| Review | Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe

| Review | Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe 

Tom Ford is kicking off 2019 with his latest Lip Lacquer launch! You're probably thinking lip lacquers? Again? Didn't he already do this three times last year? Yes, yes, and yes. He did in fact release a repackaged version of his Patent Lip Lacquers last year with new packaging, along with some matte, and metallic shades which were all renamed as his "Lip Lacquers"(full review here). Later that year, he came out the the Extreme Lip Lacquers, which were a metallic-matte finish and were absolutely horrendous (full review here)! Finally for winter of 2018, he released the Soleil Lip Lacquers, which are a balmy gloss (full review here). Now for 2019, he introduces the Lip Lacquer Luxe, which are describes as "A full-coverage liquid lipstick drenched in pigment-packed, vinyl and matte colors." 

Ummm.. Hold on a sec, Tom Ford. Can we just establish that you can't call all of your liquid lip products a "lip lacquer"?! This isn't just insanely confusing to the consumer but it is also extremely inaccurate in many cases. A lip lacquer, in my mind, is a very pigmented glossy lip color that you can achieve in 1 or two layers. In Tom Ford's case, a "lip lacquer" is any kind of liquid lip color...So, what makes these Lip Lacquer Luxe different from the previously released Lip Lacquers? Read on to find out.


The Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe retail for $55.00 USD and are available at Sephora and other retailers. These new lip lacquers are packaged in rectangular tubes that look a lot like the Tom Ford Nail Polishes with a rectangular glass tube in the classic Tom Ford cognac with a clear bottom that shows the shade. There is also an addition of a gold plaque with TF engraved on the top of the tube that adds an extra touch of luxury. I really like this packaging, it looks and feels very luxe and chic. The applicator is a pointed doe-foot applicator, which is quite fuzzy and holds the perfect amount of product for one application. I love this type of applicator because it makes it very easy to get a very precise application and to create clean lip lines. It really allows you to blend the product into the lips and create a very flawless finish.

One thing to note is that the sponge-tip applicator is a little difficult to pull out of the tube, it appears that the stopper that scrapes the applicator is a bit smaller that the width of the sponge tip. I have had many people on Instagram tell me they had issues with the tip breaking off. I have not had this issue but this because I am very careful not to yank the wand really hard when it gets stuck. I can see how the tip may easily break off, so I highly recommend if you feel any resistance when attempting to remove the applicator, to wiggle the wand and pull simultaneously don't just pull it straight out of the tube. You have to ease it out while using gentle force. Pull the wand out at an angle and wiggle but try not to pull it straight out. Yes, it's annoying however, it you do get the perfect amount of product to cover the lips in one application, so you don't have to keep dipping into the tube.

I do want to note that with one of my applicators, the "sponge" part of the sponge tip applicator is actually being ripped off because the stopper is so tight! Not cool... but I haven't had any of the applicators break. I find that if I meet some serious resistance, I will push the applicator back into the tube and attempt a different angle when pulling and wiggling it out.


These Lip Lacquer Luxe come in 20 different shades (10 matte and 10 vinyl finishes), ranging from nude to deep plum. Sephora's mobile website does not define which shades are matte and which shades are vinyl, so I recommend shopping on the desktop version.

Swatches from left to right: Darling (matte), Quiver (matte), Jaguar (matte), Softcore (vinyl), Intimate (vinyl), Initiate (vinyl), Unzip (vinyl) and Infatuate (vinyl) 


Darling - This is the lightest nude shade available and it is a light pink with a subtle peach undertone. It reminds me of a pinker version of Universal Appeal Tom Ford Matte Lip Lacquer. Universal Appeal is much peachier but they are both the lightest shades of their formula.

Quiver - This shade is a dusty rose with a gray-brown undertone. It appears more greige in the tube but when applied to the lips it is more pink and a very wearable everyday nude shade. I think this would be a beautiful bridal makeup lip color. If you're a big fan of "my lips but better" shades, you will adore this color. I think this is a very universally flattering shade.

Jaguar - This is a vibrant orange-toned coral. It does have a touch of pink but the orange tones are stronger in this coral. This shade is a great color to brighten the complexion and it looks very wearable because of the velvet finish.


- This shade is a very warm nude peach, not to be confused with a warm peachy nude.  It is definitely more peach than nude. This shade initially reminded me a lot of Sable Smoke Lipstick but it is significantly more peach toned.

Intimate - This warm petal pink is a beautiful fresh and soft spring lip color. It really brightens up your complexion but be aware because it has a warm tone, it can make your teeth not look as pearly white as they may be.

Initiate - This shade is a vibrant orange-coral for those looking for a warmer coral. It will flatter a nice tan but will also look striking on fair skin. What I love about coral is how universal it can be.  Plus, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is coral!

Unzip - This hot electric coral is very vibrant and has an strong pink undertone. In contrast to the shade Initiate, it is clearly more pink and has a slightly cooler tone. I love this kind of coral shade for a ton of impact with a simple eye look, especially in spring and summer.

Infatuate - This shade is a cool-toned hot pink that is vibrant and striking. The color can look more magenta in dimmer lighting but in brighter lighting it is quite vibrant. This shade would look beautful on all skin tones because it is so vibrant and the slight cool tone brightens the teeth and complexion. I recommend keeping the rest of your makeup pretty simple and let this bold color stand out. I actually received a compliment on it the first time I wore this shade.

COMPARISON SWATCHES - swatches from left to right 

I found many of these new shades to be reminiscent of  existing Tom Ford lip color shades, so I thought I 'd do comparison swatches to see how close they are. There are no dupes but if you want other formulas in the same color family, these are some other Tom Ford options for you.

Softcore vs. Sable Smoke vs. La Nudite 

Darling vs. Universal Appeal vs. First Time 

Quiver vs. Sugar Glider vs. Preternatural

Intimate vs. Blow Up vs. Addison 

Initiate vs. Bare Peach vs. Peche Perfect vs. Jaguar vs. Naked Coral vs. Unzip

Infatuate vs. Zelda vs. Panty Pink


There are obviously two different finishes, matte and vinyl. These finishes are very different from the existing lacquers in line. You can see a comparison chart below.

This is the description of these Luxe Lip Lacquers:

What it is: A full-coverage liquid lipstick drenched in pigment-packed, vinyl and matte colors. 
Highlighted Ingredients: - Daikon Radish Oil: 100-percent natural emollient oil.- Mineral Powder: Gives a comfortable matte finish. 
Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil. This product is also gluten-free. 
What Else You Need to Know: TOM FORD elevates liquid lipsticks with decadent, transfer-resistant, high-shine vinyl and soft-matte formulas. Pigment-maximizing technology envelops concentrated pigments in ultra-cushion-like emollients, creating a smooth, second-skin film on lips. This formula provides intense, saturated, long-wearing color.
Umm... Gluten-free? (See ingredient callout above.) I guess that's a good thing because trust me, you end up eating more the vinyl one than you'd expect. You'll understand soon enough, just read below to learn more about these formulas.


This matte finish is a very soft matte finish and while it does set down almost fully, it does have the tinniest bit of transfer. This matte lacquer does not set down hard and fully, like the previous matte lacquer formula released. It is a much more comfortable formula and it feel extremely lightweight and almost mousse-like. It also takes quite a bit of time to set, about 5 minutes, so you have a lot of time to manipulate the formula. When it dries,  you get a stunning soft and velvety finish! It is a very pigmented formula and it only takes one coat to get full coverage.

While it is long-wearing, it does fade and wear away much easier than a formula that sets fully to a true matte finish. That being said, this is obviously a significantly more comfortable formula to wear long term. I find this formula can wear between 4-6 hours, depending on how often and what you are eating and drinking. To be clear, just because it has a soft matte finish doesn't mean it doesn't emphasize texture, it's just a little more forgiving. I still recommend exfoliating and prepping your lips beforehand for a truly flawless finish. This formula is not hydrating nor drying, it is just comfortable but it won't offer you any additional lip care benefits.


This formula is very similar to a melted lipstick texture. It goes on the lips a little thick but very creamy and it has a sheen finish but isn't glossy. I would honestly recommend blotting your lips afterwards because I just find the thick consistency makes your lips look very awkward and almost plastic, in a bad way. When you blot it, you do lose a bit of the gloss but it still has that vinyl finish but it doesn't look like you have this thick coat of product on your lips. For this formula, you really need to use the applicator to work the product across and into the lips for a very even layer of color. It feels comfortable and creamy but it isn't hydrating or nourishing, which is a little disappointing considering the price. I often find the Tom Ford Lip Colors (or classic lipstick) formula is actually nourishing and can hydrate my dry lips but this formula doesn't hydrate my lips at all. However, it does have a great creamy texture that coats the lips like a creamy paint.

The semi-glossy sheen is a very beautiful finish that is a middle ground between a gloss and cream finish. This formula will leave the lips with a stain, which is great when the product begins to fade or wear away. However, the stain effect is often not even and when the color wears away, it can look really awkward. I also find with the brighter colors that the satin will last beyond 8 hours! This formula also transfers like crazy! The first time I tried this on, I went to dinner with my boyfriend and I was eating a hamburger (by the way, the hamburger/sandwich test is the ultimate lip color test) and the area I bit into had a very pigmented ring of color. So much so, that my boyfriend burst out laughing uncontrollably because he had never seen that before! To be fair, it looked like I had smeared the lip color directly onto the burger but it actually was on my lips. So needless to say, it didn't survive the hamburger/sandwich test.


Lacquer Type
Shade Range
TF Vinyl Luxe Lacquer
Creamy Sheen
Full Coverage
4 - 6+* hours
Creamy Soft Glossy Sheen
TF Matte Luxe Lacquer
Soft Matte
Full Coverage
4 - 6+* hours
Soft Setting Matte
TF Matte Lacquer
True Matte
Full Coverage
6 - 8+* hours
Fully Dry Matte
TF Metallic Lacquer
Luminous Metallic
Full Coverage
6 - 8+*
Thick Non-Sticky Gloss
TF Patent Lacquer
Extremely Glossy
High to Full Coverage
6 - 8+*
Thick Non-Sticky Gloss
TF Soleil Lacquer
1-2* hours
Balmy Gloss
TF Extreme Lacquer
Matte Metallic
Patchy to Medium Coverage
4-8+* hours
Fully Dry Matte

A closer look at the formulas...

The closest formula to the Luxe formula are the Matte, Metallic, and Patent Lip Lacquers released in 2018. The 2018 Lip Lacquers have an incredible ironclad wear time, which is a huge contrast to the Lacquer Luxe (vinyl finish) that transfer like crazy! The staining effect of the 2018 Lip Lacquers is also significantly stronger, whereas the Lacquer Luxe leaves a much softer stain. The Patent Lip Lacquers are much more glossy and thick in texture than the new Vinyl Luxe Lacquers. Both are very comfortable but the Patent Lip Lacquers last significantly longer on the lips and don't transfer nearly as much. Between the two matte lacquers, I feel most people are going to like the Matte Luxe version much better because of the soft matte finish and comfortable formula. I actually like the 2018 Matte Lip Lacquers because I didn't find them drying our uncomfortable. I also really loved that they were practically bullet-proof when it came to lasting power and wear time!

Which formula would I recommend? 

Frankly, they're all quite different. The only ones I didn't like and would never recommend are the Extreme Lip Lacquers.The Soleil Lip Lacquers aren't exactly a lip lacquer but more a glossy balm, which can actually be easily created using the Vinyl Luxe Lacquers. I like taking a clear lip balm, if you'd like something within the Tom Ford brand I highly recommend the Men's Lip Balm, applying it all over the lips and I place a dot or two of the Vinyl Lip Lacquer in the center of my lips. Then I take my fingers and blend it all together. This gives me the same feeling and effect of the Soleil Lip Lacquers, except you actually customize your pigmentation. You can apply more or less color depending on your preference and you get the hydrating benefits of a balm! I can't really choose between the Luxe Lacquers and the original Lip Lacquers in the metallic, matte, and patent finishes because they're both exceptional! If really depends on if you're ok with sacrificing longevity for comfort. I love both formulas equally and it really depends on the day and the mood i'm in.


I am really enjoying these new lip colors very much! I think both finishes are beautiful and a delight to wear. I'm not crazy about the amount of transfer from the vinyl finish lacquers because I feel like I end up eating it more than showing it off on my lips. However, I love the pigmentation, finish, and creamy consistency on the lips. Like I stated before, I highly recommend blotting your lips after the initial application of the vinyl lip lacquers for a more natural finish and to remove all the excess lip color. The soft matte finish is something everyone can get on board with because it's much more forgiving than traditional matte liquid lipstick formulas and they're significantly more comfortable. Plus, the velvety finish looks so beautiful on the lips! Overall, I would say these are a winning lip product! You will have to carry them around to touch up but they're so luxurious looking you'll want to show them off! I say, grab a few shades in finish! You won't regret it! My top 3 shades of the ones I bought have to be Softcore (peachy-nude vinyl), Quiver (rosy-brown matte), and Jaguar (matte coral). I can see myself picking up more of the matte shades from this range because they're so lovely for everyday wear.

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