| Review | Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color

| Review | Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color 

Unfortunately, there isn't much to review here because these new cream shadows are REPACKAGED MAC Paint Pots! Yes, it is true. Michele Wang was the first I know of to figure this out, watch her video here. Since I had already received mine by the time the news broke, I decided to still write this review. However, I am absolutely LIVID that Tom Ford would just repackage the Paint Pot formula! I understand that Tom Ford and MAC are part of the same mother company, Estee Lauder but when you are paying for a luxury product, you expect to be a luxury product! 

Tom Ford used to be a brand about luxury and exclusivity but in the past few years, they have become a more mainstream brand and their products have lacked their unique luster. I used to covet their unique formulas and products but now they seem to be more concerned with just cranking out collections as quickly as they can to make a fast dollar. As one of the biggest fans of the brand and as a luxury beauty lover, this deeply disappoints me and this launch is really the tipping point for me. I have forgiven the brand too many times in the past for re-washing shades in collection after collection but now they're just blatantly using MAC's formula and jacking the price up because the packaging has a "TF" on the top! You will start to see me pull away from Tom Ford more, just I had with MAC when they began just pushing out collections without much of a care for the quality of their products they were releasing. As a luxury consumer, you want to feel like you're getting something special and getting your money's worth but these days, Tom Ford isn't delivering anything special anymore.

The Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color retails for $46.00 USD for .24oz and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. The MAC Paint Pots retail for $22.00 for .17oz, so while you are getting more product from Tom Ford the price difference isn't due to more product, it is because of the "Tom Ford" name slapped on the packaging. These Tom Ford cream eyeshadows are even packaged very similarly to the Paint Pots, they are both in heavy glass jars with a twist off cap. 


Tom Ford offers these cream shadows in 10 different shades, 4 matte and 6 shimmering finishes. The shades offered are very pretty but they aren't super unique or worth running out to get for twice the price of the MAC Paint Pots. Many of the more neutral shades are practically identical to the MAC Paint Pots. I purchased 4 shades:

Swatches from left to right: Brut Rose, Gigolo, Abyssinian, Casino

Brut Rose - This shade is a pink-champagne with a taupe undertone. It is very reflective and metallic.

Gigolo - This shade is golden bronze with strong gold shimmer.

Abyssinian - This shade is slightly warm neutral brown. It has a very warm undertone but if you layer the shade it appears more cool toned.

Casino -  This is a warm burgundy bronze shade with fine bits of gold shimmer.


The formula feels exactly like the Paint Pots. I used to own one and was not a fan of it, so it has been Back to Mac'd a long time ago. Both the Paint Pots and these Emotionproof Eye Colors are waterproof, they really don't budge or crease. These will wear beyond 8 hours of wear and through sweat, tears, etc. I appreciate a long-wearing cream shadow formula and this formula is also very light-weight on the eyes. I just think the formula is not unique or luxurious enough to warrant the price. These cream shadows have a silicone-like texture to them and have a slippery feeling on the skin. This makes the cream shadow very easy to blend and work with until it dries. These dry relatively quickly but still allow for a good amount of time to manipulate and shape the shadow. They also layer very well with each other and with powder shadows, which is why many people like to use paint pots as a primer. While the formula sounds wonderful, it is the exact same formula as the MAC Paint Pots and I don't think anyone should spend more than they have to on a paint pot! There is nothing special or particularly luxurious about this formula that it even deserves the Tom Ford name on it. It's a shame because Tom Ford used have so much integrity when it came to his brand and it seemed like he only released products he truly stood behind but I cannot believe that he truly stands behind these mediocre cream shadows. 

Below is a picture of the ingredients list on the Emotionproof Eye Color box: 

Here is a Google Search result for Paint Pot Ingredients: 

As you can see, most of the imgredients are the same with exception of a few but this may be a variation in the colors. 


While I don't think this formula is a bad one, I'm just not personally a fan of the formula and I am particularly not a fan of paying so much for a formula I can get for significantly less. Even if you do find a shade particularly alluring, I just don't think the price is worth it. You may be getting more product in the Tom Ford version, however, when have you ever used up a cream shadow before it dries out? I personally haven't and I know those who have, often finish a very neutral skin tone shade that they use all over the eyes as a primer. In this case, MAC has the same neutral skin tone shades you can use as a primer for less! I just really see no reason to purchase these as they are the same as the MAC Paint Pots. I have already returned mine and urge to do the same or buy the MAC Paint Pots. I also encourage you to get the Cream Color For Eyes formula, which I find much more luxurious and unique in formula. This formula may not be as long wearing but I find the finish to be beautiful and the formula to be just as pigmented. I think Tom Ford should be ashamed of themselves for thinking they could "pull the wool over our eyes" with this supposedly new and innovative emotionproof formula when they just used the same formula as MAC. I am having very torn feelings about continuing to support the brand as they seem to continue to care less about the quality of the products they are bringing to the market. 

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  1. I love the TF cream colors for the eyes, so disappointing to hear these are "just" MAC Paint Pots.. I've never used them, but I'm not in a hurry to try the original or the luxury dupe from TF... What do you think about this year's Soleil releases?

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Beauty Blog