| Review | Eylsian Cosmetics Delorean Age-Suspending Treatment Primer

| Review | Eylsian Cosmetics Delorean Age-Suspending Treatment Primer 

As many of you already know, I have a serious love and obsession with skincare-makeup hybrids. So when Eylsian Cosmetics reached out to me about trying their Age-Suspending Treatment Primer, I had to say yes!

Eylsian Cosmetics is a start-up brand with a mission to deliver luxurious makeup products with skincare benefits. This is a mission statement that I can totally get on board with! As I've gotten older, I have been very attracted to any products that claim to treat my skin while serving as a makeup product because I feel like I need to treat my skin all day to maintain it's healthy and youthful look.

The Eylsian Cosmetics Delorean Age-Suspending Treatment Primer retails for $82.00 USD and is available at Eylsian Cosmetics. The treatment primer is beautifully packaged in a reflective silver plastic bottle. The pump is flushed into the top of the bottle. The overall packaging looks very edgy and luxurious. The pump is easy to control and doesn't dispense too much product. The bottle is very sturdy and looks very sleek. 

The primer has the texture and look of a serum. It has a milky coloring and smooths on like a silicone primer but with a very hydrating and nourishing feeling. It is highly recommended by Eylsian to apply the treatment primer directly after you apply your moisturizer, this way the hylauronic acid in primer can lock in moisture for a comfortable long-wearing base. I typically use a pretty emollient cream in the winter time and combined with this primer, it really helps lock in moisture, smooth over dry patches, and increases the wear-time of even the more emollient bases! 

The primer has no noticeable fragrance and it is quite smoothing. My bases seems to glide on very easily and despite having dry texture, it does not emphasize this texture. It is hydrating yet oil-controlling, which makes it great for all skin types. Hydration is key in age prevention and skin health, this hylauronic acid infused serum primer is a real game changer! Typically oil-controlling primers tend to dry out my skin and emphasize the dry texture on my skin but this one is much more forgiving and loving to my skin because of the skincare infusion. 

The primer formula contains a potent and powerful combination of active ingredients and antioxidants to treat the skin immediately and for long-term anti-aging benefits. I spot multiple types of peptides in this product, which is great for triggering the production of collagen. This triggering of collagen production increases skin elasticity and prevents signs of aging. Peptides take time to work, so long term use of exposure will improve your skin's texture and overall look. Here is the full ingredients list: 

This primer is formulated without oil, alcohol, fragrance, essential oils, animal byproducts,  glute, sulfates, parabens, pthalates, and synthetic dyes. This product is also non-toxic,  vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free. This formula is great for sensitive skin types or high reactive skin types because it isn't formulated with fragrance and other irritating ingredients.  

Take a look at the full ingredients list here (taken from their site): 

I was very happy to see that with this product underneath my very dewy and emollient foundation, topped with my even dewier and emollient Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheek product (full review here and featured in my Best of Tom Ford 2017 here), it kept my products on pretty flawlessly for 8+ hours! While I'm not usually a "primer-person" and don't usually wear it daily, I am starting to see the purpose of using one and the benefits it provides. With this primer my skin felt hydrated all day and my makeup stayed on all day long! Also, like I previously stated it is oil-controlling! I personally prefer oil-controlling over mattifying because I prefer a more natural or dewy finish to my skin. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this primer. I feel it really helped maintain a hydrated and healthy looking complexion while increasing the wear-time of all my base products! While the price is quite high, the product is skincare infused and has anti-aging benefits. With the extra hydration and skincare this product provides, I have gradually seen improvement in my skin. Most significantly, a huge reduction in dryness and therefore, plumper and younger looking skin. This is a beautiful treatment primer and is unique to my collection of makeup-skincare hybrids.