| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Light Beauty Wand 

Once again, Charlotte Tilbury reinvents the wheel with a new highlighter formula and applicator. Charlotte Tilbury has always been a brand that appealed to me but for some reason many of the products don't strike me as must have products that I have to run out and get. When this product was first premiered I thought it looked so gimmicky with it's applicator and what could possibly be so special about this liquid highlighter. Well, I soon changed my mind after seeing video with bloggers actually using this product because it is STUNNING! 

The Charlotte Tilbury Light Beauty Wand retails for $38.00 USD for .40z and is available at Charlotte TilburyNordstrom, Beautylish, and other retailers. The product is packaged in a gleaming rose gold squeeze tube with a sponge applicator on the end. Honestly, I was initially not a fan of the packaging or applicator until I used it. The packaging also has a lock-and-release mechanism that I really like! By twisting the tip of the applicator, you can lock or release product from the tube. This is great for travel, so that you won't have product oozing out on accident from rolling around in your bag and wasting it all.

Like I had just mentioned, the packaging and applicator looks a bit gimmicky but is actually very functional! The squeeze tube allows you to carefully control how much product is being released and you can see it "fill" the sponge tip as you squeeze the tube. The shape and size of the sponge tip applicator is perfect for applying the highlighter with precision all over the face! However, it is not a good tool for blending. I like to tap the applicator on the area I want to apply the product, then immediately take a brush to lightly blend the product because the product does set quite rapidly. I highly recommend doing one location at a time to avoid patchy application. While it does have a very travel-friendly package, I have NEVER needed to touch up this product! It lasts all day long! I mean 8+ hours and it looks just as it did when you first apply it! It even applies beautifully over powder! 

The GLOW.... is AMAZING!! You wouldn't believe it by the description you are about to read, so you need to run out and buy one to see it for yourself! If you end up at a counter, don't just swatch it, it doesn't do it justice and you won't get to see the amazing effect it has. Apply it to your cheekbones to see it in all it's glory! 

As you can see from the swatch above, it really doesn't do it justice but TRUST ME, it's amazing on your cheeks! (See end of the post for pictures of the product on my face, these are not the best photos but it will give you the idea of the glossy sheen it provides!)

The effect it gives your skin can only be described as "surreal". The effect is a glossy, smooth, pigmented shine but without any tackiness or wetness on the cheek! It feels amazing to have a glossy shine on my cheek but not have to worry about my hair sticking to my cheekbones because there is actually gloss on my cheek! What kind of magic did Charlotte Tilbury put into this product to make a glossy highlighter that actually "sets" on the skin??! It's amazing! You can touch this product afterward but it just becomes this gleam that can't be disrupted by anything! The shade is a beautiful pearly champagne that will work for any skin tone. This highlighter just makes my skin look SO GOOD! Better than my actual skin and the glow is an amazing healthy looking glow! Every time I wear it, I feel like about to walk down the catwalk because it is that glossy shine that is so coveted from the runway models! 

Charlotte Tilbury really know how to make a highlighter! I haven't been able to stop using this highlighter since I got it! Really! It's one of those products that has me stunned every time I see my refection! Every time I wear it, I think " Wow my skin looks amazing! Omg.. Can my skin look like this alway?" The answer is YES, if I continue to use this product! I hope she will keep this product in her line forever! It is a total makeup game-changer! The formula is so innovative and provides a glow unlike anything on the market! I plan on buying a back-up or two... or maybe a case of these?! I can't recommend this product enough! I am blown away by it's beauty and I'm excited to see what else Charlotte Tilbury has in store for the future!

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