| Review | Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator in Glazed

| Review | Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator in Glazed

Let's be honest, my goal in life is to look like a perfectly glazed doughnut. Good thing Farsali has come out with this Jelly Beam Illuminator in Glazed to make my dreams come true.  

The Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator in Glazed retails for $40.00 USD for .05oz and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The product is packaged in a beautiful and sleek, rounded square tub. The packaging is small but it has a very good weigh to it and feels very luxurious in your hands. The tub is clear, allowing the user to see the product and it has a gold cap that twists off to reveal the product inside. While the packaging is very sleek and compact, I find it slightly difficult and clumsy to open. The tub and the cap are both very shallow, and doesn't allow enough packaging to grip onto and twist open. I found with my slightly slippery hands, from applying moisturizer to my face, I couldn't get a good grip on the packaging to open it. The package is also more tightly sealed, which I appreciate a lot because I don't want the product to dry out, however with the shallow packaging, it makes it a bit hard to open. Packaging aside, this product's formula is truly innovative! 

The texture and formula of this illuminator is exactly as it is described, jelly. Have you ever left jelly (or jello) out on the counter and it gets slightly melted? It's like that exact texture! It even jiggles! While it seems like a bizarre texture, the formula is so exceptional, it works!

This shade in Glazed is a soft champagne with a soft gold pearl. In the jar, the product looks like a light peachy champagne pink, but on my skin it comes off more gold. I can see this shade working for all skin tones because it is a universally flattering shade and the gold is a very soft gold shade. The shimmers are very fine in this product and when applied doesn't show up as shimmer but a cohesive glow in the area of application. When you turn your head, the product shines beautifully but doesn't emphasize texture or pores. It just gives a subtle to intense gleam to the skin.

This product is insanely pigmented! I recommend picking up very little product with your finger tip, I use the product that is on the lid, and gently tapping it on to the skin until blended out completely. I feel the best application is with your finger because you can control the amount of product and the precision of application. I recommend applying the product to one area at a time because it dries quite quickly and you don't have a ton of time to work with it, especially because it is so pigmented. After the product is blended in, it sets to a smooth and skin-like finish. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand (read my full review here), which I am obsessed with! This product just doesn't offer a wet look like the Charlotte Tilbury but it has a very similar finish and because it doesn't have that wet look or finish, it works for all skin types! Oily skin types don't have to fear that they will look too greasy throughout the day and dry skin types and everything in between can get a intense and beautiful glow without emphasizing texture! 

The final verdict is that I am in LOVE with this product! It was kind of love at first use because the product is just so easy to use and looks so good throughout the day. It is long lasting, intense, buildable, and natural! The only thing I don't love but I can tolerate, is the packaging. What I love about this product is that it fuses seamlessly with the skin, leaving no noticeable texture, unlike powder highlighters, yet you still get the intensity of a powder highlighter! The finish is a beautiful gleam that you would expect from a product with this texture and it will work for all skin types. It is versatile and can look subtle but it has the pigment and ability to be very intense. The shade is very universal and formula plays well with a variety of textures and formulas. I highly recommend this product for all skin types and skin tones!