| Review | Rouge Dior Liquid

| Review | Rouge Dior Liquid

As many of you know, I am not a fan of matte liquid lipsticks and I have given them a chance, tried various brands, and while there are some I like, I haven't found one that I LOVE... until now! When these were first released I knew I wanted to try some but I was honestly very concerned about trying the matte finish ones because I thought they would be the same old, dry, and uncomfortable formula that everyone had. Well, I don't need to say it, but I'm VERY impressed!

The Rogue Dior Liquid retails for $35.00 USD and is available on Sephora and other retailers. These liquid are packaged in the Dior iconic beautiful navy blue with a clear window down one side so you can see the color, with a silver band of the iconic Dior embossed pattern around the top of the tube. The applicator is a doe-foot with a little carved out reservoir of product, which is genius! The doe-foot really helps get a really precise and smooth application of the product.

The Rouge Dior Liquids come in three different textures - matte, satin, and metallic. I had to at least buy one of each to test out this formula and line thoroughly. Unfortunately, now I'm obsessed and I want all the shades! I haven't felt this way about a lip product since the Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lacquers and as some of you know, I have almost every shade of those! The Rouge Dior Liquids come in 29 shades - 17 Matte, 6 Metallic, and 6 Satin. With this massive range of colors and textures, there is definitely something for everyone but I guarantee after you try one, you'll want more!   

The Matte Rouge Dior Liquids have a very soft matte texture and finish. These do not set like 
your typical matte liquid lipsticks, for me, I love that because it means they're insanely comfortable! They do set a little, allowing them to have a decent wear time and resistance to some drinking and eating. These apply opaque in one application but can easily be layered without feeling heavy or crusty on the lips. They have a very light floral fragrance but I don't find it very bothersome at all. These apply very smooth and evenly on the lips. I am a huge fan of how they feel on the lips! They just feel like nothing! You lips just feel soft but not devoid of moisture! The finish can be described as perfectly kissable!

Swatches from top to bottom: 424 Hypnotic Matte, 601 Hologram, 334 Vibrant Metal, 442 Impetuous Satin (looks too pink in these photos)

424 Hypnotic Matte, a beautiful muted pink nude shade! It is the PERFECT nude shad eon my medium-tan skin tone! It is just enough pink and beige without being too pale for my skin tone. I literally can't stop wearing it! It makes my lips looks so naturally fuller and kissable! I can't get enough of this color or finish. I really struggled on deciding which shade to buy, since there weren't too many swatches out on these at the time but it didn't matter because the formula is so wonderful, I will probably get all the shades anyways!  

The Satin Rouge Dior Liquids provide more of a blotted lip look. I didn't really understand that trend until now. This formula makes my lips look fuller and plump! When I first wore mine, I looked in the mirror in my car, and I thought "Wow! My lips look huge!" While I know I already have full lips, the texture of this lip product made my lips look naturally fuller! It is a very natural finish and mimics the natural finish of the lips very well. It also made my lips look smoother. The product applies very smooth and evenly but you may need to layer a bit with this texture. It seems to last just as long as the matte finish ones. Depending on the color you buy, it will stain. 

442 Impetuous Satin, a muted coral shade. Again, it was hard to tell what the shade were like online and I was shopping based mostly on descriptions and the very few swatches I could find but I am very happy with this color. It is vibrant enough to brighten the face but not overly bright. I really like the way this feels on my lips and the satin finish has a very soft sheen to it. 

The Metallic Rouge Dior Liquids range from a sheer sparkle to a foiled metallic finish. We all know the metallic lip trend is hot right now but I wasn't initially a fan, until I came across this formula! My experience with most metallic lipsticks are they don't apply evenly or they are just too frosty and light. This formula applies very opaque and smooth in one coat! I looks very chic and cool, instead of tacky and over-the-top. This is a very fun finish and a great way to switch up your look. I found with even slightly dry lips, the formula doesn't exacerbate or emphasize dryness. 

The shades I purchased were  601 Hologram and 334 Vibrant Metal.  Hologram is a sheer holographic silver sparkle.  The multidimensional shimmer in it are so fun and on trend with the unicorn vibes! This shade is very sheer and meant to be a topper shade or worn alone without being too editorial. I love this fun shade, it is something very unique and fun but still very wearable! The Vibrant Metal is an opaque metallic rose gold and it looks amazing on a medium-tan skin tone! It looks so chic and cool. I have received lot of compliments on this color because it is so fun and different. It is very wearable and the only true rose gold lip color I have seen! 

From fun to natural, the Rouge Dior Liquids have just about everything you'd want in a lip product collection! Finally, someone has made me want to buy every matte liquid lipstick! I NEVER thought that would happen but here I am, adding all the shades to my wishlist! If you aren't a matte lip person you are going to LOVE this matte lip formula! All the formulas are fantastic and the offer so many great shades, as well as, unique shades! I highly recommend getting any of these! You really won't regret trying one!

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