| Review | Tom Ford African Violet Eye Quad

| Review | Tom Ford African Violet Eye Quad

I think Tom Ford is really nailing this launch of the new quads! All the shades are so flattering and each quad is so cohesive. Along with all of that, his naming convention is on point! He's always been very good at that but it has really come through in these new quads. This African Violet quad looks like the beautiful shades from a sunset on the savanna, although it is named after a flower. However, the only shade resembling the flower is the purple shade. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly appealing palette and it gives me some serious summer vibes!

The Tom Ford African Violet Eye Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. Like all the quads, this palette is packaged in a cognac and gold case with some little applicators included. I appreciate Tom Ford keeping their packaging the same and consistent, it makes it easy to store when you have multiple palettes. 


Purple (top left) - This shade is a subtle duochrome shade. It is primarily purple with a pink undertone and fine blue shimmer throughout it. It is a very complex shade and works very well with all the warm tones in this palette because the purple neutralizes the look when paired with such warm tones, while the pink undertone compliments and blends beautifully into the warm shades. This shadow is very smooth and pigmented with a soft sheen. While it is pigmented, it is not nearly as intimidating on the eyes as it looks in the pan. It has a medium pigment but can be built to be fully opaque.

Copper Glitter ( top right) - This copper glitter looks more copper and intense in the pan however, on the eyes, it appears much lighter, almost champagne. The glitter is extremely fine and has a similar texture to previously released quads. I find this glitter to be much more refined and sophisticated than the glitters from the past. This shadow is much lighter than I expected and seems to blend into the other shadows very easily. This is quite a sheer glitter shadow, even when built up, it has a sheer finish. 

Deep Bronze (bottom left) - This deep bronze has a warm undertone and fine bronze shimmer throughout. This shade is a bit drier but it isn't significantly drier in formula and doesn't affect the application of the shadow. This texture difference is only different when you are swatching the shade. This color adds a nice smokey touch to the whole palette and depth to the overall look, without going to dark. The bronze shimmer and tones work so well with the warmth of the other shades. 

Orange Coral (bottom right) - This shade is a vibrant orange-based coral and it is extremely pigmented! The shadow is incredibly soft and one dip into the palette, transfers a ton of product to the brush. The texture of the shadow is extremely smooth and blends out easily and flawlessly. I love the intensity of the pigment but the blendability of the shadow. While the shadow has a vibrancy, it also looks more neutral on the eyes at the same time. This has the best texture of all the shadows and it is my favorite of all the shadows. This shadow has satin finish with very fine gold shimmer throughout it but these shimmers don't really show up on the eyes. 


I have to say the formula of this palette is significantly improved from his old quads! All the shades have a beautiful smooth and blendable texture. They're all relatively pigmented, with the exception of the glitter shade however, these were never that pigmented. The glitter shade is very refined and more sophisticated than glitters from past palettes but quite sheer. Overall, all the shades work together very well and create very cohesive looks. The formula is extremely easy to work with and if you are a beginner with more colorful looks, this is a great one to experiment with because while there are some bolder shades in this palette, they are well balanced by the neutral shades. 


This palette to me, begs for a halo placement. For this look, I started with Orange Coral on the inner and outer crease and blended upward. I then placed the Purple on the inner and outer corners of the lid blending into the crease. For the center of this lid, I took the Copper Glitter and packed it on the center of the lid. To add just a touch of depth, I place just a bit of the Deep Bronze into the crease in the very outer and inner corners and lid. This is a very bold look for this palette but of course you can play down this palette by using more of the neutral shades. 

This palette remind me of a look I did earlier this year using Colourpop eyeshadows. This palette has very similar colors and works well with a "halo/tulip eyeshadow placement". Here is tutorial for a similar look using more affordable shadows. 


This palette has a really fun shade combination but it is still quite wearable! I love the addition of these brighter shades to the Tom Ford range. This palette is a refreshing and fun addition to the traditionally very muted Tom Ford line. This palette definitely channels summery warm tones and colors, which I personally love year-round! I think if you're getting into using more color, this is an ideal palette to start with because it has a nice balance between bold and wearable. The most vibrant shade is the Orange Coral but it can be used subtly and the Purple while bright, is a very wearable purple shade. This is easily one of my favorite palettes of the new ones released! The colors really vibe with me and I love the playful style of the palette. I find the color combination to be quite unique and the formula is easy to work with. 

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  1. What a fun color quad! And if it’s even better than past TF quads, then it must be amazing! Definitely will be checking this quad out in person first chance I get! xx Lisa @beautybemused