| Review | Cle de Peau The Foundation

Cle de Peau The Foundation Review and Swatches

| Review | Cle de Peau The Foundation 

What compels a person to buy a $250 foundation? Hmmm... I'm not sure but it might be the devil or maybe the foundation is just THAT good? Well, I did it and here are my thoughts on it. 

The Cle de Peau The Foundation retails for $250.00 USD and is available at Neiman Marcus, NordstromSaks, and other retailers. Wow, yes.... a whopping $250! *insert flying money emoji here* Easily the most expensive foundation I have seen or paid for! I wouldn't pay full price for this but in a way, I did. I received a $30 off $300 from Saks but that's not the only reason why I bit the bullet and bought this product. 

SIDE RANT! DON'T ORDER FROM SAKS FIFTH AVENUE! When this product was delivered to me, it came in a GIGANTIC box! I had only order this product along with a Tom Ford Lipstick and the box it came in could fit a large handbag! The worst part was there was practically no stuffing or interior packaging and my products were thrown around inside! The foundation, along with the contents in the foundation box were just floating around in the huge package! The applicator/spatula that came with the foundation was missing because everything was out of the box when I opened my package! I am so appalled by their carelessness and lack of quality control! To spend that much on product, only to have it shipped to me thrown into a gigantic box without a care is so upsetting! After contacting customer support, they only gave me a generic response with an apology and an offer to return and exchange for a new one with rush shipping. Honestly, the initial interaction was so upsetting, I don't want to business with them ever again! I have never had problems like this with other luxury retailers, I honestly regret purchasing from them. The savings from their coupon was not worth the lack of quality and customer service. I will no longer be shopping from them after this horrid experience. 

Sorry to get so off track, now back to the foundation review! 

A couple weeks before purchasing the foundation, I got a sample at my local counter. I must say the color match is lacking. They offer only 12 shades of various tones which really means there are only 4 shades for the each tone (warm, cool, and neutral). My closest match was 030 which is a neutral medium shade but is just a pinch too light for my skin tone. I am about an NC30-35 in MAC foundations for reference. The shade 040 seemed too yellow for my skin tone even though it was darker than the 030. Now that I have been wearing it for a while, I find the color doesn't oxidize but the shade seems to adjust slightly after application and with a little bit of bronzer it looks really good. If you are a similar coloring to me, this shade is the closest match. I can definitely get away with using 040 too, I will probably purchase this shade going into the warmer months. I hope they will release a couple more shades soon.  

I was very curious about this foundation after watching Tati's video on it (watch her video here.) She mentions that it is similar to the Chanel Sublimage Foundation but better. Since the Chanel one was on my list, I figured I had to get a sample of the Cle de Peau and test it out for myself, before purchasing one or the other. After using up my sample after a little over a week, I knew I had to get one but the price really had me on the edge about whether it was really worth it. 

The product is housed in the most beautiful and most luxurious ornate jar. It looks like a giant crystal on my vanity, so luxurious and classy! It even comes with a little stand and applicator that sticks into the stand (mine was lost in shipping)! Everything about this product oozes luxury. 

The Claims: 

This product is supposed to be a skincare-makeup hybrid. It has their exclusive skincare complex for anti-aging, retexturizing, and hydration. Everything it claims sounds incredibly promising and as an individual who loves skincare-makeup hybrids, I couldn't be more excited to try this beauty out.  

Here is the complete description on the Neiman Marcus website: 
An ultra-luxurious, medium-coverage foundation that blurs imperfections leaving skin perfectly even-toned, luminous and cashmere to the touch. Developed from unprecedented skincare science, this lightweight foundation contains radiance-boosting exclusive Illuminating Complex EX which moisturizes, rejuvenates, retexturizes and visibly repairs environmental skin damage for smoothing, radiant coverage.
How It Works:
  • Contains the signature skincare ingredient Illuminating Complex EX to diminish the appearance of damage caused by dryness and to bring visible improvement to skin by providing hydration and a smooth refined texture.
  • Unique gel-oil base brings out the natural beauty of skin and blurs imperfections rather than covering them with powders leaving you with a soft focus finish.
  • Reduces visible signs of dryness and the appearance of fine lines while promoting an appearance of firmness and resilience.
  • Features a smooth texture and inspires an indulgent feeling that parallels the application of a luxurious skincare cream.
  • Maintains beautiful coverage and keeps skin looking smooth and refined all day long.
  • Replenishes moisture all day long and minimizes imperfections attributed to visible signs of aging for more beautiful, youthful-looking skin.
  • Delivers noticeable retexturizing effects with continued use.
  • Formulated with ingredients that protect the natural beauty of skin and help defend against the visible signs of aging that are caused by UV rays, dryness and oxidation.
  • Formulated with a fragrance of natural rose essence that inspires feelings of elegance and luxury.
How To Use:
  • Apply following skincare or the application of primer.
  • Use the spatula provided, apply foundation to five points (forehead, nose, chin and both cheeks) on face.
  • Smooth the foundation over your cheek with two or three circular motions, working upward and outward until evenly blended. Apply to the other cheek in the same manner. Complete the application by smoothing foundation over your forehead and nose and around the eyes.
  • Follow with concealer and set with translucent loose powder or refining pressed powder.
Broad Spectrum SPF 21.Dermatologist Tested.

The verdict:

The skincare properties and claims are so real! Let's break it down...

Radiance boosting - The glow you get from this product is so soft and beautiful, it looks like very healthy skin without being too shiny. You will notice the difference when you go back and forth between this product and a standard foundation. The way it sits on your skin it projects the most beautiful glow that is so hard to describe. I guess it can best describes as "surreal skin". The unique aspect of this foundation seems to be its chameleon-like ability to change in finish. When using a pore-filling and mattifying primer underneath, it is a satin finish , however if you use a more glowing or emollient primer underneath, it is more radiant! This product really seems like it will work well on all skin types!

Retexturizing and Soft-focus effect - Wow! You will be shocked at how the texture of this product seems to just create a luminous perfected veil over the skin. Almost like a real life filter or like new skin! It has this soft focus effect and it doesn't sink into lines, it actually plumps them out and makes your skin look youthful and fresh! I have started to develop deeper smile lines and sometimes foundation just sinks into them, making me look older than I am, I don't have this problem when using this product. This foundation sits so beautifully on the skin and just makes your skin look smoother and creates a new better skin texture! It creates a youthful veil over your skin and you will notice the difference in the texture of your skin! It is unlike ANY foundation I have every used! 

Medium Coverage - I agree! In fact, I believe it can easily be built up to full coverage! The coverage is very buildable and you really need very little. I literally used my tiny sample for over a week! You can have a light coverage or layer it for more coverage without the feeling or look of more product! It covers really well and covers all of my discoloration on my skin. I just dot the product on my face with a spatula or fingers, start with a little because it is quite pigmented. Then, I like to use a sponge or a large buffing brush to apply this product and it is best to use a pressing or stippling motion to achieve flawless coverage. 

Hydrating - This is actually the thing that really won me over. I have been suffering with dry patches since the weather has been so back and forth, hot and cold, lately. After I finished my sample, using other foundations made me realize how hydrating and nourishing this product was to my skin. I wanted more! I used other foundations but they seemed to emphasize and maintain my dry patches and at the end of the day, my skin felt drier than when it started. I've been having to layer on rich moisturizer to try to help my skin feel hydrated while wearing standard foundations. With this foundation, my skin just looks so healthy, flawless, and glowing! It maintains hydration all day long and always looks so fresh!

Long-lasting - Even without primer, this foundation last and stays looking fresh all day long (8 hours)! I recommend only powdering your oiliest zones, like the nose because you don't want to cover up the beautiful texture and luminosity of this foundation. The foundation does "set" into the skin, so it doesn't have a wet or tacky finish. Have you ever looked in the mirror after a long day and said "Wow! My skin looks amazing and I didn't even touch up!" ? Yes, this product is that incredible!
This foundation also actually makes my cream products last longer on my skin! I have been really enjoying using my cream products because of the way they fuse so beautifully with the foundation. 

Anti-aging - After using this product for little over a week, I noticed those deeper smile lines starting to plump out! I'm not kidding! Suddenly, some of my previous foundations that used to sink into my smile lines, didn't anymore! My skin just looks youthful and it feels so soft. Hydration has always been an issue when it comes to wearing makeup daily but with this product I really feel it treating my skin! The overall difference is subtle but noticeable! Hmm.. I have to say, I'm a believer!

Well as you probably can tell by now, no one spends $250 on a foundation they don't like! The gel-cream texture of this product is really beautiful and unlike any foundation I have used in the past. I was strongly considering repurchasing a refill of my favorite skincare-makeup hybrid, the Dior Dreamskin cushion (full review here), because I had finished two cushions. I love the effect this product gives my skin but the coverage is very very light! Also, I haven't noticed a whole lot of skincare benefits from the use of this product and I seem to go through the cushions quite quickly with regular use.

With the coverage the Cle de Peau foundation provides me, I don't use a lot of product to achieve the results I'm looking for. Additionally, the results are beautiful and I have even seen skin improvement by using this product! My dry skin makes it tricky to use fuller coverage foundations without emphasizing texture but the buildable medium coverage of this foundation covers everything I need but still leaves my skin feeling light, hydrated, and smooth. The "surreal skin" effect that this product creates is just unbelievable! The texture of my skin looks beyond amazing and the unique radiance this product provides plays a huge role in the overall finish of this product on the skin. I don't like to set this foundation, except for my nose because the defeats the purpose of the skin-smoothing radiance but even without setting this foundation it lasts 8+ hours with some oil break through in on my my nose. Though my nose does tend to get oilier throughout the day, the makeup doesn't break down, it is just the shine that comes through, which is easily fixed by blotting papers or a bit of powder. I have also used a primer in the areas where I tend to get oily and leave my face unpowdered and my face looks flawless all day long!


Here is what the foundation looks like on my skin. This is freshly applied and without any powder at all on my skin. You can see how flawless my skin looks but it doesn't look heavy at all. My skin is just perfected and it has such a stunning luminous glow. 

Cle de Peau The Foundation Review and Swatches

I love this foundation but at $250 is it really worth it? Yes! Yes! A million times YES!

Although this foundation costs a small fortune, it will last you a long time and you won't want to use another foundation ever again! Seriously, since I purchased this foundation I want to use nothing else.  I would throw out all my foundations, if I could have a life-time supply of this one! I know, that's crazy but it's honestly how I feel! The only teeny tiny thing I don't love about this product is that it isn't travel friendly. I will have to decant some into a jar for travel, which is fine, I just prefer not to. Other than that, this is the foundation I have been dreaming about for years! It is so lush, luxurious, and beautiful in every way. I can't get enough of it and I'm glad I spent the hefty price to get it!

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  1. Curious as to how you looked with it on! I wish you had posted yourself wearing it.

  2. Wow! Thanks for this review. I was just introduced to this line in NYC (not sold in our city) & I have been thinking about getting the foundation ever since. I am going to bite the bullet and try the foundation! Can't wait!