| Review | RODIN olio lusso Luxury Illuminating Liquid

| Review | RODIN olio lusso Luxury Illuminating Liquid

I had seen this brand around but never really heard anyone talk much about them. When I stumbled upon this gorgeous summer collection online, I couldn't resist getting the glowing pieces in this collection! While I have many liquid illuminators, I couldn't resist adding another one to my collection but is it too similar to ones I own or was it worth it? Read on to learn more about this beauty. 

A little bit about RODIN olio lusso...

The line was created by runway and celebrity stylist, Linda Rodin. Like many creators and founders of brands, she found that there was a lack of what she wanted and needed in the market, natural and quality skincare products derived from essential oils. Her line revolves around a core 11 luxurious oils for head to toe healthy and nourishing treatments. Everything is plant-based and never include synthetic ingredients. 

I think this quote off of their website sums it all up perfectly and so beautifully.

 Our philosophy is this: Use good, use less, and get on with it.        Luminous skin, healthy hair and a bold lip — who needs more?         If you’ve learned to prize the perfect white shirt, treasure one signature vintage cuff and        live by the code of opulent minimalism, discover the sensuous simplicity of        RODIN olio lusso, for your optimal skin.

They are all about minimal, classic, and natural beauty! I love this philosophy because I love classic luxury beauty. I also love formulas and finishes that are timeless. I really appreciate their dedication to natural and plant-based beauty! It is so hard to find luxurious and high quality natural beauty. Rodin doesn't actually do a whole lot of makeup in their permanent line. They really only have lipsticks and a lip balm in their staple collection. This collection showed up on Nordstrom but is not actually on their website as of now, so I assume this is a limited edition collection for summer.

The RODIN olio lusso Luxury Illuminating Liquid retails for $50.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom. This liquid illuminator is beautifully packaged in a glass bottle with a sea themed illustration. The bottle has a pump for easy distribution of product. The pump actually has a cap and a locking mechanism, which is really cool, especially if you like to travel. 

The Illuminating Liquid is a slightly peachy-golden shade but when applied to the skin, I really only see the gold. The texture is quite thin and it sheers out to a beautiful soft gold. This consistency is not one meant to be built up to a super intense glow, it is meant to offer a natural glow. This formula falls in line with their classic and natural beauty philosophy. When used as a targeted highlighter, it blends very beautifully into the skin and provides a beautiful soft glow. 

This formula is perfect for mixing into other products because of its light and thin texture. It won't change the consistency of your foundation or base too much. It offers a beautiful natural, yet intense glow. It really creates this fresh and natural radiance that peeks through the foundation and diffuses the appearance of imperfections and texture. 

I think it's true beauty really shows when you apply it all over the face as a base/primer. It offers this very soft sheen all lover the skin. The reflect of the gold shimmer is very soft and subtle but give off this fresh and healthy glow. The product just blends into the skin so well and naturally. 

To be honest, at first I wasn't convinced that I made the right choice in buying this product. I have a lot of liquid illuminators, many of which have some kind of golden sheen. However, after applying it all over my skin, it looked so beautiful and unlike many liquid highlighters I owned. It kind of borders between the texture of an illuminating primer and a liquid illuminator. Not quite pigmented enough for targeted highlighting, but can be used that way for a subtle look but not so pigmented it can't be used all over or mixed into product. I love the Marc Jacob Coconut Gel Highlighters (check out my reviews here and here) but they are so insanely pigmented and the consistency is quite thick, making them difficult to work with and often you find yourself  applying more than you intended to. This liquid illuminator has less pigment but still contains enough shimmer give a really healthy glow! The shimmers are very fine and don't emphasize any pores or texture. It really is a forgiving and you really can't over do it. It is very reminiscent of the texture of the Burberry Fresh Glow (full review here) but with a bit more shimmer.

I often find myself using this all over and just spot concealing with my Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid (review here), this is a method I displayed in my Glass Skin Look here. It gives me a beautiful natural radiance and seems to diffuse imperfections, acting as a light-reflecting and perfecting veil over my skin. Using this product in this way really convinced me to keep it!

Obviously, I am a huge fan of this illuminator and I highly recommend it however, if you have a large collection of liquid illuminators this is not a must-have but it is really nice to have. The texture is a real dream because it is like a hybrid of a primer and illuminator, making it very versatile. The shimmers are very fine and seem to diffuse imperfections and texture. The shade is very versatile for many skin tones and isn't too pigmented that it will alter the color of your other products or give a strong tint to your skin. For me, this is an ideal liquid highlighter and I am very happy I bought it, despite owning many already. 

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  1. I just ordered some products in the Rodin line and I'm awaiting their delivery now! I saw them at Neiman Marcus and I was interested in giving them a try! I'm even more excited now!


  2. This is right up my alley! Have you tried the by terry Lumi in apricot glow? I'm considering purchasing that one, but at that price I really want to make sure.