| Review | Givenchy Eau de Moiselle de Givenchy Romantic

| Review | Givenchy Eau de Moiselle de Givenchy Romantic 

When a fragance includes this description "candy-sweet notes of popcorn-crumble", I am immediately intrigued and hungry, but mostly intrigued. I know the fear here is that this fragrance will be sickeningly sweet but it's not at all! Keep reading to explore this exotic warm and inviting fragrance, which was very kindly sent complimentary by Octoly and Givenchy Beauty. 

The Givenchy Eau de Moiselle de Givenchy Romantic retails for $150.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. I know some of you may be experiencing a bit of sticker-shock from the price but keep in mind that Givenchy is a luxury brand and with luxury fragrances, they are often specially formulated and crafted with difficult to procure ingredients and often even more difficult to craft notes. 

The fragrance is elegantly packaged in a chic matte ribbed black bottle. It has a modern elegance to a vintage style. It definitely exudes the feeling of luxury and seduction. The rose gold lettering is a feminine touch that is refined and luxurious. 

The fragrance is described on the Sephora website as: 
Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy Romantic has a heady sweetness, like crunching candy, with a natural elegance. It lets its noble chypre imprint develop over time, leaving behind the fragrant trail of a romantic and refined woman. The fruity and acidulous accords are mingled with the candy-sweet notes of popcorn-crumble and underlined by sharper tones of a mocha-chocolate duo to create a deliciously addictive trail. 
I am not a huge fan of overly sweet and saccharine fragrances that are often reminiscent of cotton candy. So with a description like this I has a bit of a fear it would be a little too sweet for my taste however, the fragrance is so well balanced and complex. It really made me fall head over heels for it. 

While I tried to find more details on this fragrance, the sources are quite scarce, especially because much of fragrance making is a trade secret. Here are the notes according to descriptions and some sources. This fragrance is considered a warm and spicy oriental vanilla fragrance. I partially disagree, I don't really detect much vanilla, however it is sweet. Also, the spiciness is very mild and is only there to enhance the other notes.


Fruit - There is a very obvious burst of a sweet fruit fragrance at first spritz. It has a very ripe fruit scent that is sweet and rich. I don't detect a specific fruit associated with the fruity scent, so I can only assume it is a "fruit accord", which is a mixture of fruit notes that looses their individual identity as fruits but creates a whole new unique and indescribable fruit note. 

Popcorn - The fruity sweet burst is very quickly followed up by the nutty and crispy fragrance of kettle corn. It really smells like popcorn which is so unique! I have never experienced that in a fragrance before! This fun note adds a whimsical and interesting twist to what would be a sweet and warm fragrance. 


Mocha-Chocolate - After the popcorn fragrance fades, you can really get the rich and sweet notes of chocolate with a subtle hint of coffee bean. It is very reminiscent of hot chocolate. 


Patchouli - This spice is very mild and only adds a bit of complexity and balance to the overall sweetness and chocolaty fragrance of the dry-down. It is the touch of warmth that makes this fragrance cozy and comforting.

The fragrance starts off with a very sweet sugary burst with a ripe fruitiness. This is fragrance is fast-fleeting and is quickly replaced by a sweet and nuttier popcorn pop! It actually smells like sweet kettle corn! This fragrance last for about an hour or two but really doesn't linger on the skin. It soon develops into an almost hot-chocolate sweet fragrance and finally dries down to a sugary rich cocoa scent. This fragrance is everything it claims to be! I have never come across a more apt description of a fragrance. The light and warm fragrance will be flattering on most people and can work for those who are often sensitive to fragrances because it isn't very concentrated. The only disappointing part is I feel like the fragrance doesn't last very long. The fragrance technically lasts for 8 hours but you can only really smell it if your nose is pressed up against your skin. I find that the fragrance lasts longer when you are wearing warm clothing, like sweaters and jackets because it covers the skin and heats it up, releasing and trapping the fragrance inside. For example, when I wore my sweater and scarf, I can pick up the fragrance periodically throughout my 8 hour work day but if I wear exposing clothing, I seem to only detect it with my nose pressed up onto my skin. I think because it is such a warm, cozy, and sweet fragrance it is more appropriate for fall and winter anyhow but I would like to wear it year-round. If you are looking for a truly unique sweet fragrance, look no further! This perfume offers so much complexity and whimsy but remains very sophisticated and sexy. It is a truly addicting fragrance and unlike anything I have seen on the market!


  1. Hey! I know this is super random (forgive me), but do you still have this perfume? If so, and if you don't really like it / reach for it anymore, would you be willing to sell it? It's my favorite perfume but since it's been discontinued I can't find it anywhere.