| Review | Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Coconut Fantasy

| Review | Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Coconut Fantasy 

Marc Jacobs is bringing us more rose gold goodness for Summer 2018 with his Coconut Fantasy Collection! With tones of coral, rose gold, and bronze fragrantly infused with coconut, it is an irresistible summer collection. Since getting the Enamored with Coconut set, I have been hooked on the Dew Drops in Dew You? and I couldn't resist a more rose gold version for summer, especially since the Sephora Sale coincided with it's release.

The Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Coconut Fantasy retails for $44.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. Similar to the original, the bottle is frosted glass with a white cap but now it has rose gold details. The liquid illuminator is dispensed through a pump and is easy to control the amount dispensed. 

These Marc Jacob highlighters are very pigmented but they sheer out beautifully or can be worn very strong. Like many liquid illuminators, this highlighter is very versatile and can be in a variety ways, the most common uses are as a targeted highlighter and as a mixer into your other products. 

This illuminator is a very true rose gold shade! It looks quite bronze in the bottle but has a very rose tone to the product. This shade is obviously much deeper than the Dew You?, which is a soft gold shade. This color is on the borderline of being a highlighter for me because when my skin is lighter, it is a bit dark but not obviously so. When I have a bit of a tan, it is perfect as a targeted highlighter. I think if you have fair skin this really won't work as a highlighter for you but you may want to consider it as mixer into your foundation or as a blush/bronzer type of product. I used it as blush and it gave me a stunning sun-kissed/sun-flushed look to my skin! It was a beautiful summer sexy glow!

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As a mixer into your base products, consider that the rose tone is quite strong. I used it with one of my more neutral toned foundations and it added a rosy hue to it. Not incredibly obvious but in direct sunlight you can see my skin tone was more more pink than normal. It also deepens the color of my foundation about a half a shade to a shade darker, depending on the ratio of illuminator to foundation. I like it quite a lot mixed into my foundation for this purpose and it offers a stunning all over glow! The glow is quite intense depending on how much you choose to add to your base but it also adds a bit of coverage as well! I feel when mixed into my base products, it offers a blurring and perfecting effect. 

One thing to note is that this formula does "set" to the skin after some time, so it is very long-wearing. You do have time to work with the product but once blended, it adheres very well to skin and doesn't really have much more movement.  

This shade also makes a beautiful body illuminator! For one evening out, I took a small drop of this product and rubbed it on my collarbones and shoulders and it offered a beautiful summer sheen to my skin! Obviously, this works best on a medium or tanned skin tone, otherwise the rose tone will make you look burnt instead of bronzed. Before my night out, I did do a bit of self-tanning and the shade really helps enhance a tan! 

Overall, I think if you have a medium to deep skin tone, you will love this new limited edition version of the classic Dew Drops! The shade is the perfect combination of bronze, rose, and gold! It really enhances tanned skin and offers a very sexy summer glow! I love using it as a blush for that sweaty sexy sun-kissed skin look! It is so incredibly pigmented that you really only need a small drop and being a liquid formula, it is incredibly versatile! The long-wearing formula makes this a huge winner for the summer! 

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