| Review | Tom Ford Photosynthesex Eye Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Photosynthesex Eye Quad

The sexiest chlorophyll-inspired palette has entered the market! For the cheeky geeky makeup lovers, the name just makes you smile and chuckle inside. The colors are definitely very appealing and embodies the sexy botanist vibe. Let's talk about how this palette measures up to the rest of the brand. 

The Tom Ford Photosynthesex Eye Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The packaging is very classic Tom Ford, lacquered cognac casing with gold detailing. All these quads come with sponge tip applicators and one with a little brush tip, however, I recommend using your own applicators and brushes. These included applicators are never that useful. 


Like I said, this palette is inspired by plants, particularly green plants who use photosynthesis. See the play on words? Oh Tom Ford, you're so cheeky... So let's talk about these very botanical shades. 

Mustard - This shade is a true mustard yellow, not like the American yellow mustard, which is just bright yellow but a muted dijon mustard color. I really didn't think I'd like this color but it really sold me when I applied it on the eyes! It is a much easier and more wearable form of yellow. It really compliments this whole palette and it's such a great fall eyeshadow shade. I think I'm going to start wearing mustard eyeshadow from now on. 

Green-Brown Duochrome - This green-brown duochrome is a very common shade. For some reason, every brand has to have their version of this color, which I like but I'm no longer impressed. This one has some blue reflects in it along with the green reflects. The base is a cool taupe-brown shade. It has a slightly dirty base. When blended out, it creates a nice taupe haze with subtle green and blue shimmers. It makes a good all over shade and a crease/blending shade. 

Burgundy Brown - This shade is a warm burgundy toned bronzed with bronze shimmer throughout it. This shade is very pigmented and adds a lot f depth to the look, particularly in the crease or outer corner. This shade pairs beautifully with the Mustard for a more neutral look. The plummy tone pairs so beautifully with the brown undertone of the duochrome shade. 

Gumby Green - There isn't a more appropriate description to this type of green shade than "Gumby Green". Gumby was a popular fictional clay-mation animated green man in the 90's. It is very nostalgic for me and this color just jumped out to me as, Gumby. Click here to see what he looks like. So this eyeshadow is a matte green with a very hint of teal tone to it. While it looks vibrant, it applies a little more muted on the eyes. It is a very pigmented and smooth shadow, that blends very well. I did find that you need to go back in an layer for more vibrancy but this is typical with matte shadows. It can be built up to be very pigmented and it always applies evenly. 

While this palette looks very intimidating, it's actually very wearable! The shades look very bold but when used together, they compliment and balance each other very well. This is the ultimate fall palette, the colors are just so earthy, bold, and slightly grungy. There are many ways you can play up or dial down this palette to work with your style. Don't be afraid of green, it can really punch up your look without looking over the top. This kind of color way has been really popular lately among many brands for fall. I am now convinced that this color way works after using this palette! The colors really go together so well and it is a bold and slightly grungy look that is really fun to play with!


For this look, I applied the Green-Brown Duochrome all over the eyes into the crease and blended the edges toward the brow. I used the Burgundy Brown to define my crease with a small crease brush. I applied the Gumby Green shade on the outer corner for definition, blending into the Burgundy Brown. Finally, I applied the Mustard shade in the inner third of the eye. I repeated the shades on teh lower lashline and finished with lashes. 


This is the most green palette that Tom Ford has ever come out with. There isn't a palette that really comes close to these shades from the brand. In the past we saw Sahara Haze, which is a very olive palette leaning quite neutral and dirty green. The closest palette to this one is Last Dance, which is now discontinued but while Last Dance contains a deep green and a dirty olive color, it is very different from this new quad. These palettes in the past lacked a true vibrant green and instead opted for more muted and wearable shades. It's nice to see Tom Ford expand outside of their usual comfort zone.


I think this palette has a lovely formula! The shades are all very pigmented and easy to use. They blend out very easily and they don't cause fallout. While there is only one matte shade in this palette, the duochrome shadow adds so much dimension that the lack of texture contrast doesn't affect the complexity of the palette. I found all the shades applied smoothly and evenly. They all blend very well into each other and blend out easily without much effort.


I honestly didn't think I would like this palette very much but after using it, I'm a convert! These shades not only work together, they can be played up so many ways! For a more natural look, you can just pair the Mustard shade and the Burgundy Brown shade. For a more subtle green-toned look, you can pair the Green-Brown Duochrome and the Burgundy Brown together. These are just a couple of examples but you really can mix these shades up in so many ways and place them in different ways. What I love about this palette is the combination of shades is quite unique. I love that the colors contrast one another but still also compliment each other so well. They work to create complex looks without getting muddy. The textures and finishes are a joy to work with and I must say, I feel this palette is the most unique of the recently released palettes. I highly recommend this palette even if you're not a huge green shadow-person because it is much more wearable than you think. It is a really fun way to play with color without going for a full-on bold color. I really love this palette and I really believe anyone willing to give it a chance will too. 

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