| Review | Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide

| Review | Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide 

One of the things Givenchy really excels at is a matte lip formula. When I saw they were jumping on the matte liquid lip train, I couldn't be more excited! I have long struggled with the acceptance of matte lip trend purely because of the uncomfortable formulas but as of recently, many brands have realized the error in their ways and have actually come out with formulas that humans can actually wear! All joking aside, it's actually really refreshing to see these innovative new formulas that put comfort over trends. These Le Rouge Liquides were very kindly sent by Givenchy for review purposes.

The Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide retails for $37.00 USD and are available at Sephora and other retailers. These matte liquid lipsticks are marketed under the hashtag #itsnotwhatyouthink , which is really perfect because they are really not what you think they are! In more ways than the packaging! 

These Le Rouge Liquides are packaged in Givenchy's classic black leather lipstick sleeve but they are just slightly longer than the traditional lipstick tube. There are very few lipstick packages that measure up to luxury and quality of the Givenchy lip products. When you pull away the sleeve it reveals the lip product, which look deceivingly like a lipstick but remember #itsnotwhatyouthink. The applicator is a silicone and sponge tip that is shaped like a lipstick bullet. In the center there is hold where the product is released. At first glance I was a bit disappointed with the choice of twist up packaging. It reminded me of the 90's lip products that came in those twist up click tubes with the brush on the end that no matter how much you twisted, the product never came out until it exploded out of the pen like a volcano. Thankfully, we are now in the 21st century and the beauty industry has evolved greatly! These actually twist without the annoying clicking and the mechanism seems to slowly push the product up as you turn the tube. I was able to very easily control the amount released and even reverse it, if I felt I had pushed too much of the product out! I am very impressed with this packaging and the product release mechanism! 

The Le Rouge Liquides come in 14 different shades ranging from soft nudes to a deep burgundy. The shades I have are:

N°100 Nude Tweed - This creamy brown-beige nude shade is beautiful! The color is the perfect nude-brown, not too brown and not too light. It has a slightly rosy tone to it that makes it very wearable. It's that very modern 90's brown lip that would flatter most skin tones. 

N°101 Nude Cachemire - I guess you could call this shade a nude, it is one of the more nude shades in this range but it's actually a light peach with a hint of pink. It's a very soft and wearable shade. It's a great shade for spring and summer!

N°204 Fuchsia Angora -  This is a true fuchsia pink shade with a cool undertone. While it is bright, it isn't obnoxious or Barbie-like, it's a very sophisticated true pink shade. 

N°306 Orange Plumetis - This is a stunning coral shade that I am obsessed with! I love coral shades and this one isn't as orange as you would expect despite the name, it actually has a very strong pink base, which makes it incredibly wearable! It is a bright and vibrant shade that really brightens the complexion and looks great with a tan!  

N°308 Rouge Mohair - This shade is a slightly warmer pink that Fuchsia Angora, it really brightens and freshens up my medium-warm complexion. It is vibrant and has a just a pinch of coral.

N°309 L'Interdit - This is a true red shade that is pretty neutral, not leaning too cool or too warm. This classic red shade will compliment any skin tone and the formula makes it very easy to wear. 

N°411 Framboise Charmeuse - This is a deep berry shade with a strong magenta undertone, which I think makes the color very wearable. While it is a berry with that purple tone, the magenta underneath brightens the overall tone and freshens the complexion. 

N°412 Grenat Alpaga -  This is deep red wine shade, which looks quite intimidating but I find it very wearable. I think because the texture of these are so smoothing and creamy, they don't take much effort to pull off. 

The application for these shade is a bit unusual and it takes time to get used to. You also have to keep in mind that the way the applicator is built is meant to diffuse and apply the product softly. In fact, these Le Rouge Liquides are marketed as a "soft matte look". If you are looking for definition and crisp lines, it will be a bit difficult to achieve with this type of applicator but possible if you take the time. I recommend using a lip liner or taking a lip brush to get the very edges. I only use a lip liner for the deep shades, the one I really love for this is the Givenchy Lip Liner in Noir Revelateur, which appears black but is actually an universal and natural sheer plummy shade. It looks really beautiful for some subtle definition with the deeper shades and it helps with the longevity of the lip color Givenchy actually offers many shades in their lip liners and even a clear universal shade, I would recommend checking them out! They are of excellent quality! However, if you like a soft effortless lip color or even a ombre lip color, you will really love this product. 

I recommend twisting up a very small amount and building the color because as with all liquid lipsticks, things get messy fast. Also, because this color doesn't actually set, it has a fair amount of movement. So yes, these will not be transfer-proof however, they are long wearing! The wear time is very similar to traditional luxury lipsticks. I find the deeper shades to wear for 5-6+ hours depending on what and how often you may be eating and drinking. The lighter nude shades will last about 3-5 hours, again depending on our daily routine. 

The sponge tip applicator allows you to really work the product into the lips, pushing the color into the lips and in some cases, creating a stain. Like with traditional lipstick, start applying the product in the center of your lips and work outwards. I recommend tapping the lip color in the center of the lips first to distribute the color across the lips and applicator, then using a swiping motion to apply the product. Use the edges of applicator as you would with the edges of a lipstick bullet! This will help you get clean edges and get a crisper finish. I actually really like the way the applicator creates a soft finish and softer edges to the lips. This is very different from other liquid lipsticks that create a very hard and crisp line, which can be nice sometimes but for everyday wear, I prefer something a little softer. It's also very cool that you can create a soft ombre lip using this product because you can the diffuse the edges. It takes sometime to apply this lip product but if you are patient, your lips will look amazing! You need to slowly build up the color of these lipsticks, don't start with a lot of product right from the start. 

The lip color is very pigmented and creamy. It really feels and looks like a liquid version of a lipstick, just melted down and bottled up. The color is easily buildable but starts out at a medium pigment. Like a traditional lipstick, it does not set and will transfer. The finish is not a true matte but softer and closer to a satin finish, which makes it very forgiving and makes you lips look more plump. The formula is infused with hylaluronic acid to hydrate and smooth the lips. This is very apparent after a few minute of wear that it does not emphasize any lines or texture and it feels very hydrating and creamy. It also contains clay extracts that help protect the lips and prevent dryness. With the Gatuline oil, derived from acmell flowers this lip color diminishes the look if aging lines and creates the illusion of plumper and broader lips. This is something I noticed immediately and something I can really attest to! I know my lips are already naturally full but typically when you apply a deeper lip shade, it makes your lips appear smaller, however when I wore the deeper shades of this lip color, my lips looks larger and plumper! They really looked ultra-plush and full! I'm very impressed with this formula! 

*Bonus! Use these beautifully creamy lippies as a cream blush! They blend so beautifully into the skin and last a super long time! You can apply directly from the sponge but I recommend taking your finger and tapping it on your cheeks. It's a great way to create a monochromatic look or just compliment your lip color with the same cheek color.

I have to say, I wasn't sure how much I would like these but now that I have used them, I really love the formula and the concept! I have never use a matte liquid lipstick that makes my lips look so plump, pouty, and full! Even the deep shades make my lips look fuller and plump! I have to admit that application is a bit tricky and there is a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, you will really love the overall effect! The formula is extremely luxurious in look and feel. The texture is just so creamy and light, it glides over all texture and makes my lips look so plump. I am so impressed with this liquid lip formula, it has surpassed all expectations and has become one of my all time favorite lip formulas! I highly recommend you check these out, with such a large variety of shades, there is something for everyone!

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