| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk

It's here! Charlotte Tilbury's famous universally flattering shade in Pillow Talk now comes in eyeshadow and blush form! While I don't own the lip liner or lipstick, these new releases immediately caught my attention. I love a feminine and soft tonal palette for the entire face and I love the idea of a soft monochromatic look.

The  Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk retails for $53.00 USD and is available at Charlotte Tilbury and other retailers. This palette is housed in Charlotte Tilbury's classic burgundy and rose gold detailed compact. It is made of a lightweight plastic and is compact but has a feeling of luxury because of the design and details. 

Cute travel case is from Somewhere Haute

This palette contains 4 shades:

Prime (Top Left) - While this shade looks like a soft petal pink in the pan, it applies more of a soft rose gold champagne shade with a satin finish. It offers a very pretty glow and looks beautiful as an inner corner highlight. 

Enhance (Top Right) - This shade is a soft warm matte rose shade that will compliment many skin tones. It is a beautiful crease shade and it is what makes this look so Pillow Talk-inspired. On my already warm skin tone, this shade turns quite peachy and look more peach on. I don't know if this just happens on my skin tone because my skin tone is so warm or if it is just a warm shade. 

Pop (Bottom Left) - This shade is a rose gold with golden flecks of sparkle. I find this shade to be quite sheer and the gold sparkles are the only thing that really shows up on the lid. The glitter is very refined and sophisticated, which makes it beautiful. It also adheres very well to the eyes and I have experienced no fallout with this formula, even when I apply it with a brush. 

Smoke (Bottom Right) - This shade is hard to call a "smoke shade", as it is as dark as the enhance shade but just a brown tone instead. This soft warm milk chocolate shade adds just a little extra depth to the look and helps tone down all the pink tones to make this palette much more wearable. This shade is also warmer on my skin than it appears in the pan.

Swatches (Left to Right): Prime, Enhance, Pop, and Smoke

Inspired by her famous Pillow Talk Lip Liner, this palette contains 4 pink and nude tones to create a super soft and sexy eye look. Pinks can be tough for fair skin tones to pull off because they can often border on looking sickly or making the eyes look infected. These pinks have a very neutral brown tone to them, which makes them extremely wearable and feminine, instead of sickly. Also, I have had comments on my Instagram asking if these shades are very light and won't show up on a medium-tan skin tone. These shadows, while soft in tone, will show up on a medium to tan skin tone. They are pigmented and quite buildable. 

However, if you're looking for a look with a lot of depth and complexity, this isn't the palette for you. My friend asked me if I preferred this palette over the Tom Ford Iris Bronze Palette (full review here) and I said no. My reasoning it that the Tom Ford palette can be played up many different ways and it has many levels of intensity because of the variety of shades. This Pillow Talk Palette is very one-note and can only really be worn one way, soft and diffused. The Tom Ford palette has a range of light to deep shades that can add much more depth and complexity to your look. 

That being said, if you really like the soft and blown out monochromatic look, you will love this quad! This quad is so easy to use because like I said, it really only creates one kind of look. You don't need to be a makeup artist or have a lot of skills to accomplish this look. I also think that this monochromatic tonal pink look really is universally flattering. There's something about the softness and how the colors blend seamlessly into one another that just works for everyone. I think it is a beautiful everyday eyeshadow palette! 

Here is a look created with the palette and the blush (please ignore my wonky eyelash): 

Is this palette a must-have? No, it can very easily be duped. The colors aren't innovative or new and while the textures are pretty, they don't make this quad revolutionary. It is really nice having all these shades in one palette and I love this palette for a quick everyday look! While you get a lot of product and the formula of the shadows is really beautiful, the price makes it hard for me to recommend. These colors don't strike me as being incredibly unique or special but if these are the kind of shades you love to wear everyday, you will really love this quad. It has been a fast-seller since its launch and has already sold out on Charlotte Tilbury's website. I'm sure they will restock soon, if you're interested on getting your hands on this soft and sexy eye palette. 

I attempted to dupe this quad with some Colourpop shadows that I have in my collection but they were much cooler and some shade much punker than those in the Pillow Talk Palette:

 Colourpop Pep Talk (top left), Labyrinth (top right), Come and Get It (bottom left), Conundrum (bottom right) 

Swatches (left to right): CT Prime, Colourpop Pep Talk, CT Enhance, Colourpop Labyrinth, CT Pop, Colourpop Come and Get It, CT Smoke, Colourpop Conundrum

Colourpop Pep Talk is more metallic and lighter, Labyrinth is much more pink and cooler, Come and Get It is not glittery, not as sheer, ans contains more pink, Conundrum is much cooler. While I was not able to exactly dupe the shades from the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, I still believe that the shades can be duped. 

Overall, I have really been enjoying this palette and I love the soft look it creates however, I don't think it's a particularly unique palette. The quality is really beautiful and the formula is very easy to use.  I think it's a beautiful everyday quad but for the high price, I have a hard time recommending it. I think this boils down to personal preference and what you already have in your collection. 

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  1. The colors look gorgeous on you! I love the Pillow Talk matte lipstick (I also have the lip liner), but I haven't been the biggest fan of Charlotte's blushes in the past and I have tons of neutral-ish eyeshadows, so I'm going to skip these. The brown in the palette is stunning though!

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

  2. Hello
    I think your review is perfect.
    Thank you.

  3. I love this post! I’m about to order the colourpop shadows but I’ve noticed that Pep talk is no longer available. Do you have an alternative?

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much! I’m really glad my review could help you. I’m so bummed they don’t make Pep Talk anymore. The closest shade I could find is Liar, Liar but it is lighter and more champagne. It’s still a beautiful shade. I hope this helps!

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