| Review | Tom Ford Suspicion Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Suspicion Eye Color Quad 

Tom Ford has brought us three new quads for 2019 and this one has to be the one that channels all the summer vibes. I didn't think I would like this one as much as I do, but the colors really surprised me and it's going to be a summer essential in my routine. Keep reading to learn why I fell in love with this palette and if you need it in your collection. 

The Tom Ford Suspicion Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This palette is housed in the classic cognac and gold Tom Ford compact, which is made of a slightly reflective lightweight plastic with a magnetic closure. It is a very sleek compact and the palette also comes with two small brush and sponge tip applicators. I personally never use these but they're decent quality. I just find you don't get the detail and blend you need with the dinky little tools included. 


This palette contains four shimmering golden shades that can be used wet or dry:

White Gold (top left) - This shade is a champagne shade with a very subtle soft gold reflect in it. It is a stunning inner corner highlighter that really brightens and opens the eyes up.  

Rose Gold (top right) - This shade is very soft rose gold shade with a very prominent soft gold shimmer throughout and a very subtle copper undertone. 

Amber (bottom left) - This shade is a very warm golden amber with a very rich orange undertone and gold shimmer. 

Deep Bronze (bottom right) - This shade is a deep cool-toned bronze with bronze and bit of silver shimmer that adds a lot of depth and balance to this very warm palette. 

Swatched dry

Swatched Wet

Dry vs. Wet


While these shades aren't particularly unique, they are new to the Tom Ford brand. Here are some comparison swatches to past and present palettes in the Tom Ford range. I could find no dupes in the brand. 

Suspicion vs. Leopard Sun 

Beside the textures and finishes being different, the color combination is pretty different. Suspicion is much more golden and bronze, while Leopard Sun has much more variety in its palette with a golden yellow shade and a rusty red color. 

Suspicion vs. Iris Bronze (LE) 

While Iris Bronze does contain a shimmering golden shade and a bronze shade, they are very different from the shades in Suspicion. The Suspicion White Gold is much lighter and brighter and the bronze is much more rosy and lighter. 

Suspicion vs. Honeymoon 

Surprisingly, these two palettes have the most in common however, there are still no dupes. The lightest shade in the Honeymoon palette is similar to the Rose Gold in the Suspicion palette.  the biggest difference is that the Suspicion Rose Gold has more of a copper tone and the Honeymoon one has more of a rosy tone. You might also be able to create the Bronze shade in the Honeymoon palette if you mix the Rose Gold and Bronze from the Suspicion palette but there are not outright dupes.   


This palette is created in Tom Ford's iconic wet/dry shadow formula, which is a gel-powder formulation. This formula is special because you can use the shadows wet without compromising and ruining the texture of your eyeshadow. These eyeshadows are ultra smooth and pigmented. With very little product, it glides on the skin and leaves a beautiful gilded finish to the eyes. The shadows blend out beautifully and almost melt onto the skin. The only downfall of this formula is that the texture is all very similar, so it doesn't allow for a tone of dimension and depth, especially when the shades are very close in tone. In this case, the shades are very similar in tone and depth, so the overall look is a little one-note. The overall look is still very beautiful but because of the lack of variety in texture and colors, you won't get the depth and dimension as you would with different textures and tones. 


Here is how the shadows look on the eyes. These shadows were applied without primer and they performed very well! I used the Rose Gold in the crease and added definition in the outer corner with the Deep Bronze shade. I used the Amber shade for the lid color and the White Gold to highlight the inner corner. I finished off the look with a very subtle brown liquid liner. On the cheeks, I'm wearing the Illuminating Duo in Flicker and Inhibition blush. For lips, I applied the Lip Lacquer Luxe in Softcore. 


This eyeshadow palette really had me at the combinations of shades. There's something so mesmerizing about these soft golden shades. It reminds me a lot of a palette inspired by "Golden Hour", these soft warm tones remind me of a summer sunset. I really love how the shades look on my medium skin tone and the way they look paired together. To me, there's something unique about the shades in this palette, even though I have seen these type of shades before. I think it's just the texture and how they are combined together that I enjoy so much.  The formula is very creamy and pigmented. I really can't complain when I use this formula because it is a dream to work with. I love that the shades look more striking and more metallic when used wet. If you love your golds, I think you'll really love this palette! I don't think this palette is a must-have because the shades are particularly unique but it's a nice one to have.

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