| Fragrance Overview | Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Collection

| Fragrance Overview | Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Collection

While I have had this fragrance for a while and it happens to be my absolute favorite fragrance ever, I haven't written out my thoughts on it, until now. Being a long-time favorite of mine, I have accumulated several variations of this scent, in various forms. So I thought I'd provide a little comparison and insight on the different formulations and which may work best for your fragrance preference.

*Keep in mind, like all my fragrance overviews, this isn't necessarily a review. I am not a fragrance expert, I'm just sharing my thoughts and opinions on the fragrance. I do conduct some research on ingredients and fragrance notes to help describe the fragrance to the best of my ability. 


First let's take a look at the original fragrance in the Private Blend Collection. This fragrance collection is known for its intensity, rarity, and unique formulation. The ingredients procured for each of these fragrances is rare and expensive. They are exceptionally crafted to give a complex, rich, and luxurious experience to the wearer. Fragrances are one of Tom Ford's biggest passions and each fragrance is designed to transport you to a specific location, one that is dear to his heart. If you want to learn about the Private Blend Fragrances in depth, take a look at my experience at these Tom Ford Fragrance Events, here and here.  

The Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Private Blend Fragrance retails for $230.00 USD* for a 50ml and is available at Tom Ford, Beautylish, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and other retailers. The Private Blend Fragrances are also available in 100ml for $312 USD* and $595.00 USD* (*These prices may vary depending on the fragrance, example Fucking Fabulous retails for more, read full review here

Soleil Blanc is inspired by remote private islands and eternal summer escapes. If that description doesn't make you want to buy it, just wait until we get into the notes! This isn't your excessively sweet, overly coco-nutty, adolescent and generic island scent. Tom Ford creates each of his Private Blend Fragrances with so much poise and care, creating a complex fragrance that truly develops on the skin. If often find many fragrances to be very one-note and seem to smell exactly the same from the first spritz to the end of the day, if it makes it that long. These fragrances are truly complex because you will experience each layer and each note throughout the day.


Bergamot - This note adds freshness and citrus to the fragrance, unlike typical citrus in fragrances which tend to be acidic, this one is zesty and crisp. It brightens up the intense and woodier notes in the fragrance but also compliments those notes with its scent being strongly associated with Earl Grey tea. This note kind of stays in the background enhancing the other notes but not standing out as a strong note, it compliments the various floral notes in this fragrance.

Cardamom - This note adds depth to the overall experience with sweet and spicy notes that makes the fragrance complex but not overwhelmingly sweet because of the spice notes. Cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight, adding to the luxurious and expensive experience of the Private Blend Collection. The cardamom scent is subtle and balances the fragrance, so no one note is overwhelming.

Pink Pepper - This is not "peppercorn" the spice but rather a small berry-like fruit produced by an evergreeen tree. This ingredient adds brightness, freshness, and a light amount of a rosy floral note with a bit of fruitiness. Like the Bergamont, this ingredient helps add to the complexity of the fragrance but doesn't stand alone as a strong note. It helps balance amber notes, which are quite strong in this fragrance.

Pistachio - Sweet and nutty, you will definitely get notes of this familiar scent in this fragrance. It adds to the unique sweetness of this fragrance without making it reminiscent of a dessert.


Egyptian Jasmine - This soft and subtle floral scent adds to the beachy notes in this fragrance. This sweeter floral scent adds just a interesting touch of sweetness that makes this fragrance so unique. It would not be a Tom Ford fragrance if he did not procure his ingredients from an exotic land. While I'm sure Egyptian Jasmine smells similar to Jasmine procured from other regions, Tom Ford fragrances are about the luxury and rarity of the ingredients.

Tuberose - This floral note is prominent in this fragrance with fresh floral notes mixed with a creamy sweet and a bit musty earthiness. The interesting thing about this flower is while freshly bloomed with has a fresh floral scent but as it ripens it become increasingly close to a rotting scent. According to some sources I have read, the Victorians forbade young girls from inhaling the scent for fear they would have an orgasm! I feel the sexual nature of this flower and it's sexual past is why Tom Ford chose to incorporate it into his fragrance. Tom Ford fragrances are meant to exude a sexual feeling, hence his typically explicit advertising.

Ylang-Ylang - This flower is often grown in tropical conditions and has a delicate fruity floral fragrance with a hint of grassy freshness. It also has a warmth to the fragrance as the the fragrance develops. This tropical flower is the perfect addition to this summer and island inspired fragrance, it is clear in the strong notes that shine through.

Jasmine - Is known for its sensual, animal-like musk that is often described as being quite sexual. If you are familiar with Tom Ford's branding, it is all about being sexy, sexual, and bold. Choosing to use jasmine in his fragrance is not surprising. Jasmine is known for being one of the more masculine floral notes because of it's musky fragrance. Like the other floral notes included in the fragrance it is sweeter floral, complimenting the amber and coco de mer that are warm and quite sweet.


Amber - This note adds a lot of warmth and richness to the fragrance. It has strong sweet notes with a bit of a powdery finish that elicits feelings of coziness and warmth. The Amber "note" or "accord" (is a blend of notes that loose their individual identity and become a completely new scent) is often a combination of vanilla, benzoin (see below), and labdanum (another resin with a warm leathery scent). This fragrance accord comes through quite clearly in the sweetness of this perfume and it enhances the coconut notes but balances the spicy and fresh notes.

Tonka Bean - This ingredient is in many of Tom Ford's fragrances and it adds a lot of depth with it's earthy sweetness. It's notes are reminicent of vanilla, cherry, almond, and a bit of spice. This oriental note compliments the sweet and spicy notes of the fragrance while balancing the grassy notes.

Benzoin - Fragrance ingredients and their notes are a confusing realm for everyone. From what information I could gather online, Benzoin, typically is extracted from a 7 year-old Styrax tree, however many perfumers synthetically derive this scent in a lab. This fragrance uses actual Benzoin extract, which is actually extracted from the real tree. In typical Tom Ford fragrance making, he will of course includes many ingredients that are rare or difficult to procure. This ingredient sweetness, depth, and longevity to amber fragrances, which this fragrance contains. It's scent is reminiscent of vanilla and caramel with a pinch of cinnamon and it gives the fragrance warmth.

Coconut - One of the rarest ingredients in this fragrance is Coco de Mer, a very rare coconut only found on the remote islands of Praslin and Curieuse in the archipelago of Seychelles, off the coast of Africa. This coconut is only found on two islands in the entire world! It wouldn't be a Tom Ford fragrance without extremely rare and hard to procure ingredients. Local legends say that to produce a Coco de Mer, a male and female plant embrace each other on a stormy night. This cozy and warm coconut note is definitely something from a legend. This note is one of the strongest notes that makes this scent so rich and recognizable. This coconut note is not one that is in most common fragrances, which is typically sweet and confectionery but this one is more rich and nutty. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the fragrance but also a bit of freshness from the salty beachy notes. To me, this is one of the most prominent notes in the fragrance from the first spritz to the dry down.


My experience with this fragrance is the notes of citrus are not very prominent, they are there for the initial spray but after that, they hang out in the back brightening and adding freshness to the overall fragrance. The notes that are very clear to me are the notes of sweet floral and coconut, these notes tend linger the longest and are the stars of the fragrance. As it dries down, I find the amber plays a much larger roll, intermingling with the coco de mer and creating a sweet, sensual, and warm fragrance that adheres to the skin. It turns from a light and playful fragrance into a rich and sensual fragrance throughout the day. I find this fragrance very unique because it really develops in stages throughout the day and you can experience all the notes it has to offer.

While it costs as much as a ticket to a remote island, I think this fragrance is well-worth the price! I have long searched for a tropical fragrance that didn't remind me of a body spray I wore in the 7th grade. I adore the complex notes of coconut, mixed with floral, and a bit of sweetness and spice. It is such a balanced fragrance in which no one note is too overpowering. It really has transporting properties and takes me to memories of the beach, sun, and sand. For me, this is a fragrance I can wear year-round but I also happen to live in a location that is very much like a remote island year-round. The wear-time is quite decent for a "lighter" scent, it seems to last from 6 to 8+ hours. This fragrance won Best Women's Luxury Fragrance of the Year for 2017, which is no surprise because it is so popular and just smells beautiful on everyone! Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances are for the fragrance connoisseur and those who want people asking "What are you wearing?". Seriously, every time I wear a Tom Ford Fragrance, I get asked that question. It seems to never happen with other fragrances.

Due to its popularity, Tom Ford has released several *versions of the fragrance including:

*With these other variations of the fragrance, I find you don't get to experience the fragrance to the fullest because it lacks the longevity to experience the different notes as it develops on your skin. I find with these other forms, they tend to loose the complexity of the fragrance. 


While I adore body oils, this one is just ok. The fragrance doesn't last very long after absorption of the oil into the skin and the oil itself is not that hydrating. It is a nice luxurious experience, especially after a shower or bath but not a necessity. The plastic bottle isn't the most luxurious packaging and the product just pours out of a hole in the top and is a bit clumsy. I seem to get a fair amount of the oil dripping down the sides of my bottle. Not my favorite form of the fragrance but if you are looking for a luxurious and light body oil, it is a very nice option. 


While the standard body oil isn't my favorite, I really adore the shimmering version! This body oil is more appropriately and luxuriously packaged in a glass bottle with a gold spray top. The fragrance lasts about the same amount as the other oil however, I love having the shimmers on my skin for a special occasion. The shimmers are ultra-fine and have a beautiful reflective quality, making your skin look very healthy and almost like wet-glowing skin. Perfect for summer or a night out. it is something I will continue to keep in my collection. You know it is a good product when it was originally limited edition but because of popular demand, it is now a permanent addition to the line.


I don't own this product but I have applied it on my body in the store. It is a very nice oil that is released through an aerosol can. The spray is fine and leaves a light coating over skin that can easily be massaged into the skin for a healthy glowing finish. Being a dry oil, it doesn't provide much hydration but it also doesn't have as greasy of a feeling as the traditional body oils. The fragrance also does not last as long on the skin, only until absorption of the product, which is fairly quickly considering it is a dry oil. It does leave a beautiful sheen on the skin without the greasy finish which is very nice. This something I would consider purchasing.


I don't own this product because for the high price, I can't justify the light fragrance formula.  I love an intense fragrance that will last all day long and linger on my clothing. This light body spray is nice for those who can't handle heavy fragrances, like those prone to migraines, however just be aware that the fragrance will not last very long. From the reviews I have seen, some people are disappointed in the longevity of the body sprays but others really like it. It is really up to your preference.

EAU DE SOLEIL BLANC $122.00 USD Read my full review on this fragrance here.

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