| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mystery Box

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mystery Box 

Oh...the mystery box trap. Once again, I got suckered into one of these beauty mystery boxes and all I can hope is that it is worth the money. My first beauty mystery box was this year's Beautylish Lucky Bag (see what I got here), personally, I was a bit disappointed. I really wasn't crazy about the products I got but I did receive $193.00 USD worth of product for $75.00.

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mystery Box retails for 132.00 USD and you receive $201 worth of product, only available on CharlotteTilbury.com. Guaranteed in each box is 5 full-sized products. 

Shipping is free and they even threw in a couple minis into my cart. I have only has amazing experiences with Charlotte Tilbury's customer service and shipping. I recommend shopping directly from her site, things get shipped to you just as fast as other retailers or faster! I literally just ordered the box the day it came out, expecting it to arrive in the usual 3-5 business days but when I checked the tracking the next day it was already out for delivery! WOW! Talk about amazing service! Thank you Charlotte Tilbury for feeding my need for instant satisfaction! I couldn't wait to get my package but apparently I didn't have to! 

Is it worth the risk?

Since this is a branded mystery box, there is less of a risk because I know at least what brand of products I'm getting and the quality I'm getting. I'm very pleased about this. 

It is also guaranteed full-sized products, which I really appreciate! The Beautylish Bags do not guarantee full-sized products. 

They also guarantee $201 worth of product, unlike the Beautylish Bags which can span a range. You could get extremely lucky (although extremely rare) or you could get extremely unlucky and get a very low priced bag(but still priced more than you paid). Most people fall right in the middle but depending on your beauty collection, you may be disappointed. There are no surprises here, you get $201 worth and that's that, You're not going to see someone get a $500 valued box while you just get a $201. The price set makes it feel much less risky. 

I also don't have many Charlotte Tilbury products, which means I'm more likely to get something new. Here's hoping! I spoke to a friend on Instagram and she said she did it because she was hoping to get replenishment on some Charlotte Tilbury favorites, there's no guarantee she will, but if you like and own many of her products this may be a good money saving method for you.

So YES, it is worth the risk!

What's in my box?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue $60.00 USD - I was honestly not sure how I feel about Charlotte Tilbury Skincare. I have tried this eye cream a couple times and I actually kind of like it. I'm pretty shocked, I don't know if it actually has any skincare benefits but it feels hydrating and gives my under eyes a really nice glow. I have some concerns about this product though but mor testing is needed.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Tint $40.00 USD - This self adjusting skin tint gives your skin a sheer glowing skin-toned veil. It looks really fresh and glowy. It is supposed to mimic a natural tan you would get from a day in the sun. It is quite warm, even on my medium skin tone, I would be wary if you are fair. Though it is very sheer, ti still packs a fair amount of color. This is actually very pretty and something I would never think to buy from Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury Chic to Cheek Blush in Love Is The Drug $40.00 USD - This fresh pink blush is really beautiful and brightens the complexion. Again, not something I normally go for but still very beautiful! I am happy to have it, having not owned a blush from Charlotte Tilbury yet.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in American Sweetheart $34.00 USD - I love the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick formula, though I don't have many of them. I love this wearable neutral peach nude shade! The creamy formula is so beautiful and comfortable to wear! Definitely, one of the best products in the line.

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon in Amethyst Aphrodisiac $27.00 USD - This creamy shadow pencil is a pretty plum shade and is pretty pigmented. The formula is quite buildable and sets a little bit but it's best to use it as a base or with other shadows. I love the color but again, not something I would go for in the range.

As promised the total value of the box was $201.00 USD! I was hoping for more makeup, maybe a shadow quad or something but overall, I'm not disappointed. None of these products were something I really wanted but I ended up liking them all so far. I think they went for trying to be too universal with the inclusion of the skincare items but I understand because it is random, you want people to have products that will most likely suit their skin tone.

Would I do this again? 

Maybe. While I like all the products and the surprise factor, my money is probably much better spent on choosing the products I'd like to own. Many of these products I don't see myself repurchasing. They are nice to have but not products I would reach for or that are so amazing that they have a permanent home in my collection. To be fair, I have only used many of these products for only a couple days now. I think the best products in this box for me is the blush and the lipstick, both of which I know I will continue to use and reach for again and again. For the price, it might be worth another shot but I prefer to pick my own products.

What are your thoughts on mystery boxes? Do you like the, hate them, or maybe you just don't care?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hmmm. I like the idea of the boxes but if I got the items you got in your box, the blush would be new for me and the lipstick but the other products I have. I would be disappointed if I got products I already have. I looked at the Beautylish box, I thought the Charlotte Tilbury palette was cool but I can see why that would have been a disappointment. I rarely even do these.

  2. I don't understand why you choose to show the box with brushes when the box didn't come with brushes. I received this box and I was pretty disappointed. I hate the eyeshadow pencil and when am I going to use a tinted moisturizer with no SPF?!

    1. Hi! Sorry about including the brushes in the picture but I did show the actual contents of the box. I totally understand being disappointed. This box was pretty terrible. I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking so. Her eyeshadow pencils are terrible. I don't know why she wouldn't include a quad! The tinted moisturizer is ok, but you're right the lack of SPF makes it pointless. There were so many amazing products that could have been included, like the cream eyeshadows but they really picked some terrible products to include.