here.

Soleil D'Hiver Eye Color Quad - Who could say no to a good bronze-toned neutral palette? Not I and I know many of you are in the same boat! This shimmer combination of neutral shades is nothing special but the formula is! These shadows apply so even, smooth, and they blend out like a dream. They're unique because they have a slightly cool-tone to them, which is unexpected but so beautiful. See the swatches here.

Badass Eye Color Quad - Finally, to wrap up an amazing year, we have the smokiest palette yet! This palette contains every shade you needed for a rock'in smokey eye. It's a tricky palette to work with but once you understand the shadows, you will find that they are beautiful! This palette truly makes you look and feel badass! Check out how I work this palette in my review here.

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