| Review | Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller

| Review | Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller 

I'm not usually one to head face-first into a bunch of tiny little needles but here I am writing about my experience voluntarily poking myself with a bunch of tiny little needles. 

If you haven't heard about micro-needling, it is one of the hottest skincare treatments for anti-aging, scars and texture. This treatment is typically done by a professional dermatologist or aesthician with a device with many tiny spring-loaded needles and has an adjustable needle depth. This clinical treatment is much more intense and often causes bleeding because of the deeper penetration into the skin. This treatment is now available at home with a what is known as a "dermaroller", a handheld device that has very small needles that can be gently rolled over the skin to achieve similar results to the clinical treatment, without the pain.

Micro-needling is intended to allow the skin to easily absorb more product. Also, it encourages collagen production, which is something we all need as the years go on. I initially was very skeptical about this process but after using the roller for a month, the results were undeniable and I am addicted to this at-home procedure! 

This Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller retails for $30.00 USD is available at Stacked Skincare. I was very kindly sent this tool by Stacked Skincare for review purposes. The roller is packaged very well to maintain it's sterility. Within the well-sealed plastic container, the dermaroller was sealed in a sterile bag, the kind you often see with medical supplies. I felt very safe and confident using this product because it was so well sealed. The plastic case is meant to be reused to store the device until a replacement is needed. Stacked Skincare also offers a subscription program (10% off) for the dermarollers, which should be replaced every 2 -3 months. You can also find the roller in kits with serums to get the most benefit from this tool. I was also fortunate enough to test some of the serums and my skin looks so healthy and plump! 

The is device is made of plastic with very fine and short needles covering the surface. Admittedly I was very nervous and scared about trying out this treatment but I had heard so many great things about it, I had to suck it up and just go for it. Don't do what I initially did, which was just wing it, I recommend watching this video on how to properly use a dermaroller.

Using very little to no pressure, gently glide the roller over your face and neck. While it doesn't hurt at all, there will be some areas that are more sensitive than others, like the neck or closer to the eyes. You will feel the needles more in these areas but it does not hurt in any way. After a couple uses, I felt more confident and bold while using this device and wasn't timidly rolling it on to my skin anymore. Your skin also build up a tolerance over time and it will not feel so sensitive to the sensation, which is really nice. While my skin doesn't feel as sensitive, it didn't make this procedure any less potent, I have continued to see results in my skin.

The roller is intended to be used with serums. You can used serums before or after, or both! Stacked Skincare also offers some very lovely serums, designed to promoted collagen production and other anti-aging benefits. I like to double-down on the serums to get some extra nourishment and treatment. I will apply one serum prior micro-needling and one after. Then I apply my moisturizer of choice and it's time for bed. It really helps with the absorption of product, which is obvious in the results. You will immediately feel the first application of serum has absorbed pretty much completely after using the roller. I love to follow up with a second dose of serum and my moisturizer for the ultimate anti-aging routine. In the morning, you won't believe how your skin feels and looks! you skin will feel so hydrated. plump, and look so refreshed! The next morning, I don't feel like I need moisturizer at all but I will apply a light one anyways. After a few days, you will begin to notice your skin looking plump and fresh! The elasticity in your skin will increase and you will just have an overall better complexion!

The long-term results are truly astounding! I always thought that this procedure was a gimmicky extra step to add to my routine but after trying it, I am obsessed! It is painless and has transformed my skin. My skin looks so much healthier, plump, and youthful. My biggest insecurity as I have aged are my smile lines. I am a very expressive person and while those lines showed that I have enjoyed life to the fullest, they still bother me a little. This procedure has significantly reduced their depth! I believed the collagen production has significantly affected the look of the lines on my face. Additionally, I am starting to notice the contours of my face are more prominent so I believe that this device is also helping with contouring, which I'm definitely not going to complain about! Overall, I think everyone can benefit from this product and should at least give it a shot! I have seen a miraculous transformation in my skin and I know it is from this new addition to my routine! I am not often an advocate of skincare devices but this one has me swooning over my skin!