| Lists | The New Tom Ford Eye Quads Ranked

| Lists | The New Tom Ford Eye Quads Ranked

As many of you who follow this blog know, Tom Ford recently released 7 new Eye Quads and I have had several people ask me for recommendation on which to get. However, eyeshadows are extremely subjective. It depends so much on your makeup style and preferences. I pulled together this guide to the new palettes based on criteria that I believe to be important in my purchasing decision. This, of course, is only my opinion so please don't get offended if you're palette isn't ranked number one. Also, please read my reviews on each palette for a more comprehensive overview on each palette. This is simply a quick comparison and a cheat sheet for those who want a more higher level overview of the Tom Ford Palettes. 


I wanted to rank all the new quads based on the criteria of uniqueness, quality, and versatility because I feel like in this day and age, many of us want to spend our money on something that is high quality, versatile, but also unique. So many palettes look all the same and brands are constantly producing palettes with similar colors because of their popularity but if you're going to pay this much for a palette, you want it to be unique. Now when I speak of versatility, I don't mean how wearable the palette is, I mean how many different looks can you create with the four shades. I think quality is quite an obvious criteria but what I am judging for the most part is pigmentation and blendability. I also thought I'd throw in a bonus category, skill level, because I feel like some palettes are very intuitive with their formulation and shades, which work well for skill levels but some require more work or more advanced techniques in order for them to look good.


While I am ranking these from "worst" to be best, I don't actually believe any of these palettes are bad or of poor quality. I actually like them all very much and I find them all to have an exceptional quality and formula. However, in order to rank these palettes, I have to be a bit nit picky and point out the small differences in formula. That being said, let's get into the rankings, all shadows will be ranked on the three previously stated criteria from 1 to 5, one being the least unique, versatile, poorer quality and five being the most unique, versatile, best quality. 

7. Virgin Orchid (review here

Uniqueness: 2

The shades in this palette are lovely but aren't very unique, especially since the shades do get muddy. You can definitely find these shades in other brands. 

Versatility: 1 

While this palette is beautiful it falls to the bottom of the stack for me because the shades actually get muddy and it just becomes a overall taupe look, making it very one note and it really lacks versatility. No matter how you combine the shadows, the look always leans quite taupe. 

Quality: 4

Additionally, the pink is on the sheerer side and doesn't make much an impact on the overall look. However, the overall pigmentation and blendability is very good.

Skill Level: 1

You can't really mess up with this palette since the shades get muddy and end up fusing and blending together. The shades are quite similar in tone and texture so there isn't a lot of room to go wrong. 

6. Daydream (review here)

Uniqueness: 4

These shades are quite unique in finishes and colors, I haven't come across many palettes with this colors scheme or even individual shades quite like these. With the exception of probably the purple, which I have seen before, hence the ranking I gave it. The finishes I find particularly unique and beautiful. 

Versatility: 1

The shades are all very similar in tone with a strong purple/blue base, so you're not going to get a variety of looks out this palette. However, if you love these kind of shades, it creates a beautiful look.

Quality: 4

The quality of this palette is very good however, the lighter purple shade is on the sheerer side.It takes quite a lot of building up to get a vibrant finish, when used dry. The bonus is that this palette can be used wet or dry, so you can really switch up the intensity. The other shades are very pigmented and have a very intense finish and pigmentation.

Skill Level: 3

This one is one that can be more difficult to use because all the shades are so cool that it can be kind of tricky to use. However, at the same time all the shades are very cohesive and blend into each other beautifully and very easily. The colors compliment each other very well, just be careful about blending and placement because you don't want to look like you have a black eye.

5. Lepoard Sun (review here)

Uniqueness: 2

These shades don't really feel very unique. There are a lot of gold shades and golden palettes on the market. The addition of the rust and the brown aren't radically different from what you would expect of a gold shadow palette. While these shades are beautiful, you can certainly find them somewhere else. 

Versatility: 1

This quad is very one note, there are two gold shades and the two deeper shades have the same depth and intensity, so they don't build or add to each other. Instead, these two shades compete with one another. This palette gives you one look, regardless of your placement and it's a very golden look. There's nothing wrong with the shades themselves, but it would have been nice to see a wider range and difference among the shades, so you can achieve a more complex look with depth. 

Quality:  4

These shadows have a beautiful formula and pigmentation. They are all very vibrant and don't require much buildup to get a strong intensity. They blend out beautifully but the palette is very tonal, which is why I have to knock a point off. I want a little more variety in the shades, since there are only four to work with.

Skill Level: 3

I have very mixed feelings about this palette. With the lack of range in the shades, even a makeup artist will have a hard time creating a look with depth and complexity. However, I can see that maybe this will be easier for the everyday consumer to create a look because there isn't any really intense or super dark shade to be intimidated by. 

4. Supernouveau (review here)

Uniqueness: 2 

Come on, this is a pretty basic smokey eye palette as far as the shades go. Basic is not necessarily a bad thing, if you're going to be reaching for it often. The shades in this palette are beautiful and two of the shades are more nuanced and on the more complex side. 

Versatility: 3

This palette has a fair variety of shades that allows for a little versatility but in the end you're most likely going to end up with a smokey look. 

Quality: 4

With the exception of the black shade, all the shades have a smooth, blendable, and pigmented texture. The black is pigmented but not the blackest and it has a slightly drier texture.

Skill Level: 1

This palette is pretty straightforward as far as placement and colors. The shades mimic most smokey eye palettes and I think beginners to advanced individuals will enjoy using this palette. 

3. Pretty Baby (review here)

Uniqueness: 4

With the exception of the deep brown shade, this palette contains some very nuanced and unique shades with very interesting reflects. I find the glitter particularly unique and has the most complex mixture of a base shade and mutli-colored glitter. 

Versatility: 2 

The shades in this palette all have a very similar undertone and even with mixing up the placement of the shades, you get a very similar purple-toned smokey look.

Quality: 5

I think this palette has a beautiful formula. All the shades are very pigmented and even the glitter shade has a pigmentation and complexity to it. They all blend out beautifully and they don't get muddy when the shades are combined together.

Skill Level: 1

This palette borders on the fine line of colorful and neutral, which makes it a very easy palette to work with. The formula of these shadows is easy to work with and for the most part, the placement of the shades is written out for you but don't let that stunt your creativity because there are some fun ways to play with this palette. 

2. African Violet (review here)

Uniqueness: 3

The most unique shades in this palette are the Orange Coral, which is an insanely vibrant shade that is a unique coral shade. The purple is also fairly unique with a warm magenta undertone and fine blue shimmer. The neutral shades in the palette are not as unique but they do go well with the other shades in the palette.

Versatility: 4

I love the versatility of palette while maintaining it's wearability! With the addition of vibrant Purple and Orange, you really have a lot to play around with. Combined with the Copper and the Deep Bronze, you have a lot of versatility with the kind of looks you can create. You can go for a playful and colorful look or go for a more warm bronze look, or you can play up the Purple more. Depending on your placement, you can get many different looks, obviously all with some bronze tones but still very versatile.

Quality: 3

The most pigmented shade in the palette is the Orange Coral, which is incredibly bold and blends out beautifully. I had to knock down a few point because the glitter shade is very sheer and the Purple does require a bit of building up for full opacity. Overall, all the shades have a nice smooth application and texture.

Skill Level: 4

Color can be intimidating but this palette has a nice balance between bold and wearable. While not extremely difficult to create a look with this palette, I still think it takes a bit more skill to work with the bolder shades in the palette. 

1. Photosynthesex (review here)

Uniqueness: 4

With the exception of the duochrome green-brown shadow, the shades in this palette are pretty unique. This combination of these shades is really unique and I have yet to see a palette quite like it, making it pretty special in my book. 

Versatility: 5

This contrasting, yet complimenting, set of shades provides so much versatility in the kinds of looks you can create. You can really let your creativity shine through and play with the placement of these shade. You can go smokey, bold, natural. You really can play it up so many ways! 

Quality: 5

I found all these shades to be very pigmented, smooth, and blendable. I didn't have any fallout and the shadows lasted all day and stayed bold.

Skill Level: 5

This palette requires a more technique and finesse to make it flattering because the shades are such an unusual combination. Don't let the lack of neutral shades scare you from using this palette, these shades really work, just be creative.

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