| Review | Elemis Superfood Skincare

| Review | Elemis Superfood Skincare 

The latest addition to the Elemis line is Superfood for your skin! Let's be honest here, I wish I could say I'm consuming my daily serving of kale and quinoa but the truth is I'm more likely surviving off of coffee and ramen. While I know we all strive to eat healthy and maintain a healthy routine, the truth is it's not realistic to expect everyone to be perfect when it comes to maintain a healthy routine. Elemis has designed a means of consuming all the nutrients from Superfoods through your skin, so you can always have a healthy glow, even if you aren't being the healthiest every day. This collection is all about healthy skin and isn't targeted toward any specific skin type or concern, amking perfect for everyone! Thank you Elemis for kindly sending over these products!  

Think about this line as "juice cleanse" for your skin. Like a fresh shot of wheat grass juice, this Superfood line has a high concentration of nutrients packed into your skincare. To promote a healthy skin barrier and healthy skin over time.

This latest collection contains 4 products: 

The Elemis Superfood Facial Wash retails for $25.00 USD for 150ml and is available at Elemis. This cleanser is a great value for the price! It comes with so much product! This gel cleanser lightly foams and is very gentle but very effective. I find I don't need very much to get my entire face very clean and it removes makeup very well. It still use my Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (full review here) before hand to remove most of my makeup first. It has a fresh, herbaceous, and slightly grassy fragrance that is very refreshing and reminiscent of "green juice". The cleansing gel has a green coloring and looks very much like juiced vegetables. It feels very refreshing and afterwards, my skin feels very soft, clean, and hydrated. There is a noticeable glow to my complexion after using this cleanser! I think this cleanser is perfect for all skin types because it doesn't strip or control the oils on the skin and it cleanses the skin very gently. I really enjoy Elemis cleansers because most of them work for pretty much all skin types. You can see my reviews of their Biotec Energising Cleanser here and their Gentle Foaming Facial Wash here.

The key nutrients in this cleanser include Supergreen Complex of Wheatgrass, Kale, and Nettle with minerals and vitamins to promotes a healthy glow. I really notice a glow after using this product and the more I work the product into my skin, the more glow I see!

There are Superfood Lipids from Broccoli seed, Avacado, and Pumpkin Seed Oils combined with a Prebiotic, which is actually food for the good bacteria on your skin. This Pre-biotic actually helps reduce irritation and maintains the health of the bacteria that care for your skin cells. In turn, this keeps our skin healthy and in good condition, promoting a good looking complexion. The rich combination of oils packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, maintains moisture and provides a heavy does of nutrients into the skin while cleansing it.

The Elemis Superfood Facial Oil retails for $55.00 USD for 15ml and is available at Elemis. This oil is intended to be used almost as a serum. Prior to applying the Superfood Night Cream, you take a couple drops of this facial oil and press it into your skin. It is very hydrating and feels rich but not overwhelming and heavy. As someone is dry skin, I love facial oils and often combine them with my night creams for a little extra hydration boost. Of course depending on your skin type, you can use it on it's own as a night treatment. This oil is packed full of Superfood nutrients and provides my skin with so much hydration!

With omega-rich Broccoli, Flax Seed, and Daikon Radish it helps repair, plump, and smooth the skin. These oils help retain moisture, as well as, provide moisture! In the morning your skin will feel insanely plump and hydrated! The radiance it give your skin is beyond beautiful and it just makes you skin look extremely healthy! What is nice about this oil is that is very hydrating and potent but absorbs quickly and leaves little oily residue on the skin. A few drops is enough cover the entire face and it is meant to be used as a skin booster or serum before the Superfood Night Cream.

The Elemis Superfood Night Cream retails for $55.00 USD and is available at Elemis. The moisturizer is packaged in a sleek light green tube with a pump flushed into the top. Very similar to their Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir (full review here) packaging but larger. It looks very luxurious and chic. The pump deposits a small amount at a time, I typically use about two pumps for my whole face and neck. This night cream has a rich feeling but a light and slightly balmy texture. The color is a light creamy green that almost looks like blended avocado. It glides onto the skin very smooth and creamy but absorbs quite quickly. It works very well alone, providing moisture and repair for the skin but can be boosted and enhanced by the Superfood Oil.

This Night Cream contains the Supergrain complex that treats and replenishes the skin's barrier. Again, the theme of this collection is treating an nourishing the barrier for healthy and glowing skin. This cream also contains a Pre-Biotic to feed the bacteria that protects your skin barrier, promoting healthy and glowing skin! You skin barrier is what let's the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out of your skin.  It is extremely important to keep this healthy to keep your overall skin healthy!

The Elemis Superfood Day Cream retails for $45.00 USD for 50ml and is available at Elemis. It is packaged in the exact same tube as the Nigh Cream, only it is a lighter sahde of green. It is a very lightweight pale green cream that has a very fresh and grassy scent. It absorbs instantly into the skin and makes my skin look very fresh. It provides the perfect amount of moisture without any excess, which makes it perfect for priming before makeup application. The cream is very refreshing and makes my skin very soft, plus it adds a bit of a glow.

What I have discovered from using the collection of skincare is that treating and nourishing the skin barrier is very important! The skin barrier is very delicate and can be thrown off balance very easily.  Using the wrong products can throw your pH off, which in turn causes your skin to react by over producing oils and causing breakouts or under-producing oils leaving the skin dry and cracked, susceptible to damage. The Pre-biotics and vitamins contained in this line maintain the health of your skin through providing the right kind of nutrients for the skin and for the bacteria that help protect you skin! What I love most about this line is that it is not targeted to a specific type of skin type but it is targeted for healthy skin in general! Everyone and anyone, regardless of age and skin type, needs healthy skin and this line strives to give you that! All the products feel extremely nourishing and it really has improved the health of my skin! Usually, after a weekend of consuming junk, my skin tends to react horribly. Either it breaks out or becomes extremely dry from dehydration and lack of nutrients but this line keeps my skin in perfect balance. Maintaining healthy and glowing skin, even when I'm not treating my body the best. This isn't to day you should eat junk and you will still achieve amazing skin because that will never be the case, but you can still indulge and your skin won't react so extremely, as it normally would!

I highly recommend this line for all skin types and ages because there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve healthy skin! Healthy skin and a healthy skin barrier is key to maintaining glowing and youthful skin! If you ever want a starting point for starting an Elemis skincare routine, this is it! This line is incredibly potent but isn't targeted for a specific skin type or condition. This skincare collection is something I use daily and default to if my skin is ever having a poor reaction, either to some new beauty products or to what I am putting in my body, it brings my skin back into balance and promotes the healthiest skin!

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  1. I just ordered the oil yesterday and I can't wait to get my order! The night cream sounds amazing too! Definitely next on my list! I am currently using an Antipodes one full of yumminess!

    1. You're going to love the oil! Its so wonderful! I've never tried Antipodes before but I will definitely check them out! Thanks for reading, Lyna!