| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Highlighter & Blush Glow Stick (Soleil Winter 2019)

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Highlighter & Blush Glow Stick (Soleil Winter 2019)

Winter is coming...and my skin is just getting drier. Luckily, Tom Ford is bringing back the glow this winter 2019 with the return of the Glow Sticks! For Summer 2018, he released one shade in Sunstruck (full review here), which was a huge hit and this year, we are graced with three different shades! This covers pretty much all skin tones! I'm so excited to see this formula and packaging make a comeback for Winter 2019 because my current Glow Stick has been well-loved. 

The Tom Ford Soleil Highlighter & Blush Glow Sticks retail for $55.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. I raved about this before but I'll happily say it again, this is the best packaging! Because this formula is the Shade and Illuminate formula, it is a very emollient and wet formula, which when packaged in the palettes can be messy to use and they also often get grimy from constantly dipping your brushes into the pan. However, now that this formula is packaged in a stick form, it is significantly easier to use! You don't even need brushes and you can easily use it on-the-go. The stick twists up and down, making it easy to use. The only downside is that when you first get it, the product sticks out so there is a high chance to ding or damage the product as you're placing the cap back on. Other than that, I love this packaging and I think it should be a permanent change to the range. 


This year, Tom Ford released three different shades, which will cover almost every skin tone! I applaud Tom Ford for putting forth a strong effort in including a range of skin tones. 

Soleil Neige 

Highlighter - The highlighter in this duo appears to be a white gold shade with strong gold reflect. However, this formula is quite sheer so, the base is pretty much clear with gold reflect. In the swatches, you will see a bit of the white reflects but it's mostly a strong gold shine. 

Blush - The blush is a very bright and fresh warm melon shade, it is quite pink but with a peachy warmth to it. 


Highlighter - This highlight shade appears bronze but because of the sheer formula, it applies more of a sheer warm golden shade with a champagne reflect. Because the base shade is bronze, this highlighter will work much better on a medium to deep skin tone. For a fair skin tone, you may want to use it as a blush shade or a shade to mix with the blush shade. 

Blush - This blush shade is a neutral soft rose, it has a subtle brown tone to it and leans slightly cool. This shade is soft and flattering for a range of skin tones and because it leans so neutral, it goes with virtually any look. 

Swatches from left to right: Soleil Neige Highlighter, Soleil Neige Blush, Mageve Highlighter, Mageve Blush


Here, I have the Soleil Winter 2019 shades swatched next to the Summer 2018 duo. You can see that Sunstruck from Summer 2018 has a much pinker blush than either of these new releases. The highlighter shade in Sunstruck and Mageve are pretty much identical, the highlighter from Sunstruck may be a pinch more bronze but when applied, you won't be able to tell. 

Swatches from left to right: Soleil Neige Highlighter, Soleil Neige Blush, Mageve Highlighter, Mageve Blush, Sunstruck Highlighter, Sunstruck Blush


I've always been a fan of this glossy formula because it looks so fresh and brings so much life back into the complexion! The emollient formula is very easy to apply and blend especially, in stick form. Due to the emollient texture, the product doesn't tug on the skin or remove my base. As you can probably tell from the swatches, the blush is very pigmented and I find a few dots on the cheeks is more than enough to add a fresh flush to my face. As for the highlighter, it is meant to be sheer and glossy, which the formula delivers on both. The highlighter can be built up but isn't really meant to be. I think that makes these duos very versatile for all skin tones. 

The formula and packaging also make it so easy to use on-the-go. With a few swipes and your fingers, you can have a fresh and glowing complexion. This means it is also great for touching up, however, I find that this formula lasts a little beyond 8 hours on my dry skin. For a formula this emollient, you wouldn't expect the long-wear but it really does last. I honestly can't rave about this product enough! I would love to see Tom Ford continue to release these duos in more shades and maybe make a few for the permanent range. I think they surpass the shade and illuminate cheek products simply because of the convenient packaging. 


These duos offer a very glossy look and I love it for my dry skin! I know it isn't for everyone but I can't get enough of the finish of these duos. 

Above I'm wearing Soleil Neige. 

Above I'm wearing Mageve. 


This is by far one of the BEST products Tom Ford has ever come out with. While the formula isn't for everyone because it is so emollient, it is an incredible product. The stick form is super convenient, easy to use, and great for on-the-go application. This is a product that I find myself turning to again and again for those mornings when I just don't have time to fuss with my makeup. It's just so easy to look polished, glowing, and fresh with this duo. You can even use it on the eyes if you're a pinch! These duos create the most glowing and natural finish to the skin. I love that they last all day without any touchups needed. This formula is unlike anything any other brand has released before. This unique formula is one I can't get enough of and I can't recommend enough! I feel like they're the underrated gems of this winter collection and everyone needs to jump on these!

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