| Review | Tom Ford Soleil D'Hiver Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil D'Hiver Eye Color Quad

If you don't already have the holidays on your mind, you will now because Tom Ford's Winter Soleil Collection 2019 is here and it's packed with winter wonderful goodness! This palette, naturally (pun intended), is the most neutral and most popular product from the collection. Really, who can resist a good neutral palette? Packed with soft shimmering shades, this palette can take you from winter to summer with its versatile shade composition.

The Tom Ford Soleil D'Hiver Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This palette is housed in the classic quad compact design but is white, instead of the usual cognac color. This compact was only released one time before this season for the original White Suede Quad (full review here). The white packaging is classic for any of the Soleil Collections and it's by far, my favorite packaging. 


The shades in this palette are very balanced and when used together are almost a true nude palette. The shades all appear quite warm but they apply much cooler on the skin. 

Soft Gold Champagne (top left)- This shade is a soft gold-toned champagne shade with flecks of fine glitter throughout it. This shade is beautiful for adding an extra bit of sparkle to the center of the eyes and the glitter doesn't fall down throughout the day. While there is a gold-tone to this shadow, it is very subtle and when combined with the other shades, the warmth is often neutralized. 

Soft Peach (top right) - This very soft light peach shade offers just a touch of warmth in the crease or as a lid shade. This shade has a very fine golden shimmer running throughout it but it is quite subtle. This shade offers a very soft shimmer finish.

Tan Taupe (bottom left) - This light taupe shade looks very nude and natural on my medium skin tone. It is more of a champagne taupe shade that is quite unique and beautiful. It has a very silky sheen finish on the eyes. This shade is quite bright and metallic on the eyes. It has a very reflective shine but has no visible shimmer particles. 

Bronze (bottom right) - This bronze shade appears much warmer in the pan than it applies. On the eyes, the bronze shade has a cooler tone, leaning almost-taupe. This shade adds a lot of depth to the look without looking too dark.


The formula is the ever-popular gel-powder eyeshadow formula, which can be used dry or wet. This gelee formula is popular for it's soft and silky texture. It radiates a soft luminosity, which is only intensified by using the shadows wet. When used wet, these eyeshadow give off a more metallic finish and the payoff is even stronger. These eyeshadows effortlessly glide onto the eyelids and blend beautifully. It's honestly very rare that these eyeshadows don't apply beautifully but it does happen. 

Fortunately, this palette is incredible all around! All the shadows have a delightfully smooth and silky texture. They apply on the lids evenly and they're all very pigmented. The eyeshadows blend out like a dream but they don't get muddy on the eyes as you wear them throughout the day. This formula has an incredible staying power and the colors stay vibrant throughout the day. The shades don't get muddy throughout the day and fade until long after 8 hours. You don't need an eyeshadow primer to get the vibrant and long-wearing color but it does help. 

While the shadows are all the same texture and finish, when used together there is no lack of dimension or depth thanks to the rich pigment. The fine pearly finish of these eyeshadows is sophisticated and compliments all ages. You can even get a completely different look by using the eyeshadows wet or pairing them with eyeshadows of other finishes. 


For this look, I placed the eyeshadows in a halo or tulip placement with the deepest shade in the inner and outer corners of the eye. So, I started with the Soft Peach in the inner and out crease as a transition shade. Then, I placed the Bronze shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. For the pop in the center, I used the Tan Taupe shade and just a tiny pop of the Soft Gold Champagne on the very center of the lid. This palette offers a very wearable soft smokey nude look that is perfect for everyday wear or a night out.


Of the three palettes released for Winter 2019, this one is by far my favorite and the one I recommend. Not only because of the beautiful neutral shades but because the quality of all the shades is significantly higher than the other quads from this collection. All the shades apply evenly and blend out beautifully. They're all so pigmented and easy to work with. I also find these shades to particularly unique because while they appear warm, they apply quite cool on the skin. They are just very well balanced shade and the palette overall is just very well balanced. It is a very true nude palette, with the shades being almost perfectly neutral but leaning a bit on the cool side. This palette also contains shades I haven't seen Tom Ford come out with yet and trust me, I've pretty much seen them all! This palette will work for many skin tones and it's so versatile, from a natural everyday look to an extra glamourous smokey eye, you will get a lot of use out of this palette. I highly recommend snatching this palette up as soon as possible because this one is going fast and for good reasons! 

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