| Review | Clarins SOS Primer in Universal Light

| Review | Clarins SOS Primer in Universal Light 

Clarins recently came out with a wide range of correcting primers for all skin concerns and I couldn't be more excited to receive the illuminating one from Clarins and Octoly to try out! As you may have noticed, I have been on a bit of an illuminating primer bender lately and I have been writing reviews for many of them. Check some of them out .. here

The Clarins SOS Primer in Universal Light retails for $39.00 USD is available at Clarins, Nordstrom, Macy's and other retailers. The product is packaged in a sleek tube with a pump, which is travel friendly and easy to use. I love products with a pump because it makes it easy to control the amount of product being used. Each tube is color coordinated to the corrector color. The primer is available in 6 shades: 

00 Universal Light - Boosts Radiance 
01 Rose - Minimizes Signs of Fatigue
02 Peach - Blurs Imperfections 
03 Coral - Visible Minimizes Dark Spots 
04 Green - Diminishes Redness 
05 Lavender - Visibly Brightens Sallow Skin

These primers are intended to be used alone or together to spot treat areas of concern. For example, placing the green on your cheeks where you have redness, the rose under the eyes where you hae signs of fatigue, and coral where you have dark spots. This is a lot of work and realistically many of us would just use one for the entire face based on our concern. 

As a dry skin type, my biggest concern is dullness and radiance. I am on a constant search for the glowiest products on the market and this universal light primer is perfect for my needs. This primer has a very fine white pearl that brightens and illuminates any skin tone. It creates a very healthy and fresh glow to the skin. The light-reflecting pearls also help perfect the skin, so I feel really comfortable wearing just this primer with no base on top, if I choose. 

The texture is quite balmy and gel-like. It spreads very nicely across the skin leaving the skin feeling quite smooth. The product is lightly hydrating and even with my dry skin, I  can apply this over bare skin for a comfortable all day wear. The wear time of my makeup with this product on is 8+ hours! I applied my makeup at 6:30 am before work, some oil broke through around the 5 or 6 hour mark but it my makeup seemed pretty flawless until 8:30 pm when I got home from dinner! That's about 14 hours of wear time! That was a long day and my skin felt very comfortable. I highly recommend powdering your makeup, to reduce the shine and oil break through, throughout the day. I notice that with a light powder, the glow of the primer still really shines through and looks so natural! Even under a full-coverage base, the glow still shines through and gives such a healthy skin look! 

I have tried many glowing primers on the market and I have to say, this one is one of my favorites! The texture is refreshing and hydrating but still offers a smoothing and perfecting effect on the skin. My makeup lasts quite a long time and the glow is natural, yet shines through even with full coverage base products. I think the glow is just the perfect intensity without bordering on too strong and too frosty. I highly recommend this product for all skin types but particularly if you have a dry skin type and dull complexion. It really is an everyday makeup game-changer! 

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