| Review | Tom Ford Lost Cherry Lipstick

| Review | Tom Ford Lost Cherry Lipstick 

Inspired by the scandalously named fragrance, Tom Ford has released a complimenting lip color. This has been a popular trend with Tom Ford and his beauty range. He has in the past, created makeup products inspired by his most popular fragrances. Lost cherry is a provocative, flirty, and lush fragrance so, it is probably a given that the lipstick is just as decadent and luxurious. If you'd like to know more about the fragrance, read my overview here.


The Tom Ford Lost Cherry Lipstick retails for $60.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The lipstick packaged in a beautiful red lacquered tube with rose gold trim and the large rectangular style of Tom Ford's standard lipstick packaging. The red of course perfectly matches the glossy red fragrance bottle and the rose gold trim paired with the red is just gorgeous! I've been wanting Tom Ford to do a rose gold trim for so long now! 


The lipstick shade is a cool-toned red that has strong pink tones with very fine pink-red shimmer throughout. I wouldn't call this a "metallic lipstick", as the shimmer isn't heavy enough to create a metallic effect but it does offer a beautiful dimension and sparkle. It offers a subtle reflective sheen across the lips. I really like the shimmer because you don't feel it at all on the lips, even as the lipstick starts to fade or wear away. The shimmer is what makes this lipstick more unique because the cool-toned red base is very common. I actually wish they released this lipstick before the holidays because it is a very festive lip color and something I would have loved to wear for holiday parties. The concern with the shimmer is that it can emphasize texture and dryness. I feel that if you have a lot of texture or lines on your lips, you may need to exfoliate really well or use the lipstick over a lip balm or under a lip gloss to prevent the emphasizing of lip lines. The benefit of the cool tone is that it really brightens your complexion and makes your teeth look whiter. 


The formula is the traditional Tom Ford creamy and pigmented formula. This lipstick goes on pretty intense upon first swipe and with a second coat, you get a very opaque slightly glossy red lip. When I initially applied this lipstick, my lips were not in the best condition and they were a little dry, but the formula is very forgiving and smoothed over my lips without making it look as textured as it should have. It is also very creamy and comfortable. This formula makes my lips feel and look better as I wear the lipstick. It provides a nice amount of moisture without being an overly slippery texture and sheer finish. As it wears away, the glossiness is significantly diminished and can emphasize the texture on your lips because the finish become more matte with shimmer. It also looks more pink as the color wears off. 

Like many red lipsticks, this lipstick leaves a stain as it fades because it so pigmented. This formula does transfer but it still has a great wear time, up to 5+ hours, depending on what and how often you're eating and drinking. For example, after finishing my morning coffee (about 2 hours after lipstick application), the color was faded but it very evenly faded and just looked a bit softer on my lips, instead of the full-on red that it was earlier in the morning. Like I said, it fades very evenly and leaves a very nice pink-red stain on the lips.  


The Lost Cherry lipstick is almost identical to Cherry Lush in tone and color, the only difference is the fine pink-red shimmer in Lost Cherry that Cherry Lush lacks. Fucking Fabulous is actually a touch warmer and more of a neutral true red shade.

From left to right: Cherry Lush, Lost Cherry, Fucking Fabulous


This lipstick is a beautiful red lipstick! I find this particular cool-toned red very flattering for most skin tone because it borders the line between a pink and red because of the strong pink tones. I love the subtle shimmers in this lipstick because it give the lips a beautiful glow and sheen. I am very impressed with this fragrance-inspired lipstick. It is very pigmented and has a beautiful finish on the lips. It really portrays the fragrance very well with its whimsical and innocent shimmer but it has a very sophisticated and classic cool-red base! While I'm not a big red lip wearer, this red is so fun and flattering. I have been wearing it more frequently than other red lip colors in my collection. I highly recommend this lipstick! I really think the formula and shade is beautiful for anyone! 

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  1. Hi - thank you so much for this very helpful review. I have been wondering about the difference between Lost Cherry and F*cking Fabulous Reds and your review is very informative. Does the Lost Cherry lipstick have the same Tom Ford vanilla-cake scent like the rest of his lipsticks? (not my favorite at all). I'm hoping there is a small chance it actually has a cherry scent. thank you!

    1. No problem! Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it!

      Yes, unfortunately, it doesn't small like cherries. It does have the vanilla cake scent that all his lipsticks have. If you can put up with it, it's a lovely color!