| Review | Dior Addict Lacquer Plump

| Review | Dior Addict Lacquer Plump 

Confession: I am an addict, not a Dior addict (well, I'm getting there) but a lacquer addict. If you haven't followed me from the beginning of my blogging days, you may not know this but I LOVE lip lacquers. When everyone was on the matte lip trend, I was fighting to get colorful glossy lips to be the hot trend. My favorite formula is the Armani Ecstasy Lacquers, I own almost every shade! So when Dior decided that they wanted to push into the lacquer territory, my curiosity got the best of me. Plus, they have kind of been killing it in the lip product department after they actually made me fall in love with a matte lip formula, their Rouge Dior Liquids (read my full review here). 

The Dior Dior Addict Lacquer Plump retails for $37.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. These lacquers are packaged in a clear acrylic or plastic tube with the interior of the tube being shaped like a lipstick bullet. Basically identical packaging to the discontinued Dior Addict Fluid Sticks! The fluid sticks are described as an "all-in-one lip hybrid" and a "innovative product combines maximum color impact, glossy shine, and a no makeup-feel". Could this just be the reformulation of an old lip product? I wish I could compare the two but I don't own any of the fluid sticks. Based on the description of the product below, it has similar properties but these lacquers seem to have much more and much bolder claims. These lacquers come in 18 different shades and 3 different color trends or finishes; Classic, Glitter, and Neon. Frankly, I wasn't too excited over the "Classic" shades because they seemed pretty standard and boring to me. Which is pretty shocking because if you know me, you know I love a good nude lip however, none of these Classic shades are actually that nude. These shades aren't ugly or bad shades but they're just your classic "my lips but better" and neutral pinks shades, which aren't unique to my collection, so I decided to pass for now. Since spring is here and summer is approaching, I went for fun shimmering and bright shades. 


Dior Platinum (glitter) - This shade is described as a glittery silver, the shade is more of a sheer frosty taupe-silver with a strong lavender-pink tone and rainbow bits of shimmer throughout. It contains a lot of fine shimmer but is still let's your natural lip color show through. This shade is really a throwback to the 90's frosty pink lip, which I don't know how I feel about. It is certainly unique and fun, I feel it is not as glittery, as it is shimmery, which makes it a bit easier to wear. It seems to be best as a topper shade because if you attempt to wear it very opaque, the griege-lavender tones can make you look a little washed-out. This frosty lip color is something I'm still on the fence about but it certainly is something different from what I already own. 

Dior Glitz (glitter) - This shade is described as a glittery coral, which is pretty accurate. It does have quite a strong orange base with coppery gold glitter. This shade actually looks similar to the combo I created in my Jouer Lip Topper Review (read it here). I used the Rouge Dior Liquid in 334 Vibrant Metal (a metallic rose gold) and Jouer Lip Topper in St. Tropez but the formula of the lip toppers are not my favorite, so this is a much better alternative! In fact the first day I wore this shade, my co-worker complimented me on the lip color I was wearing! 

Dancefloor (neon) - This shade is described as a rosy coral, which I would say is pretty spot on. The color offers a very fresh lip color and looks very juicy. The rosy coral is not a vibrant as you see it in the tube, I find it very wearable for everyday!


The applicator is a square doe-foot applicator with a rounded tip. It is easy to use and it is pretty good at precision application. The formula is quite opaque but can be easily built up. Reapplication is also pretty easy, even after the product has set or worn off. Although it "sets", it is not transfer proof or unable to be moved, it is just more of a gel than a liquid texture. This product sets best when you don't have any moisture on your lips, so be sure you don't use a lip balm prior to this or wipe it off very well. The gloss finish is not long lasting, it seems to wear off over time but the color remains fresh underneath. This formula is NOT AT ALL STICKY, which I am very pleased with! It has a very light floral scent but to be honest, I can hardly smell it, which is great! I don't like lip products that are heavily perfumed. 

Glitter - The glitter finish is quite unique and bold. They contain a lot of glitter but its very fine and you don't feel any grittiness or texture on the lips. The glitter is suspended in the lacquer which offers a jelly-like texture to the lips. It is very comfortable and has a nice shine. If you have always wanted to rock a glittery lip but was concerned about it being messy and migration of glitter, you will love this product because you get the beauty of the glitter lip with minimal negative aspects! When you first apply the glitter lacquers, they seem to apply a bit uneven but the formula is easy to build and layer. You can also move the color and glitter around before it sets. Once it's set, it doesn't have as much movement but if you find you didn't apply it evenly, you can still take your finger and smooth out and even out the glitter distribution without disturbing the color! I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with this glitter finish, it is a fusion of a metallic and a glitter lip color. It feels very comfortable and it last quite long. The glitter doesn't migrate a significant amount, which I appreciate. It will migrate and transfer if you are eating and drinking. It does wear off unevenly and some of the glitter will migrate to the edges. If you have read my Jouer Lip Topper Review (read it here) I had HUGE issue with the glitter migrating and making my lips look terrible! This is not nearly as bad but I do notice the migration of glitter to edges and uneven patches of worn off lip color and glitter, after drinking my morning coffee.

Non-glitter - This finish is much more forgiving because of the lack of shimmer. The finish is very fresh and jelly-like which looks beautiful for spring! It reminds me of "Asian-style" lip colors in the finish and fresh glossy look. It really makes your lips look luscious and juicy! It applies fairly opaque with one layer but can be built up to a higher opacity with 2 or more layers. This formula is not transfer-proof but it does fade much more evenly than the glitter finish. It does have a very light stain effect but nothing that will significantly last throughout the day if you are eating and drinking. I really enjoy this finish and formula of the non-glitter shades, it does remind me a lot of my favorite lip lacquer formula!

Mixing and Layering - Curiosity got the best of me and I had to know how these two finishes looked layered on top of one another. Since I bought very similar coral shades, it was the pefect time to experiment. I used 2 layers of Dancefloor, for an opaque base and I placed a bit of the Dior Glitz in the center of my lips and pressed them together. It did not blend as seamlessly as I had hoped because the glitter shade just seemed to sit on top of the non-glitter shade and it looked uneven and a bit patchy. so I then took my finger and blended the glitter shade into the lips and it looked AMAZING! It was a much more subtle version of the glitter shade alone but a more intense and complex version of the non-glitter shade. It is quite versatile in it's ability to adapt, which I attribute to the formula not fully setting on to the lips. The nice part about mixing the two textures is that the glitter doesn't wear off as evenly and the base color disguises the fact that the color is wearing off.

The product claims to be...

A plumping lacquered lip ink that provides intense, long-wear color and an incredibly comfortable texture. Dior has pushed the boundaries of lip lacquer even further with the creation of their first plumping lacquered lip ink. A true breakthrough from the Dior innovation labs, this liquid lipstick is the perfect makeup and skincare hybrid. Like a lip ink, it tints lips with long-wearing color for up to eight hours.* Like a plumper, it delivers a more voluminous lip look and shaping effect, along with unprecedented hydration. Lips experience a 78 percent increase in moisture levels** for up to 24 hours after application.

Its secret? An oil-in-water emulsion infused with pigments and enriched with a natural hibiscus extract for a volumizing effect, and hyaluronic acid for moisturization.
*Instrumental test, 20 subjects.**Instrumental test, 11 subjects. 
I'm not a person who feels the need to seek out "plumping" lip products but I'm not opposed to them. They often have a nice tingly feeling and seem to smooth out my lip lines, which I really appreciate.  I don't need my lips to look fuller (thankfully) but I don't mind them looking more youthful! It appears this product claims to provide a more voluminous look, which I translate to smoothing and plumping out lip lines, not making your lips larger. I am very excited to hear this because I am a huge fan of the Dior Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss, which provides a similarly described effect and I hope the texture of these lacquers will be just as wonderful! This product also claims to be makeup-skincare hybrid, which I am always excited for! This usually means the product will be highly nourishing and a treatment for the lips. There are some pretty bold claims here and I really hope they are all true!

Here's how the product actually performs within these claims:


When I first applied this product in the morning, my lips were pretty dry but the formula easily smoothed over any rough or dry patches I had, even the glitter formula didn't emphasize the obvious texture on my lips! The formula is kind of balmy and almost jelly, so it feels very hydrating but it doesn't have any slip or greasy feeling to the lips. Its just very comfortable, as described by Dior. The formula really does seem to fill in lines and texture and creates a line plumping effect. This line plumping effect makes your lips look fuller because they are smoother and more youthful!


This lacquer doesn't stain the lips, so I notice after I drink my morning coffee, the glitter lip color had a significant worn off look and it was quite uneven. At standing distance, you will not really notice the uneven wear but close up you can see it. I find that if you are doing any eating or drinking, expect to touch-up your lip color. As far as the non-glitter finish lacquers, it actually does stain the lips very well but don't expect it to last through a meal. It does wear off much more evenly than the glitter finish which I really appreciate!


The lacquer feels very hydrating while it is on and afterwards as well. Do I feel it is hydrating all day long (about 8 hours)? No, I don't think so. While it is on the lips, my lips feel hydrated, plump, and soft because there is a very hydrating and balmy veil on my lips. As it begins to wear away, you lose the moisture it offers. I find when it is completely faded, I don't feel hydration but I do agree, that there is no moisture loss. My lips don't feel drier but they also don't feel hydrated.


I would consider myself a very picky person when it comes to lip lacquers because I know what I want and like and I have also tried a formula I consider to be one of the best lip formulas ever. This one is definitely impressive in texture, formula, and finish! I think the glitter finish is the most unique lip formula I have come across! It's not easy to create a glitter lip color that doesn't become a mess throughout the day but this one is a very impressive attempt! Not perfect but a good attempt! I think the glitter finish is the most unique of the range and I would definitely purchase more. The non-glitter finish is STUNNING as well! It offers such a fresh jelly finish to your lips that make your lips look very luscious and juicy, which I love! This look is especially stunning for spring and summer! While this product is not as long-wearing as I hoped, it is a beautiful lip product and lives up to it's claims fairly well! I am definitely considering getting some more shades. They are really comfortable to wear long term and I have received compliments on my lips color since I started wearing these! I think even if you're not a gloss kind of person, you will really love these because of their unique, comfortable, and non-sticky texture! With such a huge shade range, I think there should be something for everyone!

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