| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Et Lune Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Et Lune Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford is going for the coolest winter in history with three cool-toned quads! It's refreshing for a brand to actually go for the cool tones for winter. I just don't think cool-tones have been given enough love but this year, they're making a comeback in the Tom Ford Winter Soleil 2019 Collection! This take on winter is particularly interesting and unique because these aren't exactly the shades I think about for winter but it totally works! I'm definitely feeling the winter vibes now.

The Tom Ford Soleil Et Lune Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This palette is housed in the classic quad compact design but is white, instead of the usual cognac color. This compact was only released one time before this season for the original White Suede Quad (full review here). The white packaging is classic for any of the Soleil Collections and it's so luxurious. 


This palette is an unusual mixture of shades but they all seem to suit the winter mood very well. It's a surprising combination of colors that surprisingly work together. This unique palette contains: 

White Gold - This shade is a metallic white shadow with a very subtle gold reflect. I often find these white gold shades to have too much gold reflect that overwhelms the white base but this one is the perfect mixture, adding just a touch of warmth to the shadow. You won't be able to notice the gold reflect unless you're very close, even the swatches don't pick up the gold-tone. 

Rose Gold - This shade is a true metallic rose gold shade. It is very reflective and has the perfect mix of copper and rose tones, leaning a bit more copper, which I believe is a true rose gold shade, like the metal. It looks very much like rose gold metal on the eyes with its strong metallic shine. 

Slate Gray - This shade is a metallic slate gray shade with an ever so subtle hint of green reflect. This shade isn't deep enough to be charcoal and not bright enough to be considered a silver, it sits somewhere in between and is a beautiful and unique way to add a smokey touch to the palette. 

Wintergreen - This shade is a true wintergreen shade that is just a bit more vibrant and less pastel than a mint shade. It's a truly unique and interesting addition to this palette and very unique shade in general. This shade adds a punch of brightness and interest to the otherwise fairly neutral palette. 


All the shadows in this palette are silky, smooth, and pigmented. They all apply very easily and blend out even easier while maintaining their vibrancy. While the shades look very unusual next to each other, the palette really works well as a whole. The shades all blend and work with one another and enhance each other. The shades never get muddy and create an overall very beautiful look every time. This palette is more metallic than ones with the same formula, which may turn many people off from it but the colors and the formula are truly beautiful. I find because the shades are so different they work together to create a cohesive and multidimensional look. However, if you find all the metallic finishes too overwhelming, you can use this palette as a go-to for lid shades and pair them with more matte and satin eyeshadows. The metallic finish of these eyeshadows is just more intensified when used wet. This formula is a versatile gel-powder, which means it can be used wet without damaging the eyeshadow. This formula lasts incredibly long without creasing or fading. 


My favorite way of wearing this palette is using the Wintergreen as a pop of color to a neutral eye look. I started with the Rose Gold over the inner two-thirds of the eye. I placed the Slate Gray on the outer corner to smoke out my look. I used the White Gold to highlight the inner coner and blended it into the Rose Gold in the inner corner. Finally, for my pop of color, I layered the Wintergreen over the very inner corner of the eyes. 


I didn't expect to like this palette as much as I do but it is the formula and the unique shades that really impressed me! I don't often wear green eyeshadow but this combination of shades makes it easier to pull off that kind of shade. I really love this super silky and smooth formula. It is always a delight to work with and to wear. I love the metallic finish to these shadows because it makes the shades more wearable and it really does give that winter vibe to the look. This palette has the most unique color combination so if you're looking for something special, I recommend grabbing this palette because it is unlike anything I own or have seen! I can't stress enough how amazing this formula is and how enjoyable it is to use. I can see myself wearing this palette year-round and combining it with my more matte eyeshadows. For those looking to experiment with color, this palette is the perfect mixture of color and neutral shades. I've enjoyed playing around with the green shade and making it work for me. This palette is one of the must-haves from the Soleil WInter 2019 Collection!

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