| Loves | January 2018 Favorites

| Loves | January 2018 Favorites 

I'm going to attempt to do my favorites every month for 2018 but we will see how it goes. The beginning of the year was a bit crazy with work and things to do. My skin has been suffering a bit from overindulging from the holidays and the winter weather. I am in the process of reorganizing my makeup, I have rediscovered some amazing products! Here is what I have been loving this month and I hope you enjoy this post!


REN Glycolic Lactic Mask - My skin has been lacking it's luster this month but this mask always seems to bring it back to life. It helps shed all the dead cells and even adds a little moisture back into my skin. My skin always feels ultra soft and smooth after this treatment, like brand new baby skin! 

Lancer Sheet Mask - I used this product for the first time right before my company party and it made my skin look and feel so good! It is a very saturated sheet mask with a very soothing and cooling sensation. It has the scent of roses and it seems to tone and tighten my skin, as well as provide a ton of moisture. My skin looked very bright and refreshed after using it for about 30 minutes. It was plump and smooth, ready for my makeup application! 

Elemis Biotec Collection - If your skin is looking dull and lifeless, it's time to switch up your routine. This Biotec collection is not only anti-aging but is designed to recharge and re-energize the skin to replenish the glow in your skin! You will see an instant difference in your skin as you work the cleanser into your skin The day and night creams are ultra nourishing to help firm and tighten the skin. Read my full review and run-down on this collection here.

Enzo Lazlo Cleansing Bar - This black face bar is detoxifying but still very gentle! It removes and cleanses all dirt and reminiscences of makeup, making my skin feel very clean but not stripped of moisture. My skin feels very soft and clean afterwards and a little goes a very long way. This product is great for all skin types but especially if your skin is feel congested. I didn't think I would be a fan of the bar soap style but you really don't need much to get the job done and it is a lot less messy than I had anticipated.

Stacked Skincare Dermaroller - Since being introduced to this device, I haven't stopped using it! The roller helps penetrate all your skincare deep into the skin and makes your routine highly effective! I have seen a significant improvement in my skin's overall health and appearance. More glow, softer texture, and smoother appearance, this product is truly a skin game-changer! Check out my full review here.

Dr. Roebuck's Bondi Facial Spray - I love facial spray because not only are they refreshing but assist in providing extra hydration and absorption of the rest of your skincare. I have been using this product religiously as a skin prep product and it really helps my serum penetrate into my skin and leaves it feeling very refreshed. It has a great fragrance that is fresh and very subtly beachy and floral. Plus it has all natural ingredients and is so good for your skin! (You can get 15% OFF your order with code: PRETTYISMY15)

Dr. Roebuck's Hydrating Serum - With the unusual winter weather we often have on the West Coast  my skin can go to fairly normal to super dry in a matter of hours, this serum is packed full of natural and nourishing ingredients to get my skin back into balance and hydrate it. It has a more viscous texture, like a gel, and it absorbs beautifully into the skin. I love to use this after I use my facial spray and then follow up with my dermaroller. (You can get 15% OFF your order with code: PRETTYISMY15)

Elemis Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir - My new skin routine is to "double-serum", like a "double-cleanse" it involves two products. I start with my first serum, then use my dermaroller until the product is full absorbed into my skin, finally I follow up with this serum and moisturizer. This routine leaves my skin feeling so hydrated, soft, and smooth. It also makes my skin look extra radiant and plump! This serum is a serum-oil and it is packed with potent anti-aging ingredients, plus the oil hydrated and makes my skin glow. Check out my full review here.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum - This is probably my favorite and most used shade from my Tom Ford cream shadow collection. It is a light silvery-taupe shade that will compliment all skin tones and the formula is so creamy and easy to use. It is a gel texture that glides on, it is pigmented, and it gives a "glossy" look to the lid without the gloss! This has been my go-to when I am running late or want an easy look because it is the perfect one-shade look. When you blend it into the crease and outwards, it creates a beautiful natural gradient! 

Armani Smokey Eye Tints - This product is a lazy-girl's dream product! It is so quick and easy to apply all-over the lid and it blends like a dream! I've been using these daily as a one color shadow look and applying my liner on top. It is very long wearing and the natural matte finish looks so soft and beautiful on the eyes.

Ardency Inn Punker Liner - I don't know what has gotten into me lately but I've been obsessed with a thick cat-liner! I have actually received several compliments on my eyeliner lately and I have to attribute it to this liner pen! It has a fine brush tip that is saturated and so easy to use! The liner is ultra-black and it flows very evenly onto the lids. It has a glossy finish that is very fun and cool but it doesn't flake off throughout the day. I really love this formula and applicator, if you have trouble with your kitten flicks this one is so easy to control and get the perfect flick!

Tom Ford Stick Foundation - This is an old favorite that I consistently go back to because it is so good! This creamy stick foundation has a medium to full coverage and has a slightly glowy satin finish. I was always turned-off by stick foundation because I thought they were all dry and heavy, making my dry skin look textured and old. This foundation leaves such a beautiful natural finish but it still can be built to full coverage. Plus it is so travel-friendly and great for when you don't have a lot of time. I just draw this on and blend all-over, if I want a sheerer coverage or I blend just the edges of where I place the foundation for a fuller coverage.

Geri G. GLOW Moisturizing Skin Illuminizer - This 4-in-1 product can be used as an illuminator, moisturizer, primer, and mixer (into other products)! The beautiful and natural subtle golden glow gives any skin tone a healthy and fresh look. Plus did I mention its natural, organic, and has skin nourishing ingredients? This product is a quadruple threat and makes my skin look so glowy! It has been an essential this month with the colder weather and it will continue to be an essential in my collection! Read my in-depth review and check out the swatches here.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber - Again, makeup in stick and pen forms means fast and easy application. This Matchstick is the only product I own from the Fenty line and I use it pretty frequently. I'm not huge into contouring ( I used to be) but I wanted an easy means of doing it everyday without looking too overdone. I love this shade because it is light and subtle on my skin tone but still adds structure to my face! The product has the perfect texture where it is blendable but not too emollient. Although not a very exciting product. it has been incorporated into my daily routine lately. I draw on the contour precisely and use my bronzer to blend out the product, creating a natural and beautifully sculpted look.

Chanel Soleil Bronze de Chanel (Bronze Universal) - With my contour stick, I have been using this cream bronzer to blend the edges, adding warmth and creating a natural gradient onto my skin. This bronzer helps my contour look more natural and it adds just the perfect amount of warmth without making me look orange. The texture is very creamy but adheres well to the skin because it is a gel-cream formula. I have been using this product for years and I love it (as you can probably tell from the big gouge in my product)!

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheeks - This product gives your skin such a glowing and healthy look! The product remains glossy and fresh on the skin, giving my winter skin much needed life back into it. It is a quick and easy skin pick me up for my busy mornings. You can probably tell the theme of this month is "quick and easy" and this product is certainly a go-to for this theme. Read my full review on these beauties here.

Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator in Glazed - This gleaming jelly creates the most ethereal and sunlit glow! The texture is very fun and easy to use.  The finish is gleaming and can be subtle or built to be intense.  The pigmentation is amazing on this gel formula, it is unlike any highlighter I have every used before! Truly innovative and a beautiful addition to anyone's collection! Check out my full review here.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand - I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this product, if you haven't read my review on this, you need to, here. This cream highlighter sets to a glossy champagne sheen, that is absolutely stunning! It doesn't feel wet or sticky on the skin but offers an intense glow. It can be built up to be very pigmented but it remains very natural and doesn't have texture-emphasizing shimmer in it. The shade is very universal and gives a wet effect without the annoying texture! I would be devastated if this product was to ever be discontinued, it has become a staple in my collection and everyday routine!


Smith and Cult Nail Polish in "Dark Like Me" - While I'm not a nail-polish-person and certainly not a dark-nail-polish-person, this polish was love at first application! I really didn't think I'd like this shade at all but after wearing it for a week, my nails looked so chic and, well for lack of a better word, polished! I received compliments about how the color really complimented my skin tone and my style. The formula is very opaque and applies very smooth. The even application gives even the most nail polished challenged (myself), a beautifully clean manicure! The bottle is as luxurious as the formula and it has a beautiful shine to it, even without a top coat!


  1. Loving your picks here Liz! I also love Dark Like Me, must be my number one Smith & Cult nail polish. Great post xx

    Naya // www.partyparrotblog.com