| Look | The Ultimate Glass Skin No-Makeup Makeup

| Look | The Ultimate Glass Skin No-Makeup Makeup  

This year, we're seeing a huge trend shift to really natural, fresh, and subtle makeup. I'm all for this because this is basically what I strive for most days. I have actually begun to realize as I get older, my face doesn't hold a lot of makeup well, as much as it used to. I did a graphic deep smokey winged eye the other night and I felt so uncomfortable and it just didn't look right. Maybe it's because my style has changed so much and matured but I also think it has a lot to do with how our face changes as we get older.

Anyways, this shift toward more natural makeup is so refreshing and exciting! So many brands are starting to bring out softer and more natural formulas and finishes. Like the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection (read my review on the products here), which is a whole line of naturally enhancing products. What I love about this look is that it is very skin-focused and when done right, makes you look so naturally beautiful people will wonder if you actually "just woke up like that."


This look is very much inspired by the "glass skin" trend from Korea, in which the skin just radiates this very healthy natural dewiness. The skin is just look so pump and fresh, it looks like you aren't wearing makeup at all but have really naturally amazing skin. I have seen many attempts at this look but many of them still look like you are wearing makeup, the key is to look like you have no makeup on. How is this possible? Well, it involves some serious skin prep and really light layers and formulas. The trick is to actually just spot cover and not go for any coverage.

The most important part of this look is your skin, so your skin has to be in good condition or at least the best condition you can get it to. We all have our little imperfections but this look celebrates them, instead of disguising them! I think skin prep is so essential to this look and skin prep for this look does involve using oils, so if you have an oily skin type, I apologize but this is not the look for you.


The Korean skincare trend that this is inspired by is all about naturally dewy and plump skin, which means if you have the time and resources, you should go through an elaborate skincare routine. Did you know that the typical Korean skincare regimen includes 10 steps?! That is a lot of time and product.

1. Makeup remover/Oil cleanser
2. Water-Based Cleanser
3. Exfoliator
4. Toner
5. Essence
6. Treatments (Boosters, Serums, Ampoules)
7. Sheet Masks
8. Eye Cream
9. Moisturizer
10. Sun Protection

Who seriously has time for all of this on a daily basis? I recommend starting with the mask step to the sun protection step, if you have the time. Also, because we want the product to sit on top of the oil, you will want to switch the moisturizer and sun protection step. The mask really helps with creating this look! I love the AveSeena HoneyActive Mask (full review here) but I also think a sheet mask really helps too! If you have time, why not do both! If not, try to get one of them. For sheet masks, I think any sheet mask will do. The serum concoction really helps nourish, smooth, and plump the skin making it look extremely healthy. The  Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask is one of my favorites, it's pricey but luxurious and it will give you that genuine K-Beauty plush skin.

Bare Faced, No Makeup


Once your face is has absorbed most of the serum from your sheet mask, it's time to move on to MORE skin prep! It's so key for getting that fresh, plump, and healthy looking skin. This product is crucial and for me is the linchpin of this entire look, its the Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil (full review here). I haven't found another oil that gives me the same finish and effect. I take a couple drops into the palm of my hands and press it into my face. This provide the initial light layer of glow an allows for all the products following it to fuse into the skin and become this dewy skin-like texture.


Following this step is concealing, you want to spot conceal and cover. You don't want to cover your entire face, it doesn't look real or natural. I recommend using something that has a very light and sheer texture, which is why I love using the Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid (full review here). While this is not intended to be a concealer, the ultra-lightweight skin-like texture and fresh finish makes it so ideal for this look. I just dot this product in the areas where I want to and need a bit of coverage. Tip: use stippling or pressing motions to get more coverage, instead of adding more products. You can also use a lightweight and sheer foundation to spot cover but be sure you aren't putting it all over your face. I use the Veil Retouching Fluid under the eyes as well because the texture looks so natural, it leaves my skin looking naturally perfected! I also went in with a touch of Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (full review here), just for a bit of extra glow and for the filtered effect. I dotted it on the high planes of my face; on the cheekbones, forehead, down the noes, and chin.


Now that we have coverage on the face, I go in with the enhancing products. First I apply the By Terry Tea to Tan (I bought mine a while ago so the packaging is different). I place a couple drops onto a palette and take my brush and dip it in. I apply this as I would normal bronzer; on the temples, cheeks following the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, and jawline. The watercolor texture of this liquid bronzer fuses seamless and naturally into the skin! It just makes you look like you have an amazing natural tan!

To sculpt the face, I used my beloved Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Contour in Dark (review here). I swipe this in the same areas of the bronzer but with a bit more precision. Using a brush, I blend with a stippling motion. This is KEY! You don't want to move or remove the light coverage you added previously.


I then go in with the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Blush and A-Highlighter (reviews here). Doting a bit of blush on my cheeks and blending with a brush, again stippling motions. Then applied a generous amount of highlighter. I applied and blended then layered on more, it still comes out extremely natural! There is one last finishing touch for the cheekbones but not until the very end!

Optional but recommended: Powder just a tiny bit with a very light powder around the nose. I used just a pinch of the Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder.


To complete this very natural no-makeup look, I curled my lashes and applied the bronze side of the  One Over One Chiaroscuro Cream Color (review here) all over my lids and blended it up to the crease. Then a healthy dose of mascara! Finally add a touch of sheer gloss or balm for a super natural finish! On my lips is the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss in Pink, it's glossy and balmy with a hint of natural color. Also, don't forget to fill in and shape your brows! This is really key in such a minimal look and it gives more structure to your face, so that the subtle highlighting really pops!


Oh wait! Remember when I said that there was one last final touch to the cheekbones? This is crucial for your glass skin look! Take your Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil again and pat a bit on your cheekbones, you don't have to be too precise, it will look more natural. This oil gives such a beautiful and natural glossy sheen to your skin! This is what really completes and ties this whole skin-focused look together!



Same day, just 10 hours later after I got home from work. My skin still looks just as good! My BF wanted to go see a movie, so I changed into comfy sweats but my makeup still looked really good! I didn't touch up throughout the day, I just blotted my nose at mid-day.


I have to say, I'm OBSESSED with this base routine! It's a little more involved than your typical daily slap-makeup-on-your-face-and-go routine but it is SOOOO... worth the effort! This routine is so light and it allows your skin to really breathe! It makes your skin look and feel so good! With my dry skin, this look lasts all day long and looks really fresh. There's isn't a break down of the makeup from the oil, because there is so little on my skin to begin with! I think that is really key in achieving this look. You really have to embrace the "less is more" philosophy. While I know that this look isn't for everyone, I think minimalist makeup is something we should all try, whether we decide to wear it on a daily basis or not. It is actually a very cool makeup technique to master because while it seems really easy, it is incredibly difficult to create a truly believable no-makeup makeup.

Do you think I mastered it? Or did I over do it? Under do it? Let me know in the comments below! Let me know if you would ever give this look or trend a try!

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