| Review | Dior Wild Earth 5 Couleurs in Terra and Sienna

| Review | Dior Wild Earth 5 Couleurs in Terra and Sienna

It seems the hot trend this year for summer is neutrals, pretty much every major brand has been coming out with some version of neutral palettes for summer and I'm not mad about it. Earthy toned and bronze neutrals are always a big seller regardless of the season and what I love about these kinds of shade is that they work for everyone! Dior's Wild Earth Collection for Summer 2019 is embracing the sultry side of neutrals with two stunning limited edition palettes.

The Dior Wild Earth 5 Couleurs in Terra and Sienna retail for $63.00 USD and are available at Nordstrom and other retailers. These quints are packaged in Dior's classic deep indigo packaging with some included applicators. These compacts are sleek and easy to store, as well as easy to travel with. The packaging is more functional than it is luxurious but it's the product that is the real star. The shadows are embossed with this beautiful rippling pattern and the formula is unreal. 


For Summer 2019, there are two colorways, Terra and Sienna: 


This palette is a beautiful mixture of earthy and plummy taupes, copper, and rosy tones. You can really play with combining the warm and cool tones or go for a completely warm or completely cool look. There is a lot of variety with the shades given to create.

Swatched dry from left to right: Plummy Taupe (top left), Pink Champagne (top right), Soft Golden (middle), Bronze Copper (bottom left), Plummy Brown (bottom right) 

Plummy Taupe (top left) - This soft cool plummy taupe shade is very unique and has a subtle purple reflect. This shade has a very bronze base and will tend to look more bronze throughout the day.

Pink Champagne (top right) - This shade is light champagne with a pink reflect. It looks like rose champagne with its shimmering color but subtle rose tone. It's a beautiful soft lid or inner corner shade.

Soft Golden (middle) - This shade is a soft golden shade is gold shimmers throughout. It is the warmest shade in the palette and can be used for adding warmth to the overall look or creating a very golden bronze eye.

Bronze Copper (bottom left) - This shade is a very coppery bronze shade with subtle flecks to gold throughout. This shade makes a great warm crease shade balancing the cooler taupes and plums in the palette. It also pairs beautifully with the gold shade in the palette.

Plummy Brown (bottom right) - This deep plummy brown has little flecks of gold shimmer and adds a lot of dimension to the overall look. This deep shade can be used to smoke out the look and add definition but because of its tone,  it still maintains a soft look. 


This palette is a combination of bronze, golden, and copper tones. Overall, the shades don't vary much in tone, so you're not going to get a very complex look. This combination of colors will give you a very fresh and summery eye look. All the shades have varying levels of shimmer but the overall look still has some complexity to it.

Swatched dry from left to right: Golden Pink (top left), Shimmering Ivory (top right), Golden Amber (middle), Orange Copper (bottom left), Warm Bronze (bottom right)

Golden Pink (top left) - This shade appears to be a soft rose with golden shimmer in the pan but when applied to the eyes, the gold shimmer is the only thing that shows up. The soft rose is extremely subtle and the shade is mostly a soft wash of golden shimmer. This shade is also fairly sheer compared to the other shades. 

Shimmering Ivory (top right) - This shade is a stunning shimmering ivory with a very slight gold undertone.  This shade has a strong pigment and a brightness to it. It makes for a beautiful inner corner brightening shade. 

Golden Amber (middle) - This shade is a very strong warm golden shade with a metallic finish. This shade is very pigmented and offers a beautiful pop of gold to the eye. 

Orange Copper (bottom left) - This shade is a very orange toned copper shade. When used in the crease and blended out you can see the orange and reddish tones in this copper shade. It's a very complex copper shade and can be used in so many ways. 

Warm Bronze (bottom right) - The warm bronze shade is a very true bronze that doesn't lean golden or copper. It is a lighter bronze, so it doesn't offer a whole lot of extra definition when paired with the other shade but it is a beautiful shade and nice addition to the color scheme. 


These palettes have a gel-powder formula that can be used wet or dry. All the shadows seem to very pigmented when used dry and will only become more metallic and intense when used wet. All the shadows have some degree of shimmer to them, which is beautiful but also means that the palette lacks variety and therefore, lacks in depth and dimension. However, the varying degrees of shimmer still work well to create a very cohesive and beautiful look. I still recommend paring these quints with other shadows with different textures for a very complex and multi-dimensional look.

These shadows apply beautifully with or without eyeshadow primer and even last all day, over 8 hours, on the eyes without primer! The shadows layer very well with each other and other shadows. All the shades apply evenly and blend out beautifully. The texture of shadows is soft and creamy, adhering well to the eyes and producing very little fallout. I am a big fan of this wet/dry formula as opposed to the traditional powder shadow formula because I find that this formula performs so well. Unfortunately, this is a formula often reserved for limited edition collections and is not seen in their permanent range.


Here is how the shadows look when combined on the eyes. For the Sienna palette, I used Orange Copper in the crease, the Warm Bronze to add depth to the outer corner, the Golden Amber on the lid, and the Shimmering Ivory in the inner corner. I paired this palette with my Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in Dancefloor (full review here), a beautiful bright glossy coral. 

For the Terra palette, I used the Bronze Copper in my crease, the Plummy Brown in the outer corner to add depth, the Plummy Taupe on the lid, and the Pink Champagne in the inner corner. Just to play around I also added a very light dusting of the Soft Golden shade to the upper part of my inner eyelid for a touch of warmth. I paired this palette with the Rouge Dior Liquid in 424 Hypnotic Matte (full review here), a soft rosy nude shade. 


I am so impressed and so obsessed with these summer quints from Dior! They are probably one of the BEST summer launches this year! The colors are so wearable and cohesive. It literally takes almost no effort to create a beautiful look. These neutrals are a little more complex than your typical shadow palette and some of the shades included in the palettes are quite unique. The colors just scream summer and they're so universal,  they will truly flatter any skin tone. The shadow formula is a joy to work with and the formula is one of the best around. I love how blendable and creamy the shadows are. Even if I don't wear a primer, they last all day long! I think if I had to choose one of these palettes, I would go with the Terra quint because it has the most complexity and depth. The colors are a bit more unique than Sienna and having that really deep shade, adds so much complexity and dimension. That isn't to say that I don't recommend Sienna, they are both beautiful palettes and well worth the price! For only just having them for a couple of weeks, They have already been very well loved and used by me. I plan on wearing this long past summer into fall because the shades are so beautiful and they work for any season and occasion!

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  1. Both eyeshadow palettes look beautiful. I am more drawn to Sienna and this is the one I have on my list to get. I'm hoping to go to store next week to see the new collection and get this palette.