| Review | NARS Holiday 2018 Hot Tryst Cheek Palette

| Review | NARS Holiday 2018 Hot Tryst Cheek Palette

Shining studded packaging and shimmering powders is the theme for this year's NARS holiday collection and I am all for it! The collection is a rock and roll, edgy paradise and this palette is definitely the star! I knew from seeing the promo pictures that I had to get a hold of this palette!


The NARS Hot Tryst Cheek Palette retails for $59.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This large cheek palette is beautifully embellished with a 3D gunmetal studded design with the thin metallic red lettering of "NARS" written across the front. The packaging encapsulates the brand's edgy identity so well that I vote they should do all their packaging like this from now on! The packaging is extremely unique to any product I have seen and it looks and feels so cool!


This palette contains 6 large pans of cheek products with a gorgeous stud-like embossing! These cheek products are a gel-powder formula that can be used wet or dry. I personally prefer this formula to traditional powder formulas because they tend to be very pigmented, creamy, and blend beautifully into the skin. These 6 powders hit high marks in all these departments! Plus, they can be used on the eyes as well! I have been loving this palette for both eyes and cheeks! You know how everyone is going crazy for these cherry and berry toned shadows lately, well this palette provides this look and doubles as cheek products!

The shades in this palette are:

Top Row Left to Right

King's Road - This shade is a duochrome white pearl to pink pearl kind of shade. You often see this duchrome for a highlighter. This one offers a subtle flash of pink when used dry but will become more pink when used wet or when layered over pink shades. It has soft pearl and isn't metallic or glittery but still has some impact.

Swindle - This soft pale pink is the coolest of all the shades in the palette but doesn't look unnatural on a warm skin tone. It becomes the closest to a "neutral" blush shade on warm skin tones and just adds a subtle flush of pink.

Untamed -This rich raspberry shade has a pink reflect and it has amazing pigmentation! This shade is a great fall flush or beautiful on the eyes for that berry look everyone is trying to achieve this season!

Bottom Row Left to Right 

Friction - This is probably one of the most unique and coolest highlighter shades I have ever seen! This shade is a bronze-taupe shade that is quite metallic. It looks so great on a medium to deep skin tone but if you have a hair skin tone, you can still wear this lightly or mix it with the other highlight shade. It works beautifully as an eyeshadow shade!

Bowery - This shade is a light peachy-coral shade and is the warmest shade in the palette. This soft shade has a luminous sheen but doesn't contain much shimmer or metallic properties.

Adrenaline - This medium fuchsia shade has a beautiful gold sheen infused throughout it. It is quite unique and offers a beautiful flush and glow.


I applied the shades a little more subtly in this look but trust me, it can pack on some color! 

What else can I say about this palette that it doesn't already say for itself? It's a beauty! The pigments are vibrant and luminous. The formula is easy to build up to a much higher intensity but the formula is still easily blendable. The colors are stunning for fall and winter! I think the fact that this palette doubles as an eye palette makes me love it so much more. The colors are so unique and beautiful! What's really nice about this formula is that it doesn't contain a heavy amount of shimmer or sparkle, it just provides a beautiful luminosity and glow. I personally like this palette more as an eye palette than a cheek palette because it creates such a beautiful eye look! You really get your money's worth with this palette because you really can do so much with it! If you're looking for a holiday treat, this one is a great value and is beautiful!

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