| Review | Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018

| Review | Beautylish Lucky Bag 2018

These mystery beauty bags have been very popular lately but Beautylish is one of the original companies offering them. For many years I have admired these from a distance but this year, I took the dive and purchased one. No doubt there is a lot of hype around these lucky bags from years past and they seem to sell out faster and faster every year. This year they offered a pre-sale option which I opted for so I could try my luck. While I pre-ordered mine in December, they are not set to ship until January 2018. The anticipation is killing me! 

Why try your luck? Should you do it? 

Admittedly, I am not much of a risk taker or gambler. While I love going to Vegas for the food and fun, I have only gambled a handful of times and it was very conservatively. So was I very concerned about spending $75.00 on a mystery bag? Definitely! So why go for it? 

You don't own a lot from the Beautylish brands that the boutique offers. There are a lot of great brands on the Beautylish site that I don't own much from including Charlotte Tilbury, Wayne Goss, Natasha Denona, Jeffree Star, etc. So my chances of getting something you don't own are pretty high! 

You're getting some high end and name brand products. Unlike subscription boxes, which are often a real mystery from the brands to the products, you know you are getting some high end and quality brands.

It's a great value! They're mostly full-sized or travel-sized products! From what I can tell from previous years,  people tend to receive a couple full sized items along with a travel-size or two. So the value for the price is really excellent! Even if you get some things you might own or might not work for you, for the amount of product you are receiving for the price, it is really reasonable. I have read on a couple of forums about people who didn't like their bag but listed out the value and it is still very good.

The Concerns:

The products don't compliment your skin tone. This year they gave the options of a light to medium and medium to dark skin tone bags however, I am a medium and I could do both. I went with the light medium route hoping I won't end up with a bunch of products that won't show up on my skin tone but who knows! It is random!
Receiving unpopular items in your bag. I have read in the past that many of the items placed into these bags are the unpopular items that weren't sold from the previous year. Hmmm... while I will probably be happy with most of the products I will get, I do have some concerns that I might receive unpopular products that are unpopular for a reason.

Receiving products you already own. I think for those who are beauty addicts, the major concern is receiving products that you already own. I remember seeing a friend on Instagram, wishing that Beautylish would look at our purchase history before sending out lucky bags but this would of course defeat the purpose of these bags being totally random. Most likely, these boxes are pre-packed and the shipping labels are randomly put on each box, ensuring total random and luck.

There seems to be more positives than negatives to purchasing these mystery bags, however I wish the Luck Bag XLs weren't sold out by the time I got on the site. They are a much better value and you can get higher ticket items in there. I am trying not to get my hopes up for anything crazy nice but it's hard when people are posting or have posted what they received in the past. I keep telling myself that its all in the luck of the draw and shouldn't expect to love everything I receive.

The reality - What I actually got:

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Smokey Eye $75.00 USD

Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder in Light/Medium $35.00 USD

Jouer Lip Topper in St. Tropez $16.00 USD

Wayne Goss Fan Brush $25.00 USD

Smith and Cult Nail Polish in "Dark Like Me" $18.00 USD

Anna Sui Nail Polish in 1905 $12.00 USD

Sulwahsoo First Care Activating Mask $12.00 USD value (actually $60.00 for 5 Masks)

Total value: $193.00 USD

Overall, this is a great value! I paid a total of $87.81 including tax and shipping. So for all the product and quality of products I relieved it is absolutely a great deal! If I am being truly honest, I am a little disappointed about receiving two nail polishes. Also, it appears the Anna Sui polish is an "unpopular item" because I can't find the shade on their website. I'm really not a nail polish person and would have much preferred other products but it is completely random and I can't complain too much because I still received some great products. I would just recommend that you should NEVER look at spoilers or other people's posts about what they got before you open yours because you will set yourself up for disappointment. While would have loved to have a By Terry or Viseart product in my box, I am pretty happy with what I got. You can always find people to trade or swap products, if there is something you already own. I plan to get next year's Lucky Bag, it was an overall fun experience even though I didn't get a high valued bag. I think it's worth trying your luck because even if you don't get a high value bag, you will still get a great deal for the amount of product you are receiving!

Reviews on these new products to come, so stay tuned! You can find out when my reviews go up by following me on Instagram.