| Loves | February 2018 Favorites

| Loves | February 2018 Favorites

February was a short month but there's no shortage of beauty favorites! New skincare, new makeup, and new fragrances! I getting ready to head into spring with all the new spring beauty that has come out but it's became suddenly chilly out here in California, so I am still treating my skin like it is winter. Hope you all had a fantastic month and I can't wait for spring to begin! Let me know your favorites in the comments and connect with me on Instagram!


AveSeena HoneyActive Mask - This mask has a fragrance that is so delicious, you'll be tempted to eat it. It's fragrance is therapeutic and so luxurious. Its thick and rich honey-texture helps detoxify and remove dirt and makeup from clogged pores. The fine bits of clay create a gritty texture to gently exfoliate the skin and the fruit extracts help brighten the complexion. This mask contains high quality natural ingredients and can be use in so many different ways! Check out my full review to see all the ways this mask can be used and the benefits!

Elemis Superfood Skincare - Like a juice cleanse for your skin, this vitamin and nutrient packed skincare range is going to make your skin look and feel so healthy! While many skincare ranges are targeted to a skin type or concern, this range is targeted toward healthy skin for all skin types and ages! If you are looking to get your skin in a healthy and happy state, you need to read my review here.

Kaplan MD Super Set Skincare - Since we are on the topic of healthy skin, this kit from Kaplan MD is an exceptional detox for your post-workout or whenever you need a good skin dextoxing. The clay based cleanser with fruit enzymes helps gently exfoliate and brighten the skin, leaving it glowing and fresh! The refreshing and hydrating facial spray is the perfect post-workout skin treat! 


Burberry Fresh Glow - Like in January, I am back into my glowing primers and this month I have been hooked on this one! Check out which glowing primer I loved in January here and it's review here. This product is a classic in the Burberry line and something that will forever remain in my collection. It offers such a beautiful, soft, and healthy glow! It has a gel texture and creates a nice hydrating base for my makeup. It is so versatile, making a great primer or illuminator for the skin! See swatches and read my full review here.

Clarins SOS Priner in Universal Light - In theme with my glowing primer craze, this primer has been living on my vanity next to the Burberry Fresh Glow. Its fresh white pearl brightens my complexion and adds the most beautiful natural glow underneath my foundation! The balmy texture is hydrating and texture-smoothing. This primer has become a quick favorite in my extensive glowing primer collection! Check out my full review here.

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette in Soleil D'Ambre - I have used this palette SO MUCH! I think I've used this palette more than any of my other Eye and Cheek Palettes. The colors are just so beautiful and versatile. They're incredibly pigmented but still very easy to blend and work with. The highlighter is the MVP of this palette and gives me the most insane and intense glow! I can't stop using it and I think I might run out of it first! Check out my full review, swatches, and comparison swatches to the Pink Glow palette here.

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette in Violet Argente - Some of you may have noticed I have been really into a soft and romantic kind of look lately, so I have been really gravitating towards the shades in this palette. The soft mauve blush is perfect for the eyes and cheeks! I've been loving these blush tones lately and I know they will be really beautiful for spring!

Colorscience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF35 - This treatment corrector is comparable to the YSL Touche Eclat but with SPF 35! It's lightweight and has a creamy gel texture. It blends into the skin seamlessly and has enough pigment to cover up my darkness. Plus the peach color helps correct darkness to prevent an ashy look under the eyes. I love the SPF because it helps protect my undereyes! I never really think to use SPF under my eyes, especially because some sunscreens cause irritation and water eyes. I love that this product is a triple treat and treats, corrects, and protects the eyes! I haven't used anything else since I received it in mid-January. .

Kokie Cosmetics "Bare It All" Eyeshadow Palette - I have to say this drugstore eyeshadow palette has really blown me away! The shadows have a really nice pigmentation and their texture is very blendable. These shadows are very smooth and are so easy to use. The palette has a great mix of neutral shades, leaning slightly cool but the colors can work for anyone! Its very compact and has a great mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. Its so versatile and you can create so many different looks using this palette. I have been reaching for it daily and sometimes incorporating other shadows but mostly just using the palette alone.

Kokie Cosmetics Eyeliner in Bronze - In combination with the eyeshadow palette, I am addicted to this ultra-creamy waterproof eyeliner! It glides on so easily and beautifully but sets and stays in place all day long! The color is the most stunning shimmering taupe-bronze! I love it on my lower lashline and waterline for just a bit of definition and sparkle.

Kokie Cosmetics Strobe Light Stick in Bronzed - I have been using the glowing bronze stick so much! I believe it is meant to be a highlighter but on my skin tone, it is a great bronzer/blush shade! It is very creamy but after it sets really stays in place! The shimmer is very fine and more of glow, so it can work all over as a bronzer. This might be a bit too shimmery for some people but I think it offers a great glow! The stick is so convenient and fast to use in the mornings for a touch of color. Check out my swatches and rave review here.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl - Its been a while since I have used a gloss but I keep reaching for these because they are so balmy and beautiful! I don't often wear ed lips but this red gloss is so easy to wear and it's very pigmented! These glosses are so hydrating that long after the color has worn off, my lips still feel very hydrated, soft, and smooth!

Tom Ford Lips & Girls Lipstick in Joan and Katherine - These lipsticks have been in my bag for a little over a month and I have not stopped using them! Katherine is a warmer nude shade and Joan is a touch deeper with a slight pink tone. They are both stunning and natural looking nude shades. They pretty much go with any look and they are very creamy. Both lipsticks are quite pigmented and leave a slightly glossy finish to the lips. I love that this ultra-rich formula glides over the lips and disguises texture! If you can still find these shades, I highly recommend them!


Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc - The fresh fragrance of summer is here and I'm taking it all in! Similar to the original fragrance, it has a sweet coconut based and floral bouquet but this new take has a big burst of citrus that is so uplifting! This scent is much brighter and fresher than the original, making it perfect for everyday wear and for spring and summer! Learn more about all the notes and how it compares to the original here. Not familiar with the original? Read about my favorite fragrance here.

Lina Hanson Global Body Serum - This beautiful and natural body oil was sent by my dear friend Clare and it is such a luxurious treat! Immediately after my shower or bath, I lightly pat myself with a towel, leaving some water on my skin and apply the oil generously over my entire body. The water helps the oil move easily and absorb quickly into the skin. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated and it smells like a dream! It has a gorgeous vanilla-citrus scent that reminds me of a creamsicle! It's so soothing and relaxing! I love this luxurious oil, it is a beautiful skin treat!


  1. What a beautiful selection here, Liz! February certainly was a month of many exciting new launches and you reviewed them so well. Need that TF perfume!!

    Naya // www.partyparrotblog.com

    1. Thanks so much, Naya! You are too kind! Thank you for always reading and supporting my blog! Yes, you would love this new Eau de Soleil Blanc perfume! Its such a beautiful take on the original!