| Review | Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette

| Review | Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette

We just need to all agree that Natasha Denona is killing it this year with launches no matter how small! This mini palette doesn't disappoint for those looking to get a taste of the brand and those looking to start with something wearable. So many people often rave about Natasha Denona products but it wasn't until this year that I really began to get into the brand. I love that she's been bringing out these minis because they're great to add to my already large makeup collection. 

The Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette retails for $25.00 USD  and is available at Sephora. Like her previous minis and full sized palettes, the packaging is a hinged compact with a clear cover. I love having the clear cover because it makes it so easy to quickly identify the palette you're looking for, this makes sense because she is a makeup artist. The palette is very sturdy and keeps the shadows safe during travel. 

The mini is much smaller than the original palettes with only .8 g of product compared to the regular sized palettes that contain 2.26 g of product. Of course it's not the best value but it still maintains its quality so I'm not disappointed. I have yet to finish an eyeshadow palette, so I'm not too worried about having less product. 

The palette contains 5 shades that are identical to the original palette, whereas some of the other minis like the Lila Palette, contain accompanying shades to the large palette. The shades in this palette are: 

Swatches from Left to Right: Orion, Atik, Bellatrix, Earth, Cosmo

Orion - This duochrome plummy-brown and green is the most unique and complex shade in the palette. You may be thinking "I've seen this shade done many times before!" True, but this one is a little different than ones you may have used. Unlike some version of this shadow, as you blend it, the undertone shade comes through more, giving you a plummy-brown shade with little flecks of green shimmer. I find typically with these kind of shades that the green tends to be really strong regardless of how much you blend the shade. This shadow is very chameleon in behavior depending on which shades you layer it over and blend it into. 

Atik - This matte light warm camel shade is the perfect blending/transition shade for most skin tones. It has just the perfect touch of warmth to make the transition and crease very seamless. It is a very creamy texture and it builds up very well to full pigment. 

Bellatrix - This pink toned champagne shade is beautiful for all over the lid! This shade is very creamy and pigmented and would flattering most skin tones. It's a great shade for a one shadow look, if you're feeling extra lazy. 

Earth - This deep matte brown is essential for adding more depth and complexity to this palette. This shade is very pigmented, so I recommend applying a little at a time to avoid fallout because these shadows are a bit soft and powdery. 

Cosmo - This rich dirty gold shade has much chunkier and grittier texture. This is my least favorite shade because it has the worst texture. It is very fallout-prone and it doesn't apply evenly on the eyes. This is a shade you really have to work with to achieve a nice finish.

I haven't heard the best reviews for this palette but I honestly think it's really beautiful and easy to use. I didn't have any issues with blending or patchiness of the shadows, with the exception of Cosmo (the gold). The trick with these softer textured eyeshadows is to build the color. This helps avoid fallout and patchiness. Patchiness is often caused by trying to get full pigment from the start then trying to blend product away. I recommend layering and going back in with the shades you want to be more vibrant or deeper. I also recommend using a very dense and stuff flat brush to pack the color on and then a smaller blending brush just to blend out the edges.

Here are some looks I created with this palette:

I have been applying this shadow palette the same way I use any of my shadow palettes and I have encountered no issues. I think that the texture is a bit soft, so it can kick up so excess shadow but this has not caused any major issues in my looks. For the price, I think it's a great little palette for fall and winter. This palette can go from everyday to night out easily, making it extremely versatile and great for travel. I have really been enjoying the color combination and I really believe the quality of these shadows is excellent. I highly recommend checking out this mini palette for a taste into Natasha Denona eyeshadows without breaking the bank. I love these fun, yet neutral shades that can be worn everyday or applied boldly for a fun evening look! I have taken this palette traveling with me and the shades all work so well together to create many cohesive looks or they're great to pair with other eyeshadows!

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  1. Lovely review. The shades in this palette look so pretty. I haven't tried any Natasha Denona makeup before, but definitely want to. I will probably get one of these mini palettes first.


    1. Hey! These are great introductions into the brand because I can't imagine using up an entire palette. This one is a great play on neutrals to try.

  2. Beautiful palette and probaby the only size I can afford! Love the duochrome shade - looks a lot like the duo chrome in the Revolution x Soph palette that I'm in love with!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

    1. It's a beautiful palette at a great price! I highly recommend it! I've never tried that Revolution Palette before but I will look into it.