| Loves | June 2018 Favorites

| Loves | June 2018 Favorites 

June gloom.. it truly was thanks to the satanic monsters over at Instagram who changed the algorithm once again. So if you haven't been seeing my posts all month, you may want to try restarting your phone, sacrificing a a cute animal, and do a dance in the light of a full moon. Did it help? Oh, no? They probably just changed the algorithm again. Anyways all negativity aside, I'm happy to present to you my June favorites which is once again, quite makeup heavy but you can't really be that surprised. I'm ready for summer with these glowing favorites... are you?


Sheet Masks - This favorite is pretty generic because while I have a lot of sheet masks, I don't really use one consistently. I guess I need to find a favorite and buy it but these are such a delightful treat to completely refresh and renew the skin, especially after a rough week. I have actually been using these a bit differently because I have been wearing them to bed. It's not that uncomfortable, which is what you're probably thinking. I usually apply this an hour or so before I plan on falling a sleep. I watch TV in bed for an hour and then I just sleep in it. Usually in the middle of the night I find myself removing it, but my then my skin feels amazingly soft, supple, and nourished! In the morning my skin just looks and feels great, plus I don't feel like I wasted all the serum but only leaving it on for 15 minutes. My other option instead of leaving it on overnight is leaving it on for an hour or longer, I find I get the most dramatic results with my skin when I leave it on for as long as I can. These option are probably not for everyone but I like doing this about one a week or at least using a sheet mask once a week to refresh my skin.

CeraVe Makeup Removing Wipes - I admit that I am super lazy and when I get home, I usually just take all my makeup off with these wipes before working out. They are so gentle but effective and it gets the job done really quick. I am a huge fan of these makeup wipes and I am on my second pack of these!

Tatcha The Essence Plumping Skin Softner - I've had this essence for quite a while and I have been using very consistently the past few months. I love that it makes my skin feel super soft and supple! It's just packed with so many nutrients and my skin just drinks up this elixir and looks so healthy and renewed after using it! The essence is pricey but it has been the only one I have tried that I think is worth the price!

La Roche Posay Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water - This foaming cleanser has been living on my bathroom sink for the past few months. It is just so easy to use and it cleanses really well! It feels so refreshing and makes my skin feel very soft after using it. It also has a great fresh fragrance, I haven't stopped using this cleanser since April!

CeraVe Renewing Skincare Line - My skin did not react well to a product I was testing (read about it here), which is pretty rare but anytime that happens, I go back to my CeraVe products. These were developed by dermatologist for sensitive skin types and it always gets my skin back on track! This range makes my skin feel AMAZING and look AMAZING! It is the best affordable anti-aging range I have ever tried and my skin is so thankful for it! Check out my full review here.

Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com - The only thing own from Glossier but is so good it's starting to convince me I need to explore the brand more. I love using this in the evening and slathering on a healthy layer all over my lips. In the morning, my lips are ultra-smooth and soft! The delicious cake scent it just a bonus!

Nature Republic Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Cleansing Balm - I have actually been suing this product for over a year or so and I don't know why I haven't really spoken about it. It's a Korean skincare brand and this cleansing balm is highly effective for breaking down and melting away all makeup! It smells very fresh and I just scoop a bit out and rub it between my palms and massage it over my eyes and all over my face to completely remove all traces of makeup! It's really awesome and very affordable!

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Cleansing Water - Again, I have been using this for a long time and I love it! It is a very refreshing micellar water that remove everything without the greasiness! I loev it for removing my makeup or for goof ups while I'm doing my makeup. It feels very fresh and cool on the skin. Plus its a HUGE bottle for such a reasonable price!


This month I'm back on the lippie addiction and I have been loving so many fun new lip colors and formulas. I'm usually such an eyeshadow person, it's kind of weird that I have been wearing less on the eyes and embracing the fun lip colors. I have also been on a bit of a highlighter bender, I just can't help myself around highlighters... someone please help me!

RODIN olio lusso Illuminating Powder - This mermaid-embossed powder goes on just as dreamy as it looks! It has a very creamy and pigmented texture, that goes on the skin seamlessly! The color is a perfect balance of cool and warm tones. It really gives your skin a truly stunning summer glow and I can't get enough of it! Check out the swatches and my review here.

RODIN olio lusso Luxury Illuminating Liquid - This golden liquid drapes the skin in a beautiful soft golden veil, like a soft filter. The glow is so soft and fine, it doesn't emphasize texture on the skin. I love using it all over underneath my base for a really fresh glow. Check out my full review and swatches here

RODIN olio lusso Luxury Lip Oil - I have never been a huge fan of lip oils, until now! This lip oil has such a beautiful glossy and balmy texture. It actually moisturizes your lips, instead of just putting a film of oil on them! The color is a very sheer champagne but it looks undeniably gorgeous over a lip stain! I'm really obsessed with this formula and product, check out my full review and swatches here

Chantecaille La Sirena Bronzer | Highlighter Duo - This duo is a dream to use. It has an ultra-smooth and creamy texture and glides on to the skin effortlessly. The bronzer takes some building up but it applies so naturally and seamlessly on the skin. The highlighter is INCREDIBLE! It is a light golden shade that gives the most gorgeous gleam to the skin! It looks almost glossy the way it reflects and the powder is so finely milled, it just creates one solid beam of light and doesn't emphasize texture! Check out my full review here

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide - I haven't stopped using these all month! I was initially really worried I wouldn't like them based on the application method but after a couple uses, I really got used to it and the formula is phenomenal! The formula is so creamy, soft, and nourishing! It actually smooths out my lips, moisturizes them, and makes them look plumper! I am so impressed! Check out my full review and all the swatches here.

Givenchy Matte and Blur Primer Stick - This primer has made me get back into using primers again because it is so convenient and easy to use. I just swipe it all over and I'm ready for my base makeup! It really does blur and mattify the skin, leaving the skin poreless and velvety! It really helps my makeup stay on and keeps the oils around my nose at bay. This is truly an amazing primer, learn all about it here.  

Louboutin Loubilaque Lip Lacquers and Glosses - While they are incredibly expensive and I still don't think they are worth the exorbitant price, I have rediscovered my lacquers and have been using them quite regularly. Also, I took a risk with the new glosses which I love over my Tom Ford Extreme Lacquers, but other than that I can't justify the price. Price aside, I have been using them a lot this month, so I thought I should share. You can check out my review for the Lacquers here and my review for the Glosses here

Natasha Denona Mini Blush and Glow - I couldn't resist picking up this cute mini cheek duo! The duo comes with a very pretty blush that is pink with golden shimmer (similar to NARS orgasm Blush) and a stunning champagne highlighter! I love the highlighter much more than the blush and it has convinced me that I need the full size! 

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  1. Oh I am dying to try the new products from Chantecaille! I just got some of the Givenchy liquid lips. I need to try them and swatch them! Beautiful picks!!