| Review | Tom Ford Leopard Sun Eye Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Leopard Sun Eye Quad 

Getting my hands on this palette was quite an ordeal because it is so popular! Probably because it's the most wearable color way of all the newly released palettes. I can see why so many people are drawn to this palette because these warm tones are universally flattering. If I'm being quite honest, this was the palette I was least excited for because the colors seemed so common and this kind of color combination isn't my style but everyone seemed to go crazy for it. So the real question is, is it worth the mania? 

The Tom Ford Leopard Sun Eye Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The price of these quads are getting annoyingly expensive but I have to say that quality of the new quads are better than their old shadow formula. This palette comes with two little applicators with sponge tips and one with a brush tip. These are usually less than useful however, in a pinch you can get your makeup done with these. 


Gold Glitter - This shadow is a very fine gold glitter that is on the sheerer side. It can be layered for more intensity but it still remains quite sheer. There are also a lot of yellow shimmers in this shadow. It creates this glistening effect on the eyes, which is very sophisticated and beautiful. It reminds me of a sheerer version of the gold shadow that was included in the Winter Soleil 2018 Eye and Cheek Palette (see the review here).

Goldenrod - This goldenrod shade is a lot more yellow on the eyes than it appears in the pan, especially because there is a fairly strong gold shimmer throughout the shadow. The shimmer is very fine but it does offer a strong glow on the eyes. This is the most pigmented shade in the entire palette and it applies very evenly. This would be a stunning shade for someone with a deep skin tone because it is so vibrant.

Rust - This shade is a medium toned rust with a neutral undertone and some fine rusty orange shimmer. The finish is closer to a satin, even though it does have noticeable shimmer. This neutral undertone makes it much more wearable that a vibrant and true rust red shade. This softer rust works very well with the very gold shades in the palette. When blended int these golden shades, you get an orange shade where they mix. I think this is the most unique shade in the palette.

Brown - This medium milk chocolate shade has fine bronze shimmer in it. This shade is also more of a satin finish with a soft shimmer. It is a very muted neutral brown. This shade helps dial down the intensity of the overall look. I don't think it's dark enough to add a ton of depth to the look but it's a nice eyeshadow.


With the exception of the glitter shade, all the shadows are very pigmented and blendable. The three non-glitter shadows have a very soft texture and they blend very seamlessly. All the shadows have some level of shimmer in it but they all vary, which makes the palette more dynamic and complex.


For this look, I used the Rust in the crease, blending up to the brow. I placed the Brown in the outer corner, blending into the outer crease. I placed the Goldenrod eyeshadow on my lid and I used the Gold Glitter on the inner corner and on the very center of my lid to blend the Goldenrod and the Brown together.


The problem I have with this palette is that the shades are too similar. You have essentially two gold shades of different texture and two warm medium tone shadows. The Rust and the Brown shade are very similar depth and tone. They both have a warm tone and they can be both used interchangeably. The Brown isn't deeper than the Rust, so when you use the brown to add more depth on top the Rust, it doesn't do very much. It kind of just blends into the Rust and doesn't add significantly more depth, like I'd like it to. Overall, the look feels very one-tone, it's very gold. I really think having two gold shade is too much, I would have liked to see another color. Maybe a lighter shade for highlighting or a much deeper shade to add more depth. While many people may love the very gold look, I think it lacks complexity. I'd like to see a wider variation in the shades in one palette. While the shades are beautiful, I don't believe that any of the shades are that unique. I have seen and I own similar shades from other brands. This one for me is personally, not a must-have but if you really love these kind of shade and you can see yourself reaching for this palette a lot, it has a great formula.

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  1. This is a pretty palette but I'd have to agree with your review after seeing the swatches. One darker shade would have really done it for me! The one shade is a bit too yellow for me but it looks pretty with the overall look. The only palette I have from the new collection is Supernouveau and I haven't tried it yet since I'll find it in my stocking on Christmas! =) SANTA GOT IT FOR ME.