| Review | Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist

| Review | Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist

What could be more refreshing than a coconut mist? I don't know but with summer approaching a coconut mist sounds like something I'll need! I'm not a big setting spray kind of person. I really don't use it daily but if I happen to be laying on the base makeup pretty heavy that day or my skin is looking particularly dry, it's a definite must!

The Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist retails for $39.00 USD for 3.8oz and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This setting spray is housed in a frosted plastic bottle, similar to the rest of the coconut collection. It is elegant, sleek, and luxurious. The bottle comes with a lot of product for the price, which makes this luxury setting spray a great value. The product of course has a fresh coconut scent but isn't too strong or overwhelming. 


The spritz mechanism is not great. It is not a fine refreshing mist but comes out of the bottle in squirts and large droplets. This is incredibly disappointing because the product itself is wonderful. I recommend spritzing the product from as far away as possible and then using a brush to stipple in the larger droplets. The stippling motion will work the product into the surface of the skin without disturbing the placement of the makeup. It seems quite annoying that your would have to go through a process like this with a setting spray, especially one that is considered luxury. However, the product is quite good!


This setting spray offers a very dewy and glowing finish to the skin. I mean very glowy! More so than with most setting sprays, which I personally really like because of my dry skin! However, I think if you have an oily skin type, you may find this to be too shiny for you. I find this product provides a very fresh and radiant look to the complexion and really helps products settle into the skin. It makes all your products look very natural, as if they are naturally part of your skin or like you aren't really wearing makeup. It extends the wear time of my makeup, my face looks as fresh the end of the day, as it does after first application but don't expect this spray to maintain oil. It is more of a hydrating fixing and setting spray. 


I like how it makes my makeup fuse into my skin and look very natural but I just wish the spray mechanism wasn't so terrible! The large droplets of product is wasteful because it seems to end up everywhere, in my hair and on my chest but also just make the product difficult to work with. Like I stated earlier, in order to distribute the product all over my face, I need to use a brush to stipple the product around my face after I spray my face. It really deters me from wanting to purchase this product again, despite the fact that the product is actually very good! I will say, the formula is beautiful. It is excellent for dry skin types because it helps disguise any dry texture and provides a really stunning glow all over the skin. The spray needs very nourishing an makes my skin look incredibly healthy but until they fix their spray mechanism, I can't recommend this setting spray.  

I would like to add that I have been using it as a product to blend in my foundation and base products, which has been working very well. I place or dot my foundation all over and spritz my face with the setting spray and then blend it in with a brush. It seems to help fuse the product to my skin and makes it last much longer. Also, it helps with blending and adds a healthy glow all over. I think this is the best way to use this product since the spray is so inconsistent. 

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