| Review | Givenchy Matte and Blur Primer Stick

| Review | Givenchy Matte and Blur Primer Stick 

I'm not a big primer person, mostly because I'm lazy and I often forget, but I am a huge fan of any product in stick form! Again, because I am lazy and anything in stick form is so convenient and easy to apply. I couldn't be more excited to try this Givenchy Primer stick, which was kindly sent to me from Givenchy. 

The Givenchy Matte and Blur Primer Stick retails for $38.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. It appears to be limited edition according to the Sephora website but if I find out otherwise, I will update this post. The primer is packaged in a simple matte black stick that twists up to reveal more product. I have really embraced products in stick form because they make my daily morning makeup routines so much easier and reduces any mess because I can just swipe product directly onto my face instead of pouring it onto a palette or my hands. These products also reduce a tone of wastage from dispensing excess product out, you can apply exactly what you need and no more! Additionally, products in stick form are great travel companions because they are compact and can be used on-the-go!

The product is a light pink balm but goes on completely invisible and clear. You don't need much of the product one swipe over the areas you need it is enough and it doesn't feel like you have any product on your face. Though it is silicone-based, it doesn't feel heavy, greasy, or slippery. You face will feel soft and smooth. It is a very nice silky texture that does mattify the skin but still looks incredibly natural. I have dry skin and I don't often like a super matte look, but this product controls my oil and gives me a natural skin finish. Although I have a dry skin type, my nose gets quite oily throughout the day and typically I have to blot it by mid-day or the afternoon but with this product on under my makeup, I had no problems with oil breaking through even past 8 hours! I'm very impressed because although it controls for oil, it doesn't dry out my skin or make me feel too matte.

As you glide it over your skin, you will notice the blurring and retexturizing effect it has over texture, pores, and hyper-pigmentation. Everything looks much softer and soft focused afterwards and your base glides on seamlessly! It really does fill in pores and texture. I find this product really helps my base blend very well into the skin. My foundation doesn't required a lot of blending, just minimal motions and my base is very smooth and even! The blurring effect is impressive and real! I feel like my skin looks so soft and ethereal with this product underneath! It really helps me apply less product or base to cover up my hyper-pigmentation. If you are in a pinch, you can even use this as an eye primer! I had forgotten to pack an eye primer with me when I went to my parent's house for the weekend and I just swipe this over my lids and it helped my eyeshadow adhere and not crease as much.

This primer can also be apparently used after makeup, as an oil-controlling touch up balm. It does work in a pinch but you still need to take you finger and bland a bit because it doesn't easily distribute a thin layer of product. I feel other companies have made something similar, the reason why this works the best of the other options out there, is that it comes in a stick form. I personally still like the old fashioned blotting paper and powder route but to each their own. I find that if I use this product as a primer, I don't need it to touch up because the oils don't break through!

I have to say I am so incredibly impressed and in love with this primer! I have never been much of a primer person and I often forget to apply primer but with this product it's so quick and easy, it doesn't feel like an extra step. It really has noticeable effect on the application and longevity of my makeup, particularly regarding oil control! I feel that this product will work for all skin types, I have dry skin but my nose gets oily and this works like a dream all over or for applying only in certain areas. I'm really bad about be consistent and using primer but because this product is in a convenient stick form, I have been using it religiously for the past few weeks. This product is really a game-changer when it comes to makeup and I can definitely see myself picking up another one when I run out!

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