| Review | Tom Ford Daydream Eyeshadow Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Daydream Eyeshadow Quad

I think the name of this quad perfect describes it. Dreamy cool tones of purples and blue with a touch of cloudy gray make this palette a true daydream! I don't remember the last time I felt this inspired by a palette like this one but something about these shades give off the coolest dreamy vibes. 

The Tom Ford Daydream Eyeshadow Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Nordstom and other retailers. This quad is a new and permanent addition to the Tom Ford shadow range. I really appreciate the addition of some colorful quads to the range. While in the past they have included some colorful quads, the are now discontinuing a few of them including Starry Night and Last Dance. Packaged in the classic Tom Ford magnetic cognac compact, this quad contains their very popular wet/dry formula made popular by quads like Honeymoon and Nude Dip. 

The baked gel-powder formula has become increasingly popular among many brands because of their blendable texture and intense color payoff. What I enjoy most about these new quads is the differences in finishes in the quads. In the past with Nude Dip and Honeymoon, the finishes are all quite similar and shimmery but I found with these new quads, there is a difference among some of the finishes of the shadows. This allows for so much more complexity and dimension. 

Let's take a look at the shades in this palette:

Swatched dry than wet. You can see in the wet swatches that the purple undertone or reflect in all the shades is stronger. 

Champagne Taupe (Top Left): This shade appears to be a shimmering champagne taupe shade however, it applies much lighter on the skin and not as taupe. It does have a very subtle and soft lavender reflect to it that compliments this very cool-toned palette. This is the most reflective and metallic shade in the palette and works very well as an inner corner highlight to brighten up the eyes. 

Soft Lavender (Top Right): This soft lavender purple shade looks quite vibrant in the pan but applies quite soft and sheer. The color intensity can be easily built up and the color layers very well. However, when applied sheer it can be a tiny bit patchy but adding a bit more shadow smooths out any patchiness very easily. This lavender shade has a very pink undertone to it, which is most noticeable when it is blended out. This shade has more of a satin finish, making it ideal as a crease color.

Steel Blue (Bottom Left): This deep steel blue shade is quite complex. It has purple reflects in it, which is most noticeable when blended into the Soft Lavender shade but alone on the eyes, it is a 
very gray-blue with a shimmering finish. This color does have a bit of fallout but I don't find it excessive or to be an issue. The shadow is very pigmented and blends very easily. This shade works very well as an eye liner shade wet or dry. I most often use it as the outer corner shade to smoke out my look. I find that this shade does fade throughout the day to more of a gray-charcoal shade and loses it's blue identity. This tends to happen with these blue steel shades. 

Silver Lilac (Bottom Right): This silvery lilac shade has a touch of a gray base and a strong silver shimmer running throughout it. It is the most shimmery shades of the palette but I didn't have any issues with fallout. This shade is a very wearable purple because of it's strong neutral tone, making it very universal for many skin tones. 


This palette is a kind of mixture of Starry Night (which is being discontinued) and Lilac Dream (from what I can tell is also discontinued). The new Daydream palette has similar inspired shades but they're not identical. The new wet/dry formula is a huge improvement upon these kind of shades. 

Swatches Left to Right: Daydream Blue, Starry Night Blue, Daydream Lilac, Lilac Dream Lilac, Daydream Taupe, Lilac Dream Taupe 

You can see that the Daydream Blue has a significantly better texture and pigmentation than the Starry Night. The Starry Night Blue has a horrible texture and a very patchy application that requires a lot of layering but they both have the same purple undertone. The Lilac shades are very different, the Daydream one is much more metallic and more silver. The Taupes are also quite different, the Daydream one is lighter and more reflective while the Lilac Dream one contains more taupe. 


For this look, I applied the Soft Lavender shade into my crease blending upward towards the brow bone. I took the Steel Blue shade and used in the outer corner and outer crease, blending it into the Soft Lavender. Then I took the Silver Lilac shade and applied to the center of lip toward the inner corner but leaving the inner corner bare. I finished with the Champagne Taupe in the inner corners. For the lower lashline, I applied the Soft Lavender all the way across to meet with the Champagne Taupe in the inner corner and I applied the Steel Blue closest to the lashine, only going half way. I placed a tiny bit of the Silver Lilac from where the blue ends to the Champagne Taupe. I used a navy blue eye liner on both the top lashline and the inner waterline. On my lips is the Tom Ford Naked Elixir Soleil Lip Lacquer (full review here).

Overall, the quality of the shadow is quite excellent. I have to say the Soft Lavender shade is probably the most difficult to work with because it is a bit sheerer and needs to be built up to prevent patchiness. The Steel Blue does produce a tiny bit of fallout but the other shades, I did not experience this issue. I really enjoy how cohesive these colors are and how you really can create many different kinds of looks with just these four shades. I also really appreciate that while this is quite a colorful quad, the shades are all a little muted so they are very wearable. These shades really do create a dreamy look, as implied by the name. I really appreciate the uniqueness of all the shades, they all contain very beautiful and subtle nuances. This palette does overall provide a very purple-toned eye look, hopefully that is what you're looking for. I did notice fading after 6 hours and I always use an eye primer. Maybe it was just my eye primer because I usually don't encounter this issue with these shadows but I have been using the same eye primer for a couple years now. Would I recommend this quad? Yes, I am very happy to have this quad. I love the quality and the shades. The shadows are easy to work with and use. I am a bit upset that they keep raising their prices but that's a rant for another day. If you are looking for a good cool-toned purple shadow palette, I think this one is beautiful. 

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