| Review | Tom Ford Supernouveau Eye Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Supernouveau Eye Quad 

He's bring smokey back...yeah... the other palettes don't know how to act...Ok, well, that's enough of my terrible Justin Timberlake Sexy Back paradoy. But really, Tom Ford is bringing smokey back with this new smokey eye palette. With the discontinuation of the Titanium Smoke Eye Quad, the brand needed a new smokey eye palette to add to the range. 

The Tom Ford Supernouveau Eye Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. These quads are housed in a very classic Tom Ford cognac and gold compact. This packaging has been around since the beginning of the brand. This packaging is classy and functional, so I hope it will stay around. It makes it easy to store when all your palettes are the same packaging and size. 


Golden Champagne - This golden champagne shade has a very smooth and soft texture. It has a nice glow to it without being too metallic. This shade adds just the perfect touch of warmth to the eyes by brightening up the inner corner or you could use it as a lid color for warmer toned smokey eye, instead of using the Silver-Gold shade. 

Silver-Gold - This unique silver-gold duochrome shade is quite unique. This shade has a soft silver base with a gold shimmer infused throughout it, it is a very pretty pewter shade. This is shade is the anchor that ties all the shades together because it is both warm and cool in property. The silver is soft and neutral, instead of leaning too cool, which is often not flattering for most people. With the addition of the gold shimmer, it adds a touch of glamour and more warmth to tie in with the Golden Champagne color. This is probably the most flattering silver shade I have every come across and it will flatter every skin tone. 

Taupe - This shade is a plummy-toned taupe that is soft and flattering on the eyes. This shade appears more plummy in the swatch but it is a bit more brown and neutral on the eyes. The color is very pigmented and blends out beautifully. It is the perfect transition and crease shade with a soft stain finish. The color is feminine and smokey. Additionally, the black blends very beautifully and seamlessly into this shade. While this palette is very basic, this shade is the one that really sold it for me because it is so beautiful. 

Black - This matte black is quite pigmented and it doesn't take a lot of product to get intensity and depth. The texture is a bit drier than some of the other mattes I have used from the brand but it still maintains a strong pigmentation and it still applies evenly. The black shadow blends out very nicely and never gets patchy. The shadow adheres very well to the eyes and I have experienced no fallout while using this shadow. I often find matte black shadows to be very tricky to formulate however, this one is a very good quality. It isn't the blackest black shadow I have ever used but it is still very pigmented and deep. It doesn't take a lot of effort to work with and because it isn't extremely black, it is much easier to build up and work with. 

This color way is much more universally flattering and easier to work with than Titanium Smoke, which leaned very cool and didn't have the best formula or texture. This is why I didn't bother picking up this quad even though it is being discontinued. While I love Tom Ford and I would love to collect everything, it just doesn't seem worth it just to have this palette in my collection if I wasn't going to use it, except for comparison purposes. Personally, I don't think anyone is missing out on the old Titanium Smoke Quad, the new formulas are so much better and richer. 

The variety of shades in this Supernouveau palette allows for a more complex look and allows for a wider variety of looks, whereas the Titanium Smoke quad gives you one kind of silver-black smokey eye. 


For this look, I used the Taupe in the crease and blended it up towards the brow. I smoked out the outer corner with the Black shadow, blending it into the outer crease. I applied the Silver-Gold on the middle of the lid blending toward the inner corner and finished the look with the Golden Champagne in the inner corner. I mimicked this placement on the lower lashline and rimmed my eyes in black eyeliner. 

For the look above, I used a glitter on top for a sparkling smokey eye.


I think the formula of this palette is very good. By far the best shade in terms of formula is the Taupe, which is the creamiest, most pigmented, and the most blendable. The silver-gold is also of great quality. It is very soft, blendable, and pigmented. The Black is very pigmented and easy to work with, which is important for a black shadow. Overall, it is a pretty solid eyeshadow palette and a very easy to use formula. It lasts all day without fading or getting muddy. 


I have to say, when I first purchased this palette I thought it was the most basic and boring palette that Tom Ford could ever some out with. However, after using it, I am very much in love with this palette. While it has very basic shades, some of the shades are nuanced and unique, Additionally, these basic colors are done very well. The formulas are easy to use and work with and the formulas blend beautifully. The colors all work very well together to create a variety of cohesive looks. If you're finding all the new quads too bold for your taste, this one is definitely for you. Really, anyone can wear these universally flattering shades.

This palette is also great as a complimenting palette to any, literally any, other palette or shadows you own. I really think that this palette is so sexy and feminine. It creates a true bombshell smokey eye with very litter effort. I really believe that Tom Ford brought smokey back! This palette is a fresh new take on a very traditional smokey eye palette that anyone can wear!

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  1. I AM SO GLAD I HAVE THIS ONE COMING SOON. OMG LIZ - it looks SO AMAZING on you! Gorgeous! I can't wait to play with this one! XXOOO