| Review | Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Cream

| Review | Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Cream

Round two of the VB x Estee Lauder collaboration has come around and so have I. While, I didn't have much interest in the collection last year, despite being a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, I have heard so many good things about some of the previously released items that I caved and purchased some of the collection. 

The Morning Aura Illuminating Cream retails for $95.00 USD for 1.6oz and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This is a whopping amount for a illuminating moisturizer but it's not like I haven't spent the same amount on a very similar product. I'm talking about the Tom Ford Radiant Moisture Souffle, you can find my full review on it here. It is one of my favorite products from the Tom Ford line and has the same high price. I had heard so many amazing things about this product and I love anything that is illuminating and moisturizing! My skin is dry and it is always in need of a radiance boost and some nourishment. 

The Illuminating Cream is housed in a beautiful sleek, long gold tube with a pump. The bottle has some weight to it and the pump mechanism is flushed into the tube itself. The pump is easy to control so you can release the perfect amount for you. The tube is very sturdy, I have taken it traveling and I have even, unfortunately, dropped it a couple of times. I can't deny that this bottle looks so elegant and classy on my vanity. It definitely makes me smile every time I see it. 

There isn't a lot of information on the packaging on how this product is supposed to be used or what it's purpose is. From what I can tell from reviews, press articles, and retailer websites, this product is a 2-in-1 priming moisturizer with illuminating pearls in it. It is also supposed to have special skincare benefits but I don't know much about what those benefits are. 

The product looks like a pearly white cream with gold pearl to it but when applied onto the skin it basically becomes a clear glossy product. You can't see any shimmer particles but you can see the light reflecting off the product. When you apply it on the skin you get a very subtle and soft glow. The cream is lightly moisturizing, I find my dry skin wants a little more moisture so I always still apply moisturizer beforehand. It has the texture of something between a primer and moisturizer and it primes my skin very well for my base. I don't really notice any fragrance to the product as I'm applying it. While this product does do a very good job at prepping my skin for makeup, I don't notice any mind-blowing results from this product that other products cannot achieve. 

I actually like this product more as a highlighting cream! I use it on the high points of my face and it creates a very beautiful dewy look without looking too greasy. its very natural and beautiful. This is actually how Victoria Beckham likes to us this product, you can see her use it in her videos here. Sometimes I will also top it with the Modern Mercury Highlighter or place the Morning Aura over the Modern Mercury (also, part of this collection! Read my full review here) for some extra glow! I feel that this is a better use of this product because you can really see the beautiful texture and effect that this product provides. When applied as a primer, the product is covered up and doesn't offer as much of the same effect. The effect as a highlighting product is very beautiful and natural. It provides a glossy glow, without the tackiness and greasiness of a face gloss product. Honestly the more I use it like this, the more the product grows on me. I often find myself looking in the mirror midday and thinking, "My skin looks really good and it has a healthy glow!"

The one thing that is a little annoying about this product is that after a day or two without use, the dispenser gets clogged up with product that is drying, so it pumps out the dried part (which is wasted) and the new "fresh" product. This, I believe, is due to the packaging and partially the formula because I have had products, like concealers or foundations do this to their pumps but only after months without use. This product seems to dry a lot faster than other products, so put that into consideration of whether you want this product.

For the extremely high price tag, I feel that it doesn't make a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin as an all over priming product. It does no better than my favorite illuminating cream, the Tom Ford Moisture Souffle, which I have noticed a difference in the look of my makeup and the feel of my skin. While this has quickly become a fan favorite from this collection for two consecutive years, I feel like with the steep price tag, it really isn't worth it. It is an excellent product but I personally own too many products that give a very similar effect. However, I know many people who consider this product back-up worthy! There is another product that I like just as much as this product that provides the same functions of priming and highlighting for the same price, it also doesn't seem to have the same drying product issues as the Morning Aura. It is the Lancer Glowing Skin Perfector, it is quite similar in texture and formulation. Either way, both products have the same price tag so it will not be saving you any money, however if you are looking for a product that will be permanently on the market, this is an excellent option.

While I don't recommend this product because of the high price tag and only average results, I must be truthful by saying I do love the product and I have been using it daily as part of my routine, as a highlighter. I use along with the rest of the product from the collection. This collection really speaks to me because I have a very similar style and beauty philosophy as Victoria Beckham. Also, our skin tone coloring is quite similar so I feel the product really suit me. If you feel the same way as me about the collection as whole, you will really enjoy this product but don't expect it to perform miracles.

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