| Review | CeraVe Skin Renewing Collection

| Review | CeraVe Skin Renewing Collection 

I recently attended a skincare event celebrating L'oreal skincare brands and was introduced to one of the founders of the CeraVe brand! It was an exciting night of getting to know many people from L'oreal, as well as, many industry skincare professionals! The event was targeted around L'oreal skincare brands that catered to dermatologist and other skincare professionals, so you know the products are good when a doctor recommends them to you! 

The CeraVe brand is incredibly affordable and can be found at your local drugstore, grocery store, Amazon, etc. This widely accessible brand offers a HUGE range of products for all skin types, but especially for those with skin conditions and sensitive skin. I was very kindly sent a package of many of their skincare offerings and while I don't often shop for my skincare at the drugstore, I am going to start to because these products have REALLY impressed me! This is the BEST affordable Retinol Routine I have ever used!

CeraVe was developed by dermatologist with an enriched blend of ceramides, fatty acids, and lipids to repair and strengthen the skin's barrier.

Their entire skincare line revolves around ceramides. What are ceramides?

Ceramides are the important glue that hold your skin cells together. The ceramides help retain moisture and prevent irritants entering the body. Ceramides help keep the skin barrier healthy, which is very important for protection and the overall health of the skin.

Their products also include some exclusive skincare technology including:

MVE Technology - MultiVesicular Emulsion Technology releases moisturizing ingredients over the course of 24 hours. This ensures all-day hydration, which is absolutely amazing! As a dry skin type, my skin usually feels parched underneath my makeup by mid-day but with these products, my skin is soft, hydrated, and nourished all day long! I often feel like I don't even need a day cream because the night routine is so intensely hydrating but this routine has improved my skin's texture and healthy so much!

Encapsulated Retinol - This technology allows for slow and limited release of retinol throughout the day or night. This ensures that your skin will get the full benefit of from the retinol by slowly absorbing it throughout the day. Your skin can only absorb so much product and nutrients at one time, by slowly releasing the retinol throughout the day, your skin will absorb more and receive more benefits from that ingredient.

This Skin Renewing line contains 4 different products (*pricing varies depending on the retailer but CeraVe offers manufacturer coupons on their site!):

Skin Renewing Cream Serum retails for $18.49 USD* currently available on Amazon for $13.79

After cleansing my skin with the Hydrating Facial Cleanser, I take about two pumps of this serum and apply it all over my face and neck. This product comes in a very interesting tube packaging with a pump. I like the compact tube for ease of use and for travel. This product is exactly what it sounds like, it is a serum in cream form! I have never encountered a product like this before but I have always wanted a serum that provided more hydration. This serum contains a complex of ceramides and retinol to treat and prevent signs of aging. This serum has a gel-cream texture and sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a hydrating feeling to the skin. It feels very nourishing and the proof is in the results in the morning, my skin feels so incredibly soft, smooth, and hydrated. My skin has a healthy glow and more elasticity, it just looks so youthful and plump! I have never used a product with retinol that was so affordable but gives me the same results my luxury products! My skin truly looks renewed after using this product!

Skin Renewing Gel Oil retails for around $24.99 USD* currently available on Amazon for $18.99

After applying the Cream Serum, I apply this innovative skin brightening gel oil. This is the most intriguing product from this range because it is something I have never seen before. This product is an oil in gel form! I've never used a product like this before but it is crazy effective! It is meant to hydrate and promote radiance. With a blend of 5 different ceramides and sunflower oil that instantly improves the skin's radiance. I use one pump in the palm of my hands and spread it all over. You will see an instant radiant effect after your initial application but the results in the morning are exceptional! It is very hydrating but not at all greasy and in the morning, my skin was GLOWING and it felt smooth, soft, and plump! I seriously didn't want to wash my face in the morning because my skin had such an amazing glow to it but even after I washed my face, my skin still felt so soft, smooth, and the glow was still there! I'm so used to traditional face oils that can feel greasy and can messy to use but this formulation makes it so easy and comfortable to wear. I don't think I can recommend this product enough! It is truly a game-changer in my very extensive skincare collection. This product is just as good as my luxury skincare products but it costs a fraction of the price!

Skin Renewing Night Cream $18.49 USD* currently available on Amazon for $12.74 

This cream is ultra thick and rich, which I love for my dry skin. A small scoop (small than a quarter size), is all you need if you have dry skin but you may want to use a bit less if you have an oily skin type. This cream provides a very nice rich layer of hydration locking in all the retinol and nutrients from the serum and oil. It is rich but it doesn't feel greasy, just very hydrating and creamy. It makes your skin SO SOFT! You will wake up with the most baby-soft skin ever! It seems to be the case for CeraVe products because they target the barrier of the skin by providing the much-needed ceramides to your skin. My skin has never felt this supple and plump before! It is seriously so hard to believe that these products are so affordable because the provide me with luxurious results!

Skin Renewing Day Cream $24.99 USD* currently available on Amazon for $15.29

This day cream has a thick texture but is actually very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It offers just the right amount hydration without being greasy, which makes it perfect for skin prep prior to makeup. I use about 2 pumps for my face and neck. It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft, plus it has SPF 30 to protect the skin and encapsulated retinol to treat the skin during the day. This is a great anti-aging daily face moisturizer because it allows you to continue your anti-aging treatment into the day time. This continuation in the treatment seems to be the key in the transformation of my skin's texture and overall appearance over the past month. The continuous delivery of retinol has improved my skin's texture, elasticity, and youthful appearance.


After about a month of continuous use of this range, I am blown away by the condition of my skin! My skin is softer and smoother in texture than it has ever been! It always feels hydrated even when there is no product on my skin. My skin looks plump, smooth, and very healthy. My skin always seems to have a bit of a glow but the improvement in the texture of my skin has just blown me away! These results are equivalent to high-end and luxury retintol products! I am so surprised to discover such amazing results with such an affordable line of products! I know that many of us, myself included, often overlook skincare offered at the drugstore but I won't ever overlook those products again! This range is truly spectacular for all skin types but especially those who are looking for an anti-aging range that won't break the bank! All these product work so well together and are so effective, it is hard to say that you only need one of these products or which product is my favorite! I have to say that the Skin Renewing Gel Oil is one of the most unique products I have come across and a must-have for someone who has dry skin and is looking for a boost of radiance.

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