| Review | Tom Ford Body Heat Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Body Heat Eye Color Quad

There's something about reddish coppery tones that are just so irresistible to me. This new quad has to be one of my favorites of the three new quads released because the colors just speak to me. Tom Ford has been really expanding their eyeshadow range as of late and this new addition will appeal to the masses. The sultry tones will have you swooning over these shades but as with most products, there are pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more about this new quad.

The Tom Ford Body Heat Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. Another addition to the permanent range, this quad is housed in the classic Tom Ford cognac and gold compact. With little sponge tip and brush applicators included, this palette is great for the minimalist or person who is often on-the-go. However, I don't recommend using the applicators unless you're in a pinch, they aren't going to give you the best finish and blend.


The shades in this palette have a reddish tone and can create a beautiful and sultry smokey eye. These four shades include:

Swatched Dry

Swatched Wet

Dry vs. Wet Swatches

Rosey Champagne - This shade is a soft champagne with a rose gold tone. It has a very soft rosey shift to the shade, which is only enhanced when used wet. This color makes an excellent inner corner highlight or lid shade and pairs beautifully with the reddish tones of this palette. 

Rusty Brown - This shade is particularly unique because it isn't a true rust shade but it is a beautiful blend of rust and brown with a subtle coppery undertone. This shade is very complex and appears more rusty red when used wet. This shade is perfect for the crease or as a lid shade for a stronger red look. 

Shimmering Red Taupe - This shimmering shade is fairly complex. This taupe has strong red undertones and a cool silvery shimmer and subtle rainbow shimmer throughout. It is very similar to the deepest shade but with more shimmer. I find this shade is a good tranition shade from the Deep Bronze Taupe to the Rusty Brown, as it sits as an in-between shade. Also, when paired with the Rusty Brown the reddish tones come through much stronger. When applied wet, the shimmers are quite strong. 

Deep Bronze Taupe - This deep bronze taupe is not significantly different from the Shimmering Red Taupe. This shade is a bit deeper and more of a true cool taupe shade but on the eyes, you won't be able to tell the difference. This shade is also more of a satin finish and contains significantly less shimmer than the Shimmering Red Taupe. 


This palette has a very strong overall formula for all the shades. I find all the shades to be very pigmented and blend out beautifully. These shadows apply very evenly and smoothly, which is not always the case if you have read my other reviews on this gel-powder formula. I find all the shades to be very buildable and they're all quite complex shades. I think my only gripe is that the two deepest shades are too similar. The texture of all the shades is very smooth and silky, the deepest one being the driest, but not a poor performer.

I find these shadows last beyond 8 hours without a primer and they don't tend to fade or crease easily. These shades also don't get muddy when worn throughout the day. They really maintain their vibrancy and complexity. This palette, more than others, seems to have more complexity to the shades when worn wet. All the shades are of course more intense when used wet but these shades, in particular, seem to appear much more enhanced in color and texture.


What I love about this palette is that I don't have anything like it in my vast Tom Ford eyeshadow collection! The shades are all pretty unique and the color combination is also different from anything tom ford has released in the past. I plucked out some shades from the Nude Dip, Leopard Sun, and Honeymoon Eye Quads just for comparison sake but none of the shades are really that similar to the Body Heat Eye Quad.

From left to right: Nude Dip, Body Heat, Leopard Sun, Honeymoon

Nude Dip

Leopard Sun


Swatches from left to right: Rosey Champagne (Body Heat), Pink Champagne (Nude Dip), Golde Champagne (Honeymoon) 

Swatched from left to right: Deep Bronze Taupe (Body Heat), Taupe (Nude Dip) 

Swatches from left to right: Rusty Brown (Body Heat), Rust (Leopard Sun), Cranberry (Honeymoon) 


For this look, I used the Rusty Brown in the crease, the Deep Bronze Taupe in the outer corner, the Shimemring Red Taupe on the lid and as a transition to the Rusty Brown shade, and the Rosey Champagne as a inner corner highlight. 


I am extremely impressed and obsessed with this palette! I knew from the first time I saw it, it would be a favorite but after using it, it has been strongly confirmed! The color combination and individual shades are so complex and unique. The shadows have a beautifully soft and silky texture that makes it so easy to apply and blend. Of the three newest eyeshadow palettes, this is by far the best quality and the most unique. The only thing that I don't like about this palette is that the two deepest shades are too similar. They look identical when placed on the eyes next to each other. This isn't a deal breaker for me though because the formula is so exceptional and the color combination is so beautiful. This is a very wearable take on red toned shadows that will look flattering on every skin tone. I highly recommend getting this eyeshadow palette! I would say it's one of my top picks from the whole range and it really doesn't disappoint!

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