| Review | ReVive Le Tint Moisturizing Veil

| Review | ReVive Le Tint Moisturizing Veil 

I have never tried anything from ReVive, but if I was going to pick one product that intrigued me the most it would be this one because I love makeup-skincare hybrids! Of course my dear friend, Michelle, knows me well enough to kindly gift me this luxurious skin tint! 

ReVive was created by Dr. Gregory Brown, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who found that many of his patients needed something beyond invasive surgery but needed something to improve the radiance and appearance of their skin. He developed this skincare line with  Bio-Renewal Technology, which contains a Nobel Prize-winning molecule that accelerates the healing of damaged skin, as well as, rejuvenates healthy skin cells! This molecule is incorporated into his Bio-Renewal Complex and dramatically improves signs of aging. This is the basis of this advanced luxury skincare range and the core of what provides the skincare benefits to each product. 

The ReVive Le Tint Moisturizing Veil retails for $105.00 USD and is available at ReVive, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers. This product is beautifully packaged in a ombre frosted glass bottle. The frosted white fades out at the bottom revealing the skin tone shade inside. The product is dispensed from a dropper from the cap of the bottle. It looks and feels very luxurious. This Moisturizing Veil comes in three shades and is intended to be the last step in your skincare routine.

I love this quote from the product description on the Neiman Marcus site from Dr. Gregory Brown:

"I believe anything you apply to your face should have therapeutic benefit—otherwise, it's a missed opportunity to treat your skin. That's why the RéVive Le Tint also has cell renewing and moisturizing benefits. It's the perfect finish to your daily RéVive skincare regimen."
A veil of fresh, sheer color in a lightweight oil. Blends seamlessly. Hides imperfections. Unique light-enhancing pigments create a sheer, even complexion. Super lightweight oils, native to the Mediterranean region and eastern Africa, nourish skin powered by RES technology to help promote skin cell turnover to reveal smoother, softer skin.
  • Three skin-enhancing shades blend seamlessly with skin to create a bare-skin effect with a natural glow.
  • Sheer coverage.
  • Skin looks and feels smoother and softer.
Application: Shake well. Smooth over skin after applying your daily RéVive serum and SPF moisturizer.


I too, believe that we should be using products that not only make our skin look good but also treat our skin. This is not always possible but when I can, I like to use skincare-makeup hybrids. This product is a sheer skin tint that helps even out the skin tone and provide a bit of radiance without being a heavy foundation. It is meant to be a tinted treatment but is very reminiscent of the serum foundation formulas that have become quite popular recently. This product is essentially a pigment suspended in a light-weight oil. Shaking well prior to application is key because the product does separate when unused. It is a very runny liquid formula that feel like nothing going on the skin but it leaves behind a beautiful veil of color and glow to the skin. I find the best application of this product is to dot it on the face and use a brush to stipple the product into the skin and then go in with a beauty sponge afterwards for a seamless blend. This way the product isn't instantly soaked into the beauty sponge and you get a good coverage with the product and a flawless finish! I find I only need about 4-8 drops of this product depending on the coverage I am going for. I feel that 6 drops is ideal for fuller coverage. Full coverage doesn't mean complete coverage, you will still see some spots of discoloration. For me, that is discoloration are some sun spots, which I just use a touch of concealer to cover and my base is perfect!


Because the formula is so light and blends into the skin so seamlessly, it really looks extremely natural and like second-skin! It has his surreal skin effect that I have only seen with one other foundation before and that is the Cle de Peau The Foundation, my all time favorite foundation! Read my full review on it here. This is a pretty good alternative and half the price of the Cle de Peau skincare-foundation hybrid. My skin looks very naturally flawless, soft, and blurred! Almost like there is a filter over my skin! It does leave quite a glowy finish, which I have heard many people say is a bit too glowy, but since I have dry skin, I welcome all the glow I can get! The glow comes from the light-weight oil, not shimmer. If you have ever mixed an oil into your foundation before, this offers the same effect. The finish isn't greasy, just very healthy! I do notice when I use a lot of product for a fuller coverage it is significantly glowier, the best remedy to tone down the glow a bit is to press a beauty sponge all over to make sure all the product is fused with the skin and the excess oil is picked up by the sponge. Then I recommend lightly powdering the nose and other oil-prone areas but other than that I think it sets to a beautiful finish! I find that the finish sin't wet or sticky, which makes it easy to apply powder products without disrupting the foundation beneath. I used my powder bronzer on top without setting the product underneath and it glided on perfectly and blended into the Moisturizing Veil flawlessly! The set product is almost like petal soft skin, almost like you may have a light during of powder all over but it still has a beautiful healthy glow!

You can see how glowy this foundation looks, I did not set my makeup in this picture and I have no highlighter on. 


The shade range is extremely limited with only three shades available in the line however, the colors are very adaptable and adjust very well to your skin tone. I have both heard this from other people and experienced it for myself. The shade I currently have is 2 and it suits my year-round skin tone, which is about an NC25-30. The shades look very orange and dark in the bottle but as you apply it, it adjusts to your skin tone, in fact I think the shade 2 may be a pinch too light but not noticeable, especially since I wear bronzer daily.


When the product is completely set with powder, it wears for 8+ hours on my skin flawlessly! However, I do need to blot my nose by mid day, it gets quite shiny. If you choose not to set your whole face with powder, it will probably wear pretty solid for 5 to 6 hours, depending on your skin type of course. I actually prefer and recommend only selectively powdering to maintain the beautiful and fresh glow.


As with many of my skincare-makeup hybrid reviews, I do not recommend relying on this product to provide life-changing skincare benefits. The reason why I love and recommend these skincare-makeup hybrid products is because I truly believe every little bit helps but you will still need to have a strong and consistent skincare routine to truly have beautiful and youthful skin. I also find that makeup products that are infused with skincare tend to sit much better on the skin and fuse with the skin more seamlessly for a natural look.

I will say that this formula is extremely hydrating, which is so great for dry skin types and mature skin types. It really helps plump out lines because of the oils infused into the foundation and makes your skin look radiant and healthy all day. This foundation is my go-to in the fall and winter when my skin is dry and when I get sick because it makes you looks so healthy!


I am INCREDIBLY impressed with this product! It really perfects the skin and gives my skin an insanely healthy and fresh glow! I love the hydration this product provides my skin. I was having some weird issues with my skin, I was having some breakouts and my skin was feeling extra dry and this was one of the only foundations that made my skin look good. It didn't exacerbate my already very reactive skin at the time. It disguised my dry texture and smoothed nicely over my blemishes. This is definitely not a foundation for everyone, it is best for mature and dry skin types because it is quite rich and emollient. While it doesn't last as long without powder, the finish is too beautiful to cover up with powder. I like to carry around a cushion foundation to touch this one up if I'm going to be out and about for a long day. I found that both powders and creams work well on top of this foundation. I highly recommend this foundation, if your skin type compliments this formula and you can find a shad match! I am a big fan of this nourishing formula and I will be using it frequently heading deeper into fall and winter!

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