| Review | Winky Lux Glazed Up Kit

| Review | Winky Lux Glazed Up Kit

I had seen this brand around a lot on social media and have long admired their adorable packaging and unique product line. They have recently launched at Ulta and were very kind to send these product to try! 

Winky Lux is an NYC-based brand that strives to deliver trendy and innovative products without parabens, pthalates, and animal testing! With luxurious packaging and ingredients, their products are unique and one-of-a-kind products. 

The Winky Lux Glazed Up Kit retails for $22.00 USD ($30.00+ value) and is available at Ulta. This kit comes in a adorable doughnut bag and includes a Lit Strobing Balm and a Glimmer Balm. Everything about the Winky Lux packaging is very well thought out and looks beautiful. The floral printed cardboard boxes are just a delight and the packaging of the products is actually quite simple and feminine. The actual packaging of the products is very simple but also very creative! The highlighter is a basic white compact but the lipsticks look like pretty pills! I think that is so fun and unique!

 Swatched lightly and blended
 Swatched heavy and blended
Swatched heavy and blended

The Strobing Blam in Lit retails for $16.00 USD if bought individually at Winky Lux. This smooth, sheer, and glossy cream highlighter. I was a bit concerned about this shade because it looks very white and light in the pan but it is sheer and glossy. Very similar to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate highlighter shade! It looks very fresh, natural, and glossy on the cheekbones. I can see why it is in the "glazed" kit because it really does give you that glazed donut effect! I really love this formula because it isn't sticky or greasy but it does have a slightly wet texture but the overall wet and glossy effect is so beautiful. It really feels and looks like a luxurious product made for the runway. It is much more pigmented than the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate highlighter and can be built up to be quite intense. It really makes my complexion look fresh and bright!

The Glimmer Balm retails for $14.00 USD if bought individually at Ulta. This shimmering clear balm has beautiful blue and purple shimmers running through it. This balm is a pH-activating lip balm with shimmer that adjusts from clear to your unique shade. The shimmers are very fine and don't really show up on the lips but just add a hint of reflect and complexity to this clear balm. As you apply the balm, you will instantly see you lips change to a flushed shade. My lips turn quite pink and it looks very beautiful and natural! The balm is incredibly smoothing and hydrating. It keeps my lips very soft and hydrated for a long time and the flushed shade is a bit of a stain that lasts very long.

Overall, this Glazed Up Kit is a great value and contains amazing products! I love the sheer and buildable textures. The products have really natural finishes, making them very daytime and everyday appropriate. The highlighter offers a beautiful glossy glow that will work for any skin tone and really reminds me of the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Highlighter. It is very sophisticated and luxurious on the skin and looks very runway chic. Paired with this pH lip balm, which I honestly had doubts about, but in the end it won me over with its beauty and hydrating formula! This is my first time trying anything from the Winky Lux brand and I am very impressed! The cutesy packaging ans donut bag are a super cute bonus! If you haven't tried Winky Lux before, I highly recommend this kit! It is a great introduction to the brand, it is a great value, and the products are amazing!

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