| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Chic to Cheek Blush in Pillow Talk

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Chic to Cheek Blush in Pillow Talk

Completing the beautiful Pillow Talk Collection is this stunning Pillow Talk-inspired blush! I think I was most excited for this product because it looked so different from other blushes I own. I have to say, I think this Pillow Talk Collection encapsulates Charlotte Tilbury's aesthetic and style very well, It is a soft and feminine collection with tones of rose gold and exudes luxury and sexy sensual vibe. Check out my review on the Pillow Talk  Luxury Eye Shadow Palette here. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Chic to Cheek Blush in Pillow Talk retails for $40.00 USD and is available at Charlotte Tilbury and other retailers. The blush is packaged in a oval shaped burgundy compact with rose gold detailing. The compact snaps closed and it has a very strong clasp. 

This blush is STUNNING! I immediately fell in love with it after seeing photos of it and after trying it for myself, I 'm obsessed! Unlike the Pillow Talk Eye Palette, I find this blush shade to be incredibly unique. It is best described as a bronze-rose gold shade. It has ultra-fine gold shimmer throughout the blush. This shade is unique because it has a neutral bronze-nude base but with a rosy undertone and the fine gold shimmer. It's like a next-level nude blush! This shade doesn't remind me that much of the pinky-nude shade that it Pillow Talk but I think it does compliment the collection very well. The slight warmth of the blush from the bronze tone, keeps the entire Pillow Talk look from looking too one-note monochromatic. Instead, it adds this pop of warmth and radiance that the complexion needs to pull off all these nude blush tones. The "pop" shade in the center is a beautiful champagne shade with a very subtle rose tone and the fine gold shimmer throughout it. While it is meant to be the "pop" shade on your cheek, I prefer to use it as my highlighter because it is so light. 

Swatches left to right: Blush (outer ring only), Highlight (inner circle only), Mixed 

I think this blush is SO universally flattering! I really believe anyone can pull this shade off! It has a great buildable pigmentation that makes it so easy to work with and will build up to work on tan or deeper skin tones! I love how soft and smooth the formula is, it really just blends seamlessly into the skin and creates a beautiful flush to the skin. I love the glow that this blush gives my cheeks, even without using the pop shade in the center. I prefer to use the champagne shade in the middle separately as a highlighter, instead of mixing it or using it on the apple of my cheek as a pop because it is such a light shade. I like to use a small brush for my highlighter anyways so I had no problem getting into the center part to pick up the product I need. 

The champagne shade is almost perfectly neutral It doesn't lean cool nor warm but it offers a fresh glow and brightness to the cheeks. It really makes a beautiful highlight and goes very well with the rose gold bronze blush shade. The highlighter, like the blush shade, is very finely milled and smooth, It doesn't go on too frosty or shimmery. It just offers a beautiful natural glow to the skin. 

It's been a while since I have been that excited and obsessed with a blush! While I own many blushes, this one still seems to be very unique to my collection. It's not quite bronze,  not quite nude, not quite rose but a mixture of all of these that makes it incredibly complex and different! This is a beautiful neutral blush but with a little kick to it! I love how pigmented the formula is and how it works on my skin tone when I'm fairer or when I have a pretty intense summer tan. This blush really can span a range of skin tones and it works for any look you want to pair with it. Due to it's popularity, it is currently sold out on the Charlotte Tilbury website but I would highly recommend picking one up when it comes back in stock! It is truly a must-have!

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